2013 Chery Tiggo 2.0 litre from South Africa


Chery cars should be banned


The petrol gauge started malfunctioning. I reported it to the garage and they asked me to bring the car in for them to 'see'. I drove it to them just so that they could confirm that the gauge was malfunctioning. They then had to order a new part, which they did and they called me to bring the car back to be fitted. This time the petrol gauge just did not work at all! When the petrol gauge had just turned to empty, less than a kilometre later the car stalled and I eventually had to call a tow truck. The garage that assessed the problem called to tell me the only problem was that my petrol tank was totally empty, even though the gauge showed I still had petrol (which was supposed to be 10 litres). After struggling for much longer, I arranged for yet another part to be fitted. This one just did not move!!! My gauge stayed on full for over a week!!! It was on the 3rd attempt that I got the part that works.

Then my brakes started making sounds that made me uncomfortable. I took the car to the garage for them to check what was wrong. They supposedly fixed the problem and I paid around R1200. After fetching the car, I noticed it was making the whooshing sound that it initially made before the problem escalated. I called the garage and they took the car back and 'fixed' the problem. Two weeks later (this now after the 30000km service) the brakes make a SCREECHING sound when you apply them. It also started making a rattling sound in front, around the bonnet area when it is moving slowly. It is like every time I take the car for a service or check-up, they create a problem for me! Then I must pay for all the petrol costs taking the car back and forth.

General Comments:

The car is generally OK. When it does not have problems, it drives quite nicely.

But I think Chery cars are absolute rubbish - I started with a QQ3, which had an endless problem with the wipers!! I took it back to the garage more than 5 times and then (very foolishly) traded in for a Tiggo!! Bad, bad mistake. Nobody who loves themselves should buy Chery cars - nobody!!

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Review Date: 9th March, 2015

19th Mar 2015, 13:45

I feel your frustration. I too have a Tiggo 2.0 TXE. It's a 2010 model with only 63000 km on the clock. When I tried to book it in for the 60K service, Chery told me that they have to do the cambelt service. Can you imagine my shock and awe when I realised that. Cambelt at 60,000 km. I had a Toyota Tazz which did the cambelt at 105,000 km and it only cost me R500.00.

When trying to sell my Tiggo, it feels as if I have to pay someone to buy it; they lose value so quickly. Now it seems as if I would have to change the rear wheel bearings as well, which would probably cost an arm and a leg due to the scarcity of parts for this vehicle.

My advice - No one should ever buy a CHERY.

19th Sep 2017, 06:50

Unfortunately not all manufacturers have the same cambelt change intervals. Earlier BMW and Ford models had to be changed every 40 000km, and beware if you don't. Others have a 60 000km interval, and some a 75 000km interval. Then some newer German and Ford models have a 160 000km interval. If the interval is a problem, then why buy the specific model, buy something else.