1993 Chevrolet Beretta GTZ 3.1L MPFI from North America


Love it


There's been quite a few stuff that has gone wrong with it, but these can all be related to regular repairs you need to perform on any car.

I've noticed a lot of the reviews complaining about changing a lot of stuff like brake pads and hoses; well you need to do this on any car.

Anyway, sorry, had to get that out of the way, it bugs me when people give reviews and complain about simple things, and mark the car down for that. But, I'll go through the list for the car that I've owned for 11 years..

I've had to replace fuel pump, a few radiator hoses, need to change oil pan for a slow oil leak, need to fix torque converter, brake lines (from sitting in MI unprotected for 2 years), master cylinder, a couple rotors, e-brake cable, and oil changes and stuff like that. There's been no major issues with this car, all of the other bad reviews for the Beretta must be owned by people who treat their car like crap.

Seats are just now starting to wear slightly, I have one small rip on the side of my seat, after 17 years of use.

I've ran Seafoam through her a couple of times just to clean it up, change the oil every 5K miles or so, and give it a tune up once a year. I would do it twice if I was working during the winter.

There's some slight rust, but I gotta say not as much as I've seen on some cars here in MI.

General Comments:

I love this car, I got the GTZ model and I love the overall look, and I'm going to be tinting my windows here shortly, and hopefully rebuilding my motor or doing an engine swap to make her even quicker!

This car is quick, and if I fixed my torque converter, I think I would love it even more with the added gas mileage (you should get like 26 mpg, I get around 18).

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2010

1993 Chevrolet Beretta GTZ from North America


GM junk!


Where to start?

It rattled like a baby's toy from day one.

At about 6000 miles the steering wheel started smoking badly due to a short.

Starter gave out at 40,000

Alternator gave out at 33,000

Water pump at 50,000 and the second at 70,000

Radiator at 60,000

Numerous water hoses throughout its life... they just ruptured... especially a really small one in the back of the motor..??? Go figure.

Did I mention the rattles?

Numerous electrical problems.

The radio/CD player never worked right from 10,000 miles on... in and out of the shop.

General Comments:

Other than a maintenance nightmare... the positives..

It looked good

It sounded good

It accelerated good

The seats were comfortable

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Review Date: 14th August, 2008

1993 Chevrolet Beretta 3.1L V6 from North America


The general condition of the car is on the rough side. Driver's seat is worn, Dash vinyl in deformed, carpet worn, some source of water leak into the interior when it rains, the hood release lever broke, the high beam switch does not work.

The engine has not been opened as far as I can tell. Things replaced: water pump, one brake hose in front, cleaned idle air control valve.

Issues to be fixed: has a leak in the by-pass pipe.

Generally, the engine runs good, has been reliable, and is good on gas.

General Comments:

Mechanically this car is pretty good. The rest of the car does not hold up as well. The body and interior is showing its age.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2007

1993 Chevrolet Beretta GT 3.1 from North America


This car is a class. I am trying to change the fuel filter and was looking in the engine, but unfortunately I cannot locate the filter. Can someone please assist.

General Comments:

Beautiful Baby.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2005

25th Nov 2005, 12:11

The fuel filter is located by the fuel tank.

25th Nov 2005, 12:33

Fuel filter may be under the car. It might run from the gas tank and be located on the frame. Hope that helps! =)

30th Nov 2011, 12:16

Yes, the fuel filter is located on your right side, midway past under the car. Right side as in if you are in the car.