25th Aug 2004, 20:31

I've purchased my 1994 Fleetwood in March of 2004 from a Lincoln Dealer. The car had only 72,000 miles. It was absolutely perfect. When I first drove it, I noticed that the idle was rough, and the transmission was looking for a right gear at about 50 miles per hour. Other than that, it was dirty on the outside, but was like new on the inside and underneath. After giving the dealer $6,500 plus sales tax and other fees, I drove the car home. Washing and waxing revealed an absolutely flawless shiny paint under all the dirt. Replacing platinum spark plugs, installing a set of new plug wires, and cleaning the intake resulted in a perfectly running car. Balancing almost new set of Michelins resulted in one of the most delightful rides of my life. The 5.7 litter LT-1 engine is sweat, smooth and very powerful. The car floats on the highway, hugs the mountain roads, and provides the type of ride only found in a $60.000 Lexus 460LS. I am looking for an opportunity to drive somewhere.

With regular unleaded fuel, it is the most efficient luxury car on the road today. The 330 lbs of torque comes at a very useful 3200 RPM, and most of it is available at 2.000. I believe that this car is by far a superior product on the market today even 10 years after it's introduction.

Our other car is a 2004 Grand Marques Ultimate Edition with a 4.6 litter and 235 hp. Engine. It is a very good car, but the Cadillac is more efficient, much more powerful, has a much larger trunk and with 6 passengers sitting quite comfortably and a bike rack in the back I cannot understand why SUVs with a 5-passanger seating and 13 miles per gallon with gas prices at $2.00 are more popular.

We need to support our economy and buy 50,000 SUVs that give 12 MPG. I personally will enjoy the grace, elegance and comfort of my 25 MPG Fleetwood. Even the added CD changer to the factory radio sounds absolutely wonderful. Cadillac Fleetwood - the last of the American Automotive History TODAY!!!

8th Jul 2005, 23:27

Starting in 1994, GM put in the LT1 5.7l V-8 in the Buick Roadmaster, Chevrolet Caprice, and Cadillac Fleetwood. This engine puts out 260hp and about 330 torque. It is the performance engine used in the Corvette, but put in these cars it was under a slightly different configuration. Now the Roadmaster, Caprice, and Fleetwood are sister cars, but the Fleetwood is stretched, giving a longer wheel base and more interior room. I have to agree with the critical postings above that this Cadillac wasn't like a Cadillac in its comparative spartan amenities. However, the engine deserves 0 criticism, whether or not it was an elite Caddy engine or not, because it clearly outperforms all other competitors that can come close to this car's dimensions. It is not an entry level sedan, it was simply Cadillac's largest model, hence, the Flagship.

26th Aug 2005, 18:28

Hey you forgot the Impala SS...

1st Nov 2005, 16:00

I love my Fleetwood which I have deemed "Big Caddy" as that is what it is. I bought this model because it wasn't as popular as the Sedan De ville and upon driving it, I fell in love with the power. I drive my caddy like a race car and that really upsets my sister because she states that she doesn't feel the luxury of the vehicle. Sorry... Anyway, it took my children about a month after I bought it before they could stay awake while I was driving - that's how comfortable it is.

I have no insults to add because this car saved my life. I was driving to work and it was sprinkling that day. I was rounding the curve on the exit ramp when I lost consciousness for a second. When I regained consciousness, the car was spinning in a circle - rear wheel drive - however, upon trying to brake to no avail, the traction control kicked in and prevented me from falling off the top of the exit. I had spun to the top and was leaning off the ledge and couldn't get out of the car. I was rescued with the car still hanging on the ledge and it never toppled over. It was still on the ledge when the tow truck arrived two hours later.

I have nothing bad to say about the "Big Caddy."

2nd Nov 2005, 10:38

Well, that's what happens when you drive a Cadillac (or any other car, for that matter) "like a race car".

Especially when it's raining.

3rd Jun 2006, 00:56

I bought my wife a 94 Fleetwood that had come off lease in Dec of 1994. I paid $23,000 for it. I was driving a 95 Deville when I bought her a Seville in 2001. I opted to sell the Deville and drive the Fleetwood myself. Good Decision. At 202,000 miles it is going strong, uses no oil, and is still one of the most comfortable riding cars ever made. Interestingly, young people in their mid to late 20s are getting into big vintage American cars, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article. I wouldn't be surprised if my Fleetwood lasted another 200K miles with proper maintenance.

10th Sep 2006, 02:34

I just purchased my 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood brougham about a month ago and I'm am extremely pleased. It has 139,000 miles on her and drives runs and drives better than my other vehicle that is a 1999. And the luxury aspect is like no other. I feel so lazy when I'm driving this car because it practically does everything for you. I love it and I'm thinking about getting rid of my other non-Cadillac car and purchasing another fleetwood. Wouldn't choose anything else.

16th Jun 2007, 21:02

Just a Great word about my 1994 Fleetwood Brougham. This is the best looking best riding GM vehicle I have ever had. My Caddy now has 122,000 miles, and still looks and runs like new. Also it will still light up all 3 digits on the speedometer. Still love her.

15th Jul 2007, 18:32

I bought a 94 fleetwood about a year ago... beautiful car.. the ride is smooth... anyways I have been looking around trying to find some chrome rocker panels and the clips for them... if anyone got any info please help... she's naked without them... thanks.

3rd Jun 2008, 09:37

I prefer the 307 Oldsmobile V8 found in the '80s Fleetwood Brougham.

2nd Dec 2008, 19:57

I love my Fleetwood...94 with 50241 on the clock. I have always driven Cadillac's and love the Fleetwood. It has the classic style, RWD and V8 I love. She is parked in my garage most of the time as I want to keep her in pristine shape. On a nice sunny day I will take her for a drive over my daily driver 08 Escalade any day. The Escalade is a great vehicle but I still love the Fleetwood. I plan on keeping her forever. Sure I have has some minor issues but you have to expect some with a 14 year old car.

Cadillac style all the way!

13th Oct 2011, 08:34

If you 'lost consciousness', maybe you should not be driving anything.

27th Apr 2013, 00:14

These big Fleetwoods were not Cadillac's entry level cars by any means; quite the opposite. These luxury barges were Cadillac's largest, most luxurious, and most expensive models back when they were being sold.

Despite sharing parts and components with other divisions, these Fleetwoods were always uniquely equipped, styled, and performing.