12th Apr 2008, 09:23

Anyone who seems to know all about setting codes, which implies being a mechanic, and still spends $25k on repairs is low on common sense and/or thinks I'm stupid. I own both a 97 SLS and a 2000 SLS that have given nothing but fantastic service. My previous Cads were a 1992 Deville and a 1996 Concours. Altogether close to 400,000 miles with only routine maintenance and parts replacements. My BMW 735 was much more expensive to own and not one bit more satisfying to drive.

27th Aug 2008, 15:03

I purchased the car with an aftermarket warranty. My agenda is to warn people about the fact that just because it is an expensive car to purchase it is also a maintenance hog.

I am a Master ASE Tech and a GM master Tech with over 41 years of paid, hands on vehicle repair. I hold several patents on replacement parts for engine and transmissions. I build and use my own test equipment. I am working on a training program that will revolutionize the training for new and experienced Techs world wide! I am also a professional witness and I have settled several Million dollar plus legal actions on behalf of and against Auto Manufactures in state and Federal Courts. I am very tenacious. I do not give up. That is why GM brings vehicles to me to solve engineering problems, as do the National Corvette Club and the Fiero Clubs of America.

The warranty company and the dealership that I used to work for has a policy that you cannot work on your own vehicle under factory warranty or any aftermarket warranty. I have contacted the dealership that did the repair (not my dealer but a Cadillac dealer) to offer them the training that will improve there customer service and satisfaction, but I guess they would rather save their money rather than improve. I have a 99 % average customer satisfaction rating and I have maintained it for 30+ years verified through the vehicle factories and customers feed back.

The best investment that I have ever made was in purchasing the $1.400, 100 thousand mile warranty when I purchased the Seville. It not only paid for most of the repairs but provided my wife and I, 89 rental car days. over a 6 year period.

I also know that auto manufactures spend billions of dollars in repairs on new vehicles. For years US auto makers have designed cars and trucks and let the customers do the testing. If it were not for the replacement parts industry, every one would be walking in stead of riding. I also know that there are several aftermarket parts manufactures that make billions of dollars a year on replacing the poorly designed and engineered parts of cars and trucks.

The auto makers goal is to keep you tied to their dealerships for all of your repair and maintenance needs, and to eliminate the competition from the local shops. Look at the growing warranty periods that have come about in the last few years. Most customers will not go to several different shops to have other repairs done, so the dealers are providing services now that were never offered in the past, I.E. exhaust work, glass work, accessories and tires.

For the minority of you car and truck owners that have not experienced any or major problems with your vehicles that is great. But to the rest you (the majority of vehicle owners) that have had and are continuing to have, that is why there are millions of car and truck repair shops. Think about it, if vehicles were built to last there would be major financial losses around the world. There would be no repair centers needed, the pollution from parts manufactures would be gone. There would be major unemployment world wide. So to keep people employed, keep designing poorly engineer vehicles and we will all be the richer for it.

As a foot note there is a facility for GM called the DRC (Division Repair Center) or as some call it, The Last Chance Garage. If it cannot be repaired there it is crushed and sent to be recycled. If the auto makers are so good at what they do, why is it that such a facility even exists? Why is there a need for Government over site and lemon laws? Just food for thought for the some vehicle owners out there. Cheers.

29th Sep 2008, 10:56

Your oil consumption issue is outlined in a tech bulletin.

Your vibration is also mentioned in a tech bulletin.

In addition to that, who buys FOUR sets of tires trying to fix a problem? You'd think after the first set of fresh tires, if the problem was still there, then it must be something else.

A lot of the other faults you attribute to this car are dealer related and are not the cars fault. Sounds like the techs who worked on your car weren't very smart.

Now, regarding your vibration. Did you check the wheel bearings? It is a common problem as the stockers are not very good. Replace them with Timken sealed units and you'll be fine.

Also, do a ROAD FORCE BALANCE on the tires. The Seville chassis is very sensitive to bad tires. In conjunction with the bearing swap, your vibrations will very likely cease.

The TSB for the carbon build up and resulting oil consuption is easy to remedy. Basically go out and drive the thing like you stole it until it stops smoking. The TSB is obviously more in depth, but the idea is to run the engine as that's what it's designed for. It wasn't meant to put put around at 1400 rpm for hours on end.

I don't have an answer for your A/C issues. The A/C isn't something the car is known for failing. Crap happens I guess.

The rotors aren't particularly bad, but there are FAR better aftermarket replacements to be had that are higher quality than the OEM parts.

So, in summation, you hate the car because of a few unknown (to you AND the dealer apparently) TSBs and BAD mechanics. I can see why you'd be upset, but it's not exactly the cars fault.

31st Oct 2008, 11:45

I appreciate the experienced mechanics summation, but I have a 2004 sls 50K with the vibration issue. Dealer changed bearings, engine mount, front ball joints, thrust bearing, rear shocks, tires. I changed wheels, tires, road forced at 2 different shops, balanced over and over. Gm has no clue and cannot fix the vibration at 66-80MPH. I've had 15 cars in the last 7 years, and would not recommend it to anyone, unless they were going to get a 98 or 99 deville.

13th Jun 2009, 01:20

I just have to say I bought my car in 2009 and it had 97000 kilometers, that is 60625 miles. This was my first car that I bought, and so far I love it. From what I can tell there has been no aftermarket parts put on to it, and I have gotten my car up to 215km/h, that is 134mph. That is also on regular gas. This car is a dream. It's amazing to go that fast, but it sure is nice going that fast comfortably.