21st Feb 2019, 19:07

Now I'm confused with the term "squeaky interiors".

21st Feb 2019, 21:32

16:14. There’s a big difference between unrelated and unrealistic. You can compare any car to any car. As long as it’s factual.

22nd Feb 2019, 03:36

I don't blame ya for being confused seeing as how 16:14 mentions absolutely nothing about the Crown Victoria being a luxury car. Due to the fact the Panther body was used more than one car, they were more than likely comparing the Lincoln brand vs. the Cadillac.

22:09 seems to also be confused.

22nd Feb 2019, 18:15

Maybe this will help clear up some of the confusion.

The Crown Vic, not really a luxury car, but is definitely titled as Ford's flagship car of the time. Ford was never really a luxury division, but yet as mentioned before a Crown Vic is available with the options that puts it close to the Lincoln Town Car. The kingpin of the Panther cars.

22nd Feb 2019, 21:25

It is amazing comparing a base full size car and a heavily optioned one. As far as mechanical, we had high reliability and high odometer reads with these large, full size V8 cars. Have yet to hear that commenter correct his or her far fetched comment otherwise. It’s not a joke.

23rd Feb 2019, 12:46

We had a 73 large body Thunderbird with every conceivable option. A pretty cranberry and white color car, and I too understood why it was ordered. Lot of luxury. Some LTD models could be the same. I am sure others know of some other loaded models.

What defines luxury? I’d put the ride and low decibel sound. My simple Buick has premium leather, heads up display, heated seats, heated steering, AWD, collision avoidance, lane departure, climate control, Bose 11 speaker system, 20” factory wheels, magnetic ride, dual glass moonroof, remote start, Sirius, Pandora, amazing dash displays, 170 mph speedometer, active ride, remote start, rear air controls, tilt telescoping wheel, etc. My only point of that is that it's not a Cadillac or Lincoln, and sure they are a luxury car. But at what point does it become superior. One feature alone I have in my basic nameplate is the magnetic ride option. You can set up a car any way you want or are willing to spend. I just wanted nice daily drivers that I can take to a shopping center and not fret if I get a door ding. They aren’t collectible; just rack up the miles and replace. Still some luxury found in our “plain” everyday drivers.

23rd Feb 2019, 17:51

Does a "squeaky interior" also have a "floaty ride"?

23rd Feb 2019, 18:08

22:09 is not "confused". The one who is confused is whoever compared a Cadillac Seville to ANY Panther body. Not in same price class, regardless of any claimed durability.

23rd Feb 2019, 21:40

So does high price equate luxury? Is it a prestige thing? This is way off topic, but you can buy a new BMW sedan and then have to check off all the option boxes, to get options that bring it up to the standard of many new cars. They can be pretty bland. Lexus too. I don’t see the value. It’s not just repair costs. As if you buy cars like that, what’s a repair bill? People will pay for image. My wife’s family owned a TV and appliance business for many years in a small town. They would never buy or consider a new full size Cadillac or Lincoln parked out front. The reason was not to appear too well off so that people in town would not trade or shop there. Or not be paid in the earlier years when stores issued their own credit. But they would wisely buy a very well equipped, understated brand new Olds 98 or similar. It can be every bit as nice, just doesn’t have the fancy image nameplate.

Another great luxury car from the past was the large Imperial. Understated but great still the same. That was a true luxury car from 40 plus years ago. Competed with Lincoln and Cadillac, and it too carried a hefty price tag.

My dad owned Lincoln Town Cars and yet liked his mid 70s, loaded, full size Chrysler Newport even more. Kept it and sold others over time. Was more comfortable with the 2 layer cushioned seating.

Luxury is not easily identified. But I guess a name is a name. Some of the recent Cadillac models in my opinion are not like the older models at all. I once owned a Fleetwood that was amazing. There’s a lot of full size cars to compare to on this review. Everybody likes what they like I guess.

23rd Feb 2019, 21:56

I don't know, ask 20:22.

23rd Feb 2019, 22:04

Again, it was another example of a durable 25 year old V8 car that can be driven everyday. "Not in the same price class"?? Lincoln Town Car / Cadillac Seville from 1992 BOTH ranged from $32,000-$38,000, depending on the model and how they were equipped.

24th Feb 2019, 16:54

Quite frankly there isn't anything that compares to the early 90s Seville if you want to get technical. Falling in the mid-full size category with a front drive V8, there was nothing else like it at the time. The front drive Lincoln Continental didn't use a V8 until a few years later. So if you can come up with something better besides a Town Car (or another front drive Cadillac) from the early 90s that compares to a Seville, please enlighten us.

25th Feb 2019, 19:48

There have been a string of defensive comments with which I agree as well. They are very good. Did anyone stop and consider that this was initiated by someone who has never even owned a new full size vehicle ever? To even know the difference. And likely may never buy a luxury full size in the future. It could be they are simply turned off by spending any more money. As there have been many comments since disputing any lack of quality, let it rest. Have some confidence in knowing otherwise with the nice ones you have owned and enjoyed. You know in your own mind and really enjoy them. I will continue buying nice highly optioned models as well.

25th Feb 2019, 20:44

The Oldsmobile Aurora would definitely fall in that class. The thing about it is, it's basically a Seville under the skin; same platform, same motor as the horrific Northstar, just a shorter bore and stroke. Hopefully this doesn't turn into a debate on whether or not Oldsmobile was a luxury car.

25th Feb 2019, 23:10

Honestly what happened with American "Luxury" is that it's now all about large full sized trucks. Both Cadillac and Lincoln are now experiencing poor sales with their flagship cars. OTOH Lincoln can barely produce the Navigator fast enough. Indeed a large swath of the US population likes to have giant vehicles that separate them as much as possible from the road. It makes sense. The full sized trucks of today are getting to be every bit as gaudy and glitzy as the best of the 70s plush carpeted Continentals or Fleetwoods.

26th Feb 2019, 13:51

There are some pretty nice new Cadillac sedans, or go to an Audi or Mercedes larger sedan for more money. We will always have a nice well optioned full size pickup with rear seating. But not for everyday driving.

Not to rehash the LaCrosse, but there’s time to grab one. They have every conceivable option available and a great ride. But they are going away. I think it’s more that manufacturers like more profit on the SUVs and trucks than cars. As I stated earlier, I don’t like driving them anymore, even crossovers. Even with higher end versions from manufacturers like Porsche or Audi. The truck isn’t great to drive, but it has so much utility to make it worthwhile to own. The crossovers have appeal for active people and families to carry all their things. Driving trips though, it's hard to beat a very comfortable larger sedan. All my opinion.

There are cars, trucks, and vans for every purpose. If you can’t decide and have money in the budget, buy a couple of different ones. We are a bit overkill on vehicles, but they are great for their designated purpose. But I wouldn’t advise or do it unless you are really well up on your other expenses. A truck really is great to own with a nice well optioned car if you can do both. Keep the car nice and clean. Use the full size truck for everything imaginable. Dirty jobs, big jobs, moving things; they are a great value to own. Take the nice full size out that is always clean. Good luck!