2000 Cadillac Seville SLS from North America


Too many problems, and no answers


When I drive, sometimes the car will just cut off.

I still don't know where my battery is located. Plus I have an oil leak. Since I bought the car, I have had to put a quart of oil in every other week.

I changed my brakes and the dashboard still says that I need to change my brakes.

My stability system light stays on.

I hear a knocking under my car every time I turn a corner.

It just has too many problems. Once one thing goes wrong with a Cadillac, everything else starts to go wrong too.

Oh, one more thing: when I get out of the car, it smells like the car has overheated, but the temperature gauge reads that the temperature is normal.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2008

16th Apr 2008, 17:56

The battery is located under the rear seat.

17th Apr 2008, 09:57

Well that's the other thing about an old Cadillac --- it costs a fortune to fix things because the dealers soak you even though it is an old car. It's a 9-year-old car. Maybe you can drive it until the next big repair, and then dump it and cut your losses before you dump a fortune into it.

29th Nov 2010, 12:43

I have the same problem. I have to keep putting oil in the car and never see a leak or oil spots on the ground, so I don't know where it goes. The system stability light always comes on. I did read somewhere that that is a recall, so I would see if you can get that fixed for free.

When I first got the car it would shut off on me and the wheel locks. It is scary when it does that in the middle of a 4 way intersection. I paid a lot to fix a sensor and it seemed to stop. It cut off on me again and almost got me killed two days ago and now I am afraid to drive it.

I have put so much money into this car that I can't afford it anymore. I am very upset with the dealership that sold it to me. This car may be the death of me, literally.

I did get new brakes and the message still pops up for needing new brakes and every time I go to get something fixed something else breaks. It is a never ending money pit.

2000 Cadillac Seville SLS 4.6L North Star from North America


Major pile of junk!


The engine has had the carbon removed 9 times for a knocking sound.

The air conditioning compressor has been replace 5 times.

The ac hoses and lines were replaced because they cracked at the compressor.

The brake rotors all 4 have been replace 3 times.

The front pads were replaced with factory pads 4 times before it had 69.000. I had ceramic low noise and low dust high performance pads and have not replaced them since they are due to be replaced soon.

This car has had a bad vibration at 70 mph and up since I bought it. 4 sets of tires.

The engine was completely resealed pouring out oil.$3.500.00.

2 months later the engine was replaced after it went out of warranty. It was using 4 qts of oil to 1 tank of gas and GM would not help. It sat at the Dealer for so long waiting for parts that the brake pads had rusted to the rotors and they all had to be replaced again.

After I received the car bake there were bolts and nuts that would fall out from under the car when it was driven. The wiring harness were not reinstalled properly. The car had the same mileage when I picked it up the it had when it was taken to the Dealer ship. The ac lines had not been reinstalled in their brackets and they cracked again. The were replaced again.

After the engine was installed it was setting a bunch of codes. the PCV plastic line was cracked at the manifold. I ordered it from the same installing dealer they lost my order and it took 2 months to get the new hose assembly. It was setting codes for the secondary air pumps. I traced it down to a broken line under the intake on the drivers die rear of the engine.

I got all of the dealer screw ups repaired. I found out that the spark plugs were not changed when the engine was installed. I started to set random miss fire codes under a light load at 50 mph. I replaced the plugs and fount corrosion in the ends of 2 wires at the coil pack so I replaced all of the wires. The engine replacement was $9.856.99. almost 10 grand!!

Now after about 25 t0 30 thousand miles the engine is starting to rattle again. It will not start or run intermittently. The fuel pump sounds like a small air plain taking off.

This car has been maintained to the death. It has had in excess of $25.000.00 spent on it what a heap.

General Comments:

I like the way the car rides under 70 mph. When it starts it runs great. It gets great gas mileage for a 300 hp engine. 22 in town and 37 to 30 on the freeway.

I like leather interior.

I will never own another GM product. I worked for GM Dealers for 25 years.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2008

15th Jan 2008, 09:24

Wow, you must really have an agenda here. Guess Cadillac is hurting sales at the BMW dealership right?

30th Mar 2008, 16:24

I agree with the last post. The author with the "heap of junk" must work for a competitor. Or treats his car like garbage.

I have a silver 2000 Cadillac Seville STS. 75k miles. I have replaced the brake pads, a belt, the oil every 8k, and two rotors. Most recent service was a tailight lightbulb! $2.5 + 15 minutes of my labor. Car gets 23 mpg average and pushes out 300 hp on regular gas, and has every single luxury feature possible. I fault GM for not having a car that brushes my teeth.

Mother owns a 2000 Infiniti I35. THAT car has 100k and is a piece of crap. Breaks down every 7-12k.