2005 Cadillac SRX AWD 4.6 Northstar V8 LH2 from Germany


Driving it now for 10 years. A replacement for this car is not considered in the coming years


WARNING to ALL Northstar V8 LH2 drivers. After 97k mi or 148k km I had to replace both cylinder heads. Since I drive it with LPG, the valves on cyl#1 RB were burnt and compression was lost during the warming-up phase. At normal engine operating temperature however, the compression was OK. It was my own fault, because I had false air leakage in the intake manifold, resulting in lean mixture (hence: higher combustion temp) with burnt valves as a result.

BUT, remember, almost all Northstar V8 LH2 with plastic intake manifold, will suffer somewhere in its lifespan from intake manifold bolts becoming stretched and loosen over time, with leakage as a result and numerous DTC-codes.

Another EXTREME issue was discovered, during engine cylinder head overhaul. The primary timing chain tensioner was extremely worn out. A timing chain failure could have been the consequence with major damage.

The transfer case for the AWD-train is the same as for the cars with the 3,6L V6 LY7 engine (BW4476-50/50%), resulting in stretched multi-drive chain because of the higher torque, with a clacking noise when accelerating from 0 with high power, as a result because the chain jumps over the sprockets. The later models (2009>) had a BW4479-40/60% transfer case with better power division to the rear and front.

General Comments:

An extremely comfortable car. Seat comfort far better than any other car I drove (Audi Q7, BMW X5, MB GLK, Porsche Cayenne).

And the best about the car is the Northstar V8 LH2 engine. An engineering marvel, extremely light, compact, and, if treated and maintained very well, a power plant to fall in love with. Good mileage tot the gallon (if you know how physics work).

Extremely quiet, massive torque at low revs and even more massive up to 5000 rpm.

Oil consumption = zero. I had a slight oil leakage, which was caused by a valve cover bolt that I didn't tighten enough. By far, the best engine I drove until now.

But what I don't like about the car is the missing rain sensor, the missing Bluetooth connection, the missing AUX input on the radio.

And some ridiculous difficult-to-reach consumables like, tail light assembly, turning light bulbs, fog light bulbs, etc. Half the splash screens, bumper, under engine covers, wheels need to be removed first to access. The brakes are undersized in performance for such a heavy vehicle.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2021

6th Jun 2021, 02:54

Well written review - thanks :)

2007 Cadillac SRX AWD 3.6 gas from North America


Great design, poor engineering, never again


Front drivetrain rattling and clunking noises. Tie rods and ball joints.

Chrome peeling off interior door handles.

Power steering fluid leak.

Premature brake wear out. Front and rear.

Rear AWD system failure. Stabilitrac.

Front wheel bearings.

Short in wire cluster under front passenger seat.

Timing chain stretching issue. Known problem by dealer.

Rear window wiper and washing unit.

Slow, stuttering panoramic glass roof.

Rear sway bar bushings.

Rear hatch struts.

Starter motor failure.

General Comments:

I purchased my SRX based on its features that were perfect for my family. Large cargo area, the panoramic glass roof, the AWD, and I liked the looks and how it drove, but the problems started at 70,000k. As a world class luxury crossover I was expecting so much more. I have owned a Volvo, Toyota, Subaru and before the SRX a Kia Sorento. I have always been able to put over 250 thousand kilometers on each vehicle before trading them, but my SRX has required more repairs than all my others have had combined. Repair costs have also been much higher, even though most parts are marked as made in Mexico. The SRX is my first and last GM product. When I cross other SRX drivers, I just nod in sympathy, and they all seem to understand.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2016