2nd Sep 2009, 05:59

"It gets great gas mileage for a 300 hp engine. 22 in town and 37 to 30 on the freeway."

What!? Are you sure you were driving a Cadillac Seville? My Seville is in perfect shape, and engine is in great form, but never get better than 15 MPG inside city and 28 MPG highway and mix is about 22MPG. The numbers that you are saying is even much higher than factory estimates too!!! Please check make and brand of your car again!

7th Sep 2009, 19:43

Just changed my rear brake pads, 2000 Seville SLS. I thought it would be a good idea to add some grease to the calipers. After the test drive, I smelled burning brake smell and I checked the right side wheel was very hot. Did I add too much grease? What should I do next?

22nd Sep 2009, 20:10

I have a 2000 Seville STS. I changed the front brakes and rotors. I don't know how to reset the code? Any help would be great.

23rd Sep 2009, 10:39

10:56 Did not say if it was on a track or not. I got invited to the Vette Ride and Drive, and later to do the same with Cadillac to try the Northstar. And I am just a regular consumer. I plan on opening up my Vette on some tracks with my car club, hopefully 175 MPH plus legally soon.

30th Mar 2010, 15:57

I bought my 2000 SLS in 2003 with only 7k miles on it from the owner. I've put nearly $12,000 out in repairs in 7 years. May not sound much to you, but every time one thing breaks and they go to fix it, they always seem to break something else. Now the gas tank "Plastic" piece that holds the door shut is broken.

Just last week, 2 driving light bulbs blew at the same time, which caused ALL driving lights to go out, caused the cruise control to stop working, the traction to stop working and a message that the electrical system needed service. All because of 2 bulbs. I being a non-mechanic female bought a Cadillac book and traced the problem down to the bulbs, which took me 2 full days, but saved me a lot I am sure, since Cadillac would have probably told me I needed the brake sensor replaced.

CD player doesn't work, heated seat doesn't work (Had to replace the one side soon after getting the car), have replaced the exhaust at 12k miles.

I now have 83k miles on it.. all city miles. It has had a vibration at 60 miles that no repair shop can seem to trace down. I've spent $3000 just to have it fixed and still having problems.

Everything is such a problem to everyone. I've even talked to the Cadillac dealer owner. Do you think they care about my problems with their overpriced piece of plastic crap. Of course not.

Even the Cadillac emblem is plastic.. of course IT broke too.

7th Dec 2010, 06:11

I have a 2000 SLS that has many of the same problems mentioned here. Carbon removed 3 times, water pump replaced twice, starter motor once, and now seems to have a cracked cyl since it is hard to start after sitting then is fine. But, temp gauge stays at about 1:00 o'clock, idling then with in minutes of driving goes red. Have white anti-freeze vapor from exhaust when starting a couple times. Loses water from cap, gurgles etc.

This is my 2nd and last SLS. So to the ones of you so sure he is a BMW salesman, I've had the same problems.

Ps. Did I mention the torque converter switch has failed and I had one engine mount break.. Did I mention I am 59 and know how to take care of cars, and have worked and played with cars longer than some of you have been driving..?

14th Aug 2011, 00:51

I guess I am the lucky guy here. I have a 2000 STS that has 126000 miles and no major problems. Yes, I have had to replace brake pads, and belts and hoses, spark plugs recently, as well as regular oil changes, but other than just usual stuff, the car is still running fine. I just turned over the keys to my daughter last month. She will be driving it to Florida State next spring...