15th Jan 2007, 08:49

Well, for starters, your three year old is simply responding to your anxiety over the car, not that she is scared of it.

Secondly, why do you have to pay to have the timing belt checked when that inspection should be part of a normal service? I would find an independent mechanic you trust.

The safety issue is all in your mind as the Aveo is safe for a car its size.

You also bought a first year model, which you should never do with any vehicle.

My 2005 Aveo SVM has been very reliable and has had none of the problems you have stated.

15th Jan 2007, 10:25

So because of a little golden ticket you cannot get your car fixed? That seems like something GM would do in the eighties or before era. I know that most car companies now can check if there is a recall from the VIN and work on the car without a golden ticket.

27th Apr 2007, 18:03

"You also bought a first year model, which you should never do with any vehicle." Quote from second last poster.

Okay, if we followed your logic, then how would ANY car sell?

If nobody bought Car X in its first year, then the car company would probably take the car off their product list because it didn't sell. Unless the public waits until the second year it's out, then they would sell like hot cakes! But wait! It's the exact same car the second year, just a year older!! Interesting how that works out, huh?

But then again, YOU ARE RIGHT because most bugs or errors in a car's manufacture occur in the first and/or second years of its production. Then the car company (hopefully) gets all the bugs out and it becomes a reliable car.

11th Jul 2007, 16:20

I have a 2004 Aveo, and my timing belt broke 7/9/07, and I'm finding out that when the belt broke, it has damaged the valves and is not covered under the warranty.

12th Jul 2007, 20:59

I bought a 2004 Chevy Aveo 5 speed. Piece of junk. I could have bought a used car and would have had better luck with it.

Bought it brand new from dealer. First 2 weeks it was in the shop 2x. Total of 27 times before 1st year.

Called Chevy, they blew me off until trip number 34. Then they reimbursed me for 1 months car payment.

The only thing that went wrong 3 times was the brakes; having rotors turned at 14,000 miles was operator error according to GM and the dealer. IL has lemon law, but only if it is the same thing 3 times. Dealer refused to take car back, but said would help me buy another car at a loss to me. Bunch of crap. I learned my lesson.


13th Jul 2007, 05:26

I bought a 2007 Aveo in December of 2006. In April, the alternator went out and the car battery wouldn't hold a charge... or so that's what GM says happened. The Chevy people couldn't figure out what the problem was exactly so they just started replacing different things and ended up calling GM because they couldn't figure it out.

Other than that, it hasn't had any more problems. I just passed the first oil change, so we'll see how it does.

13th Jul 2007, 15:11

I spoke with gm today about my 2004 aveo. They say they have had other complaints. But talked like gm would start looking into the problems as more came in. I don't know, but I would say start flooding there phone lines. We should not be having these many problems. My e-mail is weeza1958@yahoo.com.

Thank you.

14th Jul 2007, 10:53

I own a 2005 Chevy Aveo LS 4-door with automatic transmission. Bought it used at 20,000 miles, now have over 40,000 on it. Only major complaint is the car is unstable at freeway speeds (75 to 85 mph) especially if there are cross winds or slight grooves in the roadway. Slow to 70 mph or less and no problems. At speeds of 75 or higher, you had better have both hands on the wheel, because it feels like it can get away from you! I have put new tires on the car, balanced them, had a front end alignment, with no help for the instability. I have owned other small cars and never felt anything as unstable as this. This seems like a serious safety issue to me.

26th Jul 2007, 19:06

I bought my Chevrolet Aveo Value Edition new in February 2004.

I had a major problem with it after about 30,000 miles. The car hesitated, but that's wording it mildly. If I were at a stop sign and wanted to get into traffic, The car would not go when I stepped on the gas. Also, if I was at highway speed and wanted to pass, when I stepped on the gas pedal, the car slowed down. It was in the repair shop for over a month, free loaner in the meanwhile. They replaced 4 fuel injectors, computer module, catalytic converter, returned it to me and it was still broken. When I finally got it back working they told me they replaced everything past the computer module. So far, at 60,000, it is working fine. 42 mpg. They never told me what was wrong with it, I don't think they know.

Lesser problems:

1. Fuel pump needed to be replaced under warranty.

2. Fuel Tank empty warning light broke, was fixed 2 times, still doesn't work. I keep gas in the tank so I won't spend my money to fix it.

3. Clock was replaced once because it would not set.

4. The new clock re-sets itself for no apparent reason. I'm not paying to fix it.

5. Day Time Running lights do not go on. Well, once in a while they do, but then they go right out again while I am driving. Not required, so I'm not spending my money to fix them.

6. Gas Cap broke before the recall, cost $15 to replace and I don't have a receipt to get a refund.

7. The manual and maintenance books do NOT say to change timing belt at 60,000 miles. I know better, I am getting mine changed. But wouldn't this be covered under the extended warranty if there is no scheduled maintenance for it?

I would probably not buy another '04 Aveo, but I will be looking for a car next year or the year after. I'll read the Aveo reviews. If they are improved, I will consider one, fuel efficient, inexpensive, economical... Might be worth it if the bugs are worked out.

15th Aug 2007, 21:07

My 04 Aveo has 65,000 miles on it, and I just learned today it is timing belt time. This is not a new issue; I had to change the SHO belt every 50 or lose the engine.

The first month I lived with the car, I thought it was a bad buy; wishy/washy handling, it danced around, stopping hard, and going fast into corner, it acted like the tail would beat the front around. Took it to the Tire Rack, and changed the rims and tires, and have been in love since.

My issues were bad exhaust weld; required a full replacement; it was free.

It is a stick, driven hard and fast all the time, got a 98 in 65 in Ohio.

Car has been trouble free, and I would rate it as one of my best buys in cars. Dollar for dollar it can't be beat.