1993 Chevrolet Beretta 3.1 multiport F1 V6 from North America


This car is a very good purchase


My transmission oil started to leak and I had to change the gasket.

General Comments:

This car is very fast, it handles quite good, but I think Chevrolet could have given the engine a little more power. The seat are very comfortable even on a long trip.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2004

1993 Chevrolet Beretta Standard 3.1 from North America


Fun car


Oil leak (distributor cap plug) it leaks about 1 litre every 1000 kms so it's not to hard to keep up with.

Transmission lock out solenoid.

Upper radiator hose.

Fuel and brake lines.

Heater blower motor.

Ball joints and rear shocks.

Water leaks on drivers side.

General Comments:

This is a great car.

Even with the repairs noted above it has been quite inexpensive to maintain.

It runs and handles great on the highway and gives good gas mileage even at 175000 kms.

All around this is a great entry level vehicle, but regular maintenance is a must.

Cheap to insure.

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Review Date: 6th July, 2004

1993 Chevrolet Beretta GTZ 3.1L from North America


This car is a class act in its own class


ABS light on the dash comes on for no reason.

Struts and rack-pinion squeaks very often.

Head gasket blew at 117,000 miles.

Steering wheel has become lose in the column.

Engine sometimes shut down when cold.

General Comments:

The car engine still has incredible power.

Body style is very sleek and beautiful.

Car ride is very comfortable.

Switching from a foreign car to an American made car, the car is lot heavier in weight distribution.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2003

1993 Chevrolet Beretta 3.1 V6 from North America


A high cost mistake by Chevrolet


My air conditioner totally went out at 90000 miles.

My power steering hoses, pump, and container all needed to be replaced.

My airbag light just came on for on apparent reason at 100000 miles and has never went off.

Had to replace my valve cover gaskets, drive belt, belt tensioner, fuel filter, and front disc brakes several times.

My oil pan and headlights needed to be replaced.

Had to have my back drum brakes totally rebuilt and replaced.

Had to get new front struts and strut plates.

The gas indicator is not very reliable.

General Comments:

This car was very expensive to maintain.

I think it has had more problems than it should have.

However, it does have a lot of power coming from the V6 engine.

Chevrolet needs to think a little harder about their next idea for a L-body style of car.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2003

10th Mar 2004, 18:14

You can ignore just about every other Light in your car and the worst you'll do is ruin the car. The Airbag is not to be trifled with. If you have a have an Airbag warning Light on have your car serviced immediately. There is a possibility that the Air Bag could deploy. You risk your life, your passengers' lives and the lives of those of us sharing the road with you.

I have worked for a major Air Bag Supplier for 10 years. Please get your Air bag serviced.

1993 Chevrolet Beretta GTZ 3.1 LHO from North America


Smart Buy


Main ABS unit was replaced (before I got the car), Turn signal lever malfunctions sometimes. This is a very common problem on Corsicas and Berettas. Lifters started ticking at 126,000 miles and I had 2 replaced. Motor mounts have started making some noise and this is also one of the more common problems with these cars. Timing belt replaced at 127,000 miles (general maintenance)

General Comments:

-It handles very well considering it's front wheel drive.

-It has very comfortable seating.

-Anyone that knows anything about these cars will know that you can find parts for them anywhere!

-I really haven't had too many problems with the car. It has enough power and so far it has been pretty reliable.

-For the price of these cars, they can't be beat!

-The 3.1L engine is a great one. I know another guy who has 183,000 miles on his Beretta with a 3.1 and it's still running good. They're good engines. Maybe that's why they still use them today!

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Review Date: 30th December, 2002