2004 Chevrolet Aveo Base 16 valve Daewoo from North America


I love the car; if I only had it


My timing belt broke only 19,000 miles after the dealership replaced it. They were supposed to have done the timing belt kit, but I don't understand how at only 19,000 miles it could break and ruin the engine. I had to beg and beg, and finally they accepted, but no agreements have been made. I love this car, but seriously only 19,000 miles after it was supposed to have been replaced at a dealership. This really blows my mind.

I have invested all I have into the car, and I only got 19,000 miles and the new belt broke, destroying the engine. That is not fair. I followed all recommended maintenance. There is something not right about that; a car should get more miles than that before the timing belt breaks. Is there a defect in this motor?

Recommended maintenance was all completed by the dealership. I see so many posts about this, and it is a shame to take money from people that already don't have much, and can't afford to get it fixed. If there is a defect, please take care of your customers. 19,000 miles is all I got on a new timing belt before it broke after being replaced. So all the money I spent was for 19,000 miles, and for me I paid a fair amount for mine. Now I have no car because of this. This is not fair to a consumer, especially if they follow the recommended maintenance and it still occurs.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2014

1st Sep 2014, 22:07

If a main dealer replaced a cam belt and only 19,000 miles later it broke, then the dealer is liable for this.

2004 Chevrolet Aveo Base 1.6 from North America




91,000; timing belt broke, so heads had to be re-machined, valves replaced, and 1 cracked piston because of the zero clearance engine, costing $2,000.

180,000; heads had to be re-machined, valves replaced, and 1 piston shattered because of a timing belt, costing $2,000.

The car vibrates really bad; window knobs broke.

If you use the power point, it blows a fuse due to an electrical problem.

Wheel bearing within 2 years of owning; very expensive and hard to find.

General Comments:

Fast, great MPG, sometimes 43 MPG, and very versatile.

Good tranny, but rusts badly.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2012

6th Jun 2012, 00:26

The money you save on gas will go towards repairs.

1st May 2013, 17:52

Umm... how about changing your timing belt when you're supposed to, to prevent major engine damage?

10th Jul 2013, 16:40

Our 2004 Chevy Aveo had the belt break at 54000 miles. Cost $2200 to repair. Just broke again at 83000 miles. Would not recommend this car. You can buy lots of gas for the $ spent fixing it.

2004 Chevrolet Aveo Basic model 1.6 from North America


OK for small journeys. Watch that timing belt closely!!!


My husband and I bought this car in 2006 with 26,715 miles on it. At that point, the dealer had told us that the timing belt had already been replaced on the car. Since we thought that was weird for the timing belt to go that soon, we have been watching it very closely.

I had to replace one of the side tail lights.. for those being small, they are sure costly!

The hub caps are a joke! It seems like every time I turn a corner with this car, I am losing one! We're looking at replacing the wheels themselves.

We replaced the seals on the control arms. I would put the brake on, and it pulled really hard to the right. The part was only $10, but cost me over $100 in labor on each side!

General Comments:

I only drive this car to school a couple times a week and little errands around town. For this kind of driving, the car has been pretty good. If you're looking for an Aveo for long journeys, I really don't recommend it! The car was not designed for comfort at all!!!

We also own a 2004 Chevy Impala, and that baby runs like a dream... with 181,124 miles on it! If you want a decent car, I recommend one of those! :)

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Review Date: 8th March, 2011