23rd Sep 2017, 08:43

Still I am using and facing daily wise problems. As a common man, I am totally fed up with my Chery Tiggo 2015. Due to my bad words and bad comments (HAHAHA) the Chery Senior Manager in the Middleeast rejected my free service which he offered me last time.

I know his name also, but I don't want to reveal it here.

He is threatening that, if I didn't remove the comments, he will not give free service.

Who needs his free service and discount. But he himself knows that there is problem with my vehicle and he doesn't want me to tell anyone. Because of this maybe he will lose sales of his vehicles

Anyway, what is the use of free service. Only an oil change and discount.

Now everyday exterior parts are falling while driving.

I am requesting all you people, don't buy any Chinese brand vehicle. You will not get any resale value and you will lose all your money.

You can use this vehicle just as a rent vehicle. Maybe a 2018 Chery vehicle is better than before. But just think, if you are an expat, it is a big loss for you.

Please... don't buy any Chinese brand if you are an expat.

I lost... but please keep your distance from these brands...

Now the senior manager from Chery demands that he can give free service if remove all my negative comments. My friends, how can I remove negative comments, it is the reality.

Whoever disagrees (expats)... Just give me an answer, who knows up to when you will be here... if you lose your job or any emergency, how can you sell your vehicle. If you go for sale... you will get only max half of your purchase value... also why do you want to face questions from people. One of my neighbours, he asked me, you are educated, why did you purchase the Chinese brand... No resale value...

So please rethink if you should buy...