29th Oct 2014, 18:58

Yeah, I pass out from the centrifugal force whenever I round a corner in my FWB too!

1st Jun 2018, 23:02

I am curious how many who have posted still have their Cadillacs. Here in Canada there are few of these luxury liners on the road, and for that matter parts are scarce. I had a 1993 and loved it for its ride, comfort and gas mileage. Unfortunately it got hit in the front corner and written off from very little damage. Now I have a 1994 and I love the same things about it. I also had to get a donor car now, a 1993 Gold Fleetwood Brougham loaded including the sun roof. It's still plated and very drivable, but unfortunately due to access to parts it has to see storage. If anyone is still driving their Cadillacs, I'm curious how you access your parts.

2nd Jun 2018, 15:02

My 93 model got totaled a few years ago, and finding parts did start getting a bit difficult. I started using eBay, and the GM PartsDirect website. It takes about 2 weeks for a part to arrive from the website, so it's best to have a 2nd car around. These Fleetwoods were always rare sights in scrap yards, but I'm fortunate enough to live in a large city where there may be 3 or 4 in a local scrapyard on a given day. Routine maintenance parts can still be had at your local auto parts store if you're willing to chance aftermarket parts.

2nd Jun 2018, 22:18

No offense, but I used to own a 94 Fleetwood, and I would rather own a 92 Brougham with the D’Elegance package for the ultimate looking, great performing, and smoothest riding Caddy of that era.

The 93-96 Fleetwood interiors are god awfully bland for a Cadillac and the quality is pretty cheap feeling; GM did a really bad job of not caring during the Fleetwoods last days. But hop into a 79-92 Brougham and you have nice soft padded touch surfaces on the door panels and chrome stainless trim everywhere with little detailed Cadillac wreath and crest in many places. The leather seats were of higher quality and looked better. Those were true quality and the last best real luxurious Cadillacs IMO that still had the traditional styling.

3rd Jun 2018, 18:38

What about '77-'78?