2009 Chery Tiggo TXE 2.0 from South Africa


Very happy with this vehicle


Powersteering and whole suspension replaced, and now the engine was power washed and the alarm and central locking is not working with the key. I can lock/unlock manually. If someone knows what might have happened, may you please assist me to this regard. Can please contact me on landman905@gmail.com or 0840751798

Thank you, Kobus.

General Comments:

The car itself is very comfortable and spacious. I have 2 growing boys who like the leg room. I am disabled and my wheelchair fits easily along with all our baggage.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2020

2009 Chery Tiggo 1.6 from China


Cheaply built for cheap motoring - there are better cars, but you pay far more


Battery, exhaust, power steering pipe have all been replaced.

Gearbox is clunky and can be hard to shift between 1st and 2nd when the weather is cold.

Air con is not great but passable - just.

The 1.6L engine is under-powered for the weight of the car, but still routinely gets 450km from a tank of petrol.

General Comments:

You get what you pay for. In this instance, you pay relatively cheaply for an average Chinese car, which performs averagely and looks average. That being said, we have been pleased with the car since we bought it 3 years ago 2nd hand. It has done 30,000 km in just under 3 years, so it has been used but not thrashed by us, and apart from small niggles occasionally, it has been excellent.

Parts and tyres are cheap, although I do live in the country of manufacture (China) so I would expect that.

Space is excellent in the front, back and boot area. Teenage kids are happy enough to sit in the back on long journeys and feel they have enough space not to kill each other!

Great ground clearance, but the suspension is a bit hard. Never bothered to swap out springs etc though as this is a cheap car to get us around China while we are here.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2017

2009 Chery Tiggo TXE 2.0 liter from South Africa


A poor investment


The gears to shift from 2nd to 3rd are stiff. When I took the car in numerous times, I was told to change my driving technique, as you need a split second for it to go from 2 to 3.

Also the catalyst in the exhaust made a sound from the beginning, and the dealer said it's not included under warranty.

The car is a bit overpriced for its performance, and the trade-in value is a total loss.

General Comments:

If I had to choose again, it would sure as hell would be a car that keeps its value, which is not the case with a Chery.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2014

21st Jul 2015, 21:12

My car is 2009 model Chery Tiggo 2.0 TXE. It gives me problems with gear numbers 4 and 5, which just lock. Electric windows are no longer functional. The exhaust is also a challenge.

When I try to trade it in, I am mostly told it does not have a value. So I am stuck with this problem from which I don't know how to escape, because indeed I no longer need it. Please help me.

15th Apr 2018, 14:31

I have a Chery Tiggo 2.0. We bought the car second hand without a remote key. Had a spare key. Drove well up until today. Had the engine done over due to bent valves. And now the car doesn't want to start. It cranks, but no start.

Can someone please help me with this problem?

Thanks, Anle.

3rd May 2024, 05:56

Hi, good day, I have a similar problem with my Chery Tigo 2009 2l TXE. Did the motor over, now she cranks but won't start. Any help please.

2009 Chery Tiggo TX 1.6 from South Africa


Great car for little money


Great car in my opinion. The car had a few problems, but how many cars are problem free?

1. A small metal plate under the gear stick (it was difficult to change gears) had to be replaced. That was faulty, but it wasn't that expensive to do.

2. Catalytic convertor had to be removed, but I now drive without it. I had the exhaust system bypass the convertor (makes the car sound like a diesel, but it doesn't bother me at all).

3. The river flooded once (45000km), my whole engine flooded when driving through the deep water, but had it air cleaned (all water blown out of the engine) and it never gave any problems again.

I couldn't afford to service my Chery most of the times, so in its entire lifetime it only went for 2 small services, and it now has 145 000km and is still going strong (the warranty expired because I couldn't afford servicing).

4. I've noticed the Chery Tiggo in South Africa has very bad resale value.

General Comments:

1. Great on gravel roads, nice ground clearance.

2. Great to drive, easy to drive; my son learned to drive in this car.

3. Lots of space. HUGE boot and lots of space for everyone.

4. In my opinion, a very reliable engine with a very solid body.

5. I don't know how it is possible, but I never replaced any of the tires on my Chery Tiggo in 145 000 km and they are still legal according to SA requirements.

I noticed most people complain about the auto gearbox having major issues. I have the manual gearbox.

Great, great car for the money; it is well worth it.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2014

14th Apr 2015, 09:02

Surely this writer does not actually own this car. I do not believe that ANY car can go for 145000km on the same set of tyres. Considering the overwhelming amount of negative reports, this writer is totally unrealistic in praising the virtues of this car.

18th Jul 2018, 18:01

I own a Chery Tiggo and have done 75,000 km on the same set of tyres, and they look in very good condition. I am sure I will get another 30,000 at least.

2009 Chery Tiggo LX 1.6 from South Africa


Nice car, but now I'm worried


On our way from Johannesburg to Cape Town, about 60km before Laingsburg, the water pump broke and hit the engine; pistons, valves, the whole lot were buggered. I cant seem to find another engine anywhere. The car been standing for a month now.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2014

2009 Chery Tiggo 1.6 from Singapore


Best $ value and good safe ride!


1. Some rust on muffler. Nothing a little paint cannot resolve, done by dealer.

2. Rear right door stiff to close. Solved by dealer.

3. Engine hood rubber seal torn - replaced by dealer.

4. Sound of metal plate vibrating in dashboard, but cannot predict when it will occur. Still looking for the cause, but happens once in a while only. Ashtray? Hi-fi metal brace?

5. Engine noise is a bit loud when compared to other cars.

General Comments:

Best $ value I have ever purchased!!

Good handling, and for a 1.6M get 11KM in the city and 16km on the highway in Malaysia! It is under-powered, but OK for city driving, and I am no race car driver! Great moon roof! Chinese cars will continue to improve, and of course there are lemons, but this T11 / Tiggo is not one!

Bottom line is you pay for what you get, and the Tiggo is a very good deal!

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Review Date: 31st December, 2010

2009 Chery Tiggo 1.6 from Malaysia


The car runs not very smooth when changing 1st gear to 2nd gear.

Car doors are very hard to open.

General Comments:

Interior is very good and very comfortable.

I bought this car because of its price (very cheap in Labuan, Malaysia). I don't expect its performance is comparable to a Honda CRV, but at least it's better than a local made car.

If you don't have high expectations, then this car is worth buying.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2010

6th Jan 2018, 01:56

You pay peanuts, of course you get monkeys.

13th Jun 2018, 06:35

Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is worse than local cars in every way imaginable.