1989 Chevrolet Beretta GT 3.2 from North America


A bargain at $1500!!


I bought the car used and it looked BEAUTIFUL at the time-I fell in love!

But..first the paint started fading.

Then the headliner started sagging.

The door panel on the driver's side came loose.

The hinge to the ashtray broke.

The dashboard started cracking.

The rearview mirror keeps falling off (despite the ton of glue I use to hang it with).

The tape player doesn't work right-it makes a "clicking" sound and tape won't eject unless you beat the front.

The radio acts "possessed"-other wards, the radio sometimes has to go up and down the dial until it finds the station you set.

Hard to find a stereo to replace this because it is all one face with the a/c etc.

A/C quit working.

The digital dash lights went out and finding a replacement bulb (we're still looking) is hard to find.

Fuel pump needed replacing-around like 120,000 miles.

Lost one of the two tailpipes and had to replace the whole muffler.

Heater core needed to be replaced around like 100,000.

General Comments:

In general, I LOVE THIS CAR!!! She looks bad, but..

Handles wonderful on the road-takes curves at a fast speed without feeling out of control.

Engine runs better than she looks.


Great speaker system!!

Sporty...If I can fix this one, I would keep her forever!!! If any can help me with the radio (why is it doing this??) and tape player, and the ability to find the right sized bulbs for the dash, PLEASE e-mail me!! villakat2@yahoo.com)

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Review Date: 29th June, 2003

15th Sep 2003, 12:23

Hi there,

Just wanted to know if you replaced the heater core yourself, or had someone do it for you. I have to replace mine and don't know how. The problem for me is I'm broke, so ill have to fix it myself, and winter time is coming and I'm going to need heat. Please let me know as soon as you can. im Jeff and you can email me at jfulmersr@yahoo.com

23rd Dec 2003, 08:59

Hey, I think I have a solution to your problem with the stereo!!! All you have to do is go to google.com and type in Chevrolet Beretta Stereo Kits, and whammo, it gives you a list of sites that will have installation kits for your car. I just did this and it works great!

11th Aug 2004, 11:03

I've had a 1989 GT since '91 (I knew the previous owner) and have kept it running with minimal maintenance ever since. It's stored in the winter and out by May. Besides brakes, oil changes, etcetera. it's been wonderful. This one has a white paint base with a 24 inch black stripe going down the middle and a tan interior - no rust and everything (including the A/C) works perfectly. I would sell only if the right buyer with the right price comes along because he/she falls in love with her. please post any comment you may have. DP.

25th Jan 2005, 22:06

An 89 with a 3.2, I thought 87-89 used a 2.8, and in 1990 used a 3.1, unless you have a modified 3.1, but whatever, good luck with your car.

1989 Chevrolet Beretta 2.8 MFI V6 from North America


A real


The car was bought with a rebuilt 3-speed automatic transmission... how long before I bought it it was done I do not know.

Shortly after I first purchased my Beretta, I replaced the engine and transmission mounts. I did not like the way the engine and transmission jerked. The mounts were weak and I felt it better to be safe than sorry. Why this was not done with the transmission replacement I will never understand.

I have replaced the fuel pump twice. These cars don't like to have the fuel level down below the quarter tank mark too much. The 1990 Lumina sedans are the same with these pumps.

The alternator has been replaced twice, the second time is due to the fact I didn't replace the battery with the first alternator.

The body was in fairly good shape when I bought the car. Unfortunately I was unable to have it oil sprayed every year and now the rocker panels are rotting away, as is the door post on the driver's side.

The exhaust was replaced from the catalytic to the tail pipe after my 1st year of ownership. Midas has stood behind their warranty and I will be replacing the muffler for the 2nd time very soon.

Also in the first year of ownership I had to replace the rack. The seals had let go and everything was dry and beginning to show signs of failing.

Aside from the above, I have only had to odds and ends since. For instance, my Beretta recently "coughed up" the back, middle spark plug twice. This was taken care of by having a kit installed to take up the extra space and allow the plug to thread in. Apparently this is a common occurrence with these engines and their aluminum heads.

General Comments:

Although I dubbed my Beretta "The Money Pit" and put a label on the instrument cluster to say so, this car has been quite reliable.

I have never been stranded on a highway. Even when the alternator failed and the fuel pump, I was usually within coasting or pushing distance of a parking lot or my own driveway!

Even with 300,000 kms on the dial this car, plain jane though it is, with it's sagging liner and warped dash, my lil Beretty still goes like stink!

My son can't wait to get it. "Mom, can I borrow the car for my driving test?"

If I had the resources I would consider putting her back to mint shape. For all that I have sunk into her, she owes me nothing.

Fuel economy has gone down in the past couple of years, but is still decent. We have done a lot of travelling, me and my car.

While I cannot wait to get my olds on the road, I still dread the day I retire or hand over my Beretta to my son. Even though Chevrolet's biggest design error was the lack of cup holders.


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Review Date: 28th June, 2003