27th Apr 2005, 21:28

I had a 2004 Honda Civic, Worst car I will ever hope to own.

There are many things the aveo has that civic doesn't.

Plus my civic had horrible gas mileage nothing near what was stated on the sticker.

16th May 2005, 11:24

Hi there. I agree with the previous comment about gas mileage and the Honda Civic. I like the Civic a lot, but the gas mileage is indeed horrible!!!

Stick with the Aveo, especially if you are on a tight budget.

9th Apr 2006, 18:55

Nearly the same build quality and the same build quality are two different things. Honda's engineers are probably the best on the planet. Sure, cars like the Aveo and Accent are narrowing the gap, but so far, it hasn't kept cars like the Civic and Accord from being the best selling vehicles in their class. And, as an owner of a 2000 Ford Focus, I'd like to point out the Civic is light years ahead.

10th Apr 2006, 10:48

Also keep in mind that the Accent and the Aveo don't really compete with the Civic which is now a class up with the introduction of the Fit in America (Jazz elsewhere). And in a recent Car and Driver shootout the Fit beat six other competitors including the Dodge Caliber which came in nearly last.

The Focus is a piece of crap (at least in America) and is a disgrace to the US auto industry.

10th Apr 2006, 17:09

Nice post. I bought the May issue of Car and Driver, but I haven't had the chance to read it yet. It doesn't bode well for the Caliber to come up so short. Isn't the Caliber supposed to be Dodge's new "world car" and replacement for the now defunct Neon? Doesn't bode well at all. As for your Focus comment: Makes me wince a bit, but hey, you speak the absolute truth. I'll just have to live with my purchase.

10th Apr 2006, 18:38

Yup, driving my roommate to the dealers 10 times in two years and having to come pick him up when the Focus simply died in the parking lot was enough.

As for the Caliber, yes one of the magazines said it is going to be sold in something like 58 countries.

Best quote is from the May 2006 issue of Automobile Magazine:

"the Caliber is beefy, extroverted, and innovative - yet kind of cheap beneath the surface - a very American approach"

Bet people will be able to simply cut and paste the Neon reviews and substitute the word "Caliber".

11th Apr 2006, 01:43

If people ARE going to buy the Caliber, I recommend they stay away from the first model year.