6th Dec 2007, 12:06

Hi to all.

I am from Jordan (Middle East) and I have a Chevrolet Aveo 2004.

This car is almost trouble free, no abnormal behaviour, and is easy to park and manoeuvre. Its mileage is about 45000 miles and it's still doing fine.

I am not thinking to replace it in the coming two years.

12th Dec 2007, 10:06

I bought a 2004 Aveo new and it has just turned 100,000 miles. I have replaced the front brakes, plugs, airfilter (one time only) and a couple of sets of tires, with one of those sets being defective.

I have never had to take the car back for any warranty work, and I put around 120 to 150 miles per day on it.

It does not handle good at high speeds, but I very seldom drive over 75 MPH any way.

I guess I will take it in for a timing belt change, since I am reading all the horror stories about everyone else's bad luck.

My last car was a Ford Festiva, and can you believe it, died on me at over 300,000 miles. Service and drive like they are small cars, after all these are what I call throw away cars.

16th Jan 2008, 15:21

I have a 2004 chevy aveo with 55,000 miles on it and had it in for service 3 times. Clock replaced, Key wouldn't open the door locks and recently the timing belt replaced. For what I paid for the car and what it has cost me, it has been a great value.

21st Apr 2008, 11:40

So I have a Chevy Aveo 2004. DO NOT BUY THEM. I just hit 48388 miles and NO ONE informed me the belt needed to be REPLACED by 45000. THEY are telling me CHEVY that I am not covered...

It is dead at a mechanics shop who is trying to work with me.

IF ANYONE has advice how to fight them... please let me know. I have had no problems until now so I reported this to the better business page and the NC DOT safety line and a Chevy lemon page.

I am so frustrated. I called three dealerships and they WERE all rude and NOT helpful at all. At least in this town. It seems they DO not want to admit to a timing belt issues...

EVERYONE get yours changed before 45000 OR you will deal with bent valves... snapped belt and possible more damage. As soon as I EVER get this fixed, I am selling it and NEVER buying a Chevy AGAIN.

Please help me fight...

24th Apr 2008, 22:45

I have (had) a 2004 Aveo with 92,000 kilometres. The timing belt failed last week halfway up the Alaska Highway. After an expensive tow, the mechanic tells me it has valve damage.

Admittedly, ignorance of the engine type and failure on my part to observe the maintenance schedule contributed to the breakdown.

On the other hand, talk of inspecting the timing belt after a mere 30,000 hardly inspires confidence, nor any kind of reliability factor. 30,000!! That's basically saying that this could break down any time. NEVER BUY ONE!!!

16th Jun 2008, 14:04

My timing belt went out at 73,000 miles. Was not aware of the timing belt issues this car has. 4 valves need replaced and head cracked in 3 places. Looking at 1800 bucks to fix. Just paid the last year payments off two weeks ago. Also had a left front wheel bearing go out last year that was 600 bucks to repair. Paid 10 grand for this piece of crap car. Everything is "dealer only" items. I will never ever ever buy another chevy product in my lifetime. The dealership tried to tell my husband it was my driving that was causing the damage. When he stood up to them and they knew he was mechanically inclined they relented and said it was "cheap korean parts". Wow doesn't that make you feel warm and fuzzy?

24th Jun 2008, 01:21

I purchased my 04 Chevy Aveo with only 16miles on it. I've been very happy with my Aveo, having no problems with it, besides the check engine light, that will go on occationally when I have my oil changed. The guys who change it just plug it into computer and then all is right again, evidently, they hit a sensor while changing the oil and makes it go off. Today... I had to have my belts checked and was informed about the timing belt issues this car has. I would have had no clue about it otherwise... and from all the stories I've just read, I'm lucky I happened to need my windshield washer fixed... LOL Thanks to all of those who posted with warning about their cars and troubles... sure helps those of us who wouldn't have known otherwise.

2nd Aug 2008, 10:48

My 04 Aveo's tires only lasted 40,000 miles and now at 55,000 miles it won't start when the car has been warmed up. let's say you drive it and shut it off to go into a store, you come back out to start it and it doesn't start.. Has anyone started a class action suit with these 2004 Aveo's? I do believe this model is a lemon and will try to drive until September of 09 when it is paid for.

28th Aug 2008, 08:09

My 2004 auto LS has not had problems, despite having been in two accidents, one of which tore the back bumper off (with no injury to me or my 90 year old mother). A good Chevy dealer told me about the timing belt, so had it looked at by an independent shop who said it looks fine so far (45K miles) but recommended changing the serpentine belt. It was recommended to buy auto (don't remember why) and knew I would not be driving a lot and have had it to 75-80 with no problem. It's a GM Holden (Australian) engine, assembled by Daewoo, Italian body design (guy who designs Maserati's). People ask me if it is hybrid. It's pre-Fit, wanna-be Mini. Here, used Honda's with 60,000 miles still cost $18K, and all my prior (used) cars needed repairs right away. Been lucky (k.o.w.)?

2nd Sep 2008, 15:28

I just yesterday purchased a 2004 Aveo LS with 43K miles. I got a great deal on a looks-like-new car, but I wish I would have read these comments a couple of days ago...

My car is running extremely well, but I think I'll push it to a mechanic and have the timing belt looked at before I start it up again! Thanks to all who have commented.

10th Nov 2008, 18:41

We purchased a 2004 Chevrolet Aveo in March of 2008 for my daughter to drive back and forth to college. We were looking for something cheap and easy on gas just to get her through the next 3 years. I wish we would have checked for comments and problems before we did.

It had 83,000 miles on it, and within 2 months we had our first timing belt to break and had to pay over $1000.00 to buy a new engine, and guess what, the timing belt broke again.

If we can fix it this time we will be getting rid of it to get something else. We will not be buying another one.

26th Nov 2008, 01:50

Hi, I just posted the following to Craig's list hoping to find someone who could help me. It's about the timing belt.

I do understand that at least according to Chevy, I should have read the owner's manual, I think having whatever they have in the owner's manual has protected them from anyone suing them, or whatever.

We did change the oil, we did try to take care of the car. One night my son turned on the car and it sounded horrible. He had nothing else to drive, he drove it to school and then to work. It died while sitting in the parking lot. I had the car towed to the dealer. They say it will cost 5,300.00 to put in a new belt and a new engine. I just feel terrible.

So I wrote on Craig's list and just got a whole bunch of people swearing at me. Here is what I wrote

"Does anyone have any ideas as to what to do with a car that is dead after being brand new four years ago? My son's Chevy Aveo died three weeks ago. The timing belt was bad after 80,000, and Chevy says since we were told in the owner's manual to have it changed at 60,000 miles they can't and won't help.

5,300 dollars later I can have the car fixed. I think that is crummy. I was wondering if anyone had heard of any class-action suits, or anything about this type of problem. I went on a site (that would be this site) that talked about a lot of different people's experiences with Chevy Aveo, and more were in the same mess as myself than weren't. If the car companies want help they need to build cars that work, OR TELL the buyer that they will need to do XYZ before so many miles instead of hiding behind the owner's manual. Thank you"