1989 Chevrolet Beretta Standard 2.8 from North America


Money Pit


I bought this car for $400.00 so I can't complain about everything that's wrong with it. I haven't had that many problems with it until recently. I will drive it around town for a little while then when I stop it will die and won't stay running. My dads a mechanic so he can tell me whats going on, but it won't do it when he's driving it. My brothers Grand Am did the same thing, but his problem was a transmission sensor. I don't have one on my car so its going to be a little harder to find out what it really is.

My alternator went out yesterday about 5 miles away from home. I drove it to work and it died, I had to walk 3 miles to work. My dad and I went to get it running after I got home from work, it started right up with a jumper box on it to get it to start. I was almost home about 1 mile away when I slowed down and it died. The alternator or the fuel pump or both went out. A fuel pump it either $40.00 or $70.00 and the alternator is $140.00. I'm 15 and that's money that I can't get very soon. We also think that there is a short some where in the car, every time you get out and touch the door it shocks you really bad. The door locks don't work very well, I broke my key off in the lock after I got it. We used a lock greaser to help the cylinder, but that hasn't helped out much. I just leave it unlocked.

The Ignition failed a week after I got it, that was $50.00.

It has four different sized tires on it and the master cylinder was bad when I got it.

The head liners sagging and the dash has a big hole in the center.

The stereo doesn't like to work.

I have two sets of seat belts on both front seats I don't know why, but I do.

The windsheild is cracked.

I have to put on a rear bumper because they hit something and broke it right behind the passenger side rear wheel.

When it hits a half a tank it doesn't like to stay running.

The cruise control button is missing and is unhooked because it would smoke sometimes while driving.

The air and heat work great the windows are good.

Interior besides the dash is in great shape. Over all the body and interior and motor of this car is great. It has great get up and go when it runs.

General Comments:

I'm not sure that I would buy another Beretta. If I did it would be a newer one or one that wasn't power everything.

I love my car when its running.

For being an older car fixing it cost a lot more than my brothers 92 Grand Am.

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Review Date: 21st December, 2003

1989 Chevrolet Beretta GT 2.8 liter V6 from North America


A good looking performance car, but..


Ignition switch broke at about 65K miles. Had to be replaced at a cost of nearly $300.

The paint (blue) peeled badly. This is why I eventually got rid of the car. GM refused to acknowledge this was a problem. Even though I didn't buy the car new, it was well cared for and the paint looked new. I tried the dealer and even called GM. They all acted like this was a total surprise and that it had to do with how I cared for the car. That didn't sit well with me so I later sold it at a loss rather than repaint it. I understand there were several class action lawsuits regarding this problem.

Windshield mysteriously cracked. I think this was caused by running the defrost at full on a particularly cold morning.

Needed muffler at only 60K miles which is a little early.

Dash started to creak and warp a little. Driver's seat started to wear. Door panel started to come loose, no doubt from pulling those ridiculously big and heavy doors closed - typical for GM cars.

General Comments:

Very fun car to drive. Very nice looking. Engine had good pickup. Transmission needed an overdrive and a lockup defeat to prevent gear hunting. Excellent freeway car - would easily hold 80 mph and was relatively quiet and very comfortable. Good stereo.

Cheap and plasticky feel to everything. Crude and clunky controls, numb steering, cartoonish dash (non digital). The turn signal felt like it was going to break every time I used it. Not the end of the world, but I expected better from the first car I spent quite a bit of money to buy.

Generally got 18 mpg in the city and about 27 on the highway, with the automatic, which didn't have overdrive.

Very comfortable seats. The best I've ever had in a car. I'm considering finding a pair for a classic car I'm restoring.

Handled very good, but was too firm on rough roads. Should have had independent rear suspension, but alas. Also handled very well in the snow if tires had good tread.

Except for the paint, a rather decent and reliable car. Compared well to my current '92 Honda Civic. As a used car they're fine if the paint has been dealt with. I would recommend a 5 speed manual as the automatic lacked a lot of refinement that year.

I sold the car to a friend who gave it to his mom as a commuter car. She's got close to 200K miles on it and it's still going strong. The car was never painted and is now starting to rust and really looks bad, but she doesn't care.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2003

23rd Apr 2004, 12:52

I think that Berettas are great cars and shouldn't be so badly talked about. I have a Beretta and the paint is fine.

21st Jun 2004, 10:49

I agree with you. I have an 89 Beretta and the paint is peeling and chipping like there is no tomorrow. I can't wait to sell this car!!!