15th Apr 2011, 00:15

I've owned a 95 Beretta Z-26 for 7 years. It has 58,000 original miles. It was purchased new and I inherited it.

Since its initial purchase in 1995, the head gasket has been replaced twice, plugs and wires replaced once, 3 alternators along with batteries (over 6 years time) and new brakes.

The past two years I noticed a problem with the car dying, when it came to a stop. This happened intermittently. After going to 3 different mechanics, one being a Chevy dealership, a local mechanic found the culprit. It was a defective EGR valve and solenoids. I had that replaced with a Delco brand, not a "knock-off". Then had the fuel injectors cleaned, the transmission flushed, new transmission cooler lines, new fuel filter (still had the original in it!) and the computer re-programmed. To say the least, it runs like new.

One problem that was fixed once but could not be fixed again is the rear window defogger/defroster. It is the first time in all the cars I've owned for this feature not to work. The switch for it works but the electrodes attached to the rear window do not supply the power to the window grid. When I pay off the current repair bill, I may ask my mechanic to have a go at fixing it.

The Beretta is excellent in the snow. The body, paint and interior look almost new. All its features still work with the exception of the rear defogger.

20th Sep 2011, 23:42

I have a 95 Z26 that I purchased last September 2010 with only 150,000 kms, and I must say that it was and still is one heck of a car. It shifts smoother than my 2010 Dodge vehicle.

The car has been rust proofed since day one. As a matter of fact, a lot of mechanics that look and work on the car when it gets an oil change (every 5k), say that it's in better condition than a lot of new vehicles that come in. The motor still runs strong, tranny is very smooth, everything still works except for the A/C, but who cares when you have a sunroof to cool you down.

Definitely a head turner. If only GM could build them now the way they used to!

26th Apr 2012, 16:52

I have a '95 Chevy Beretta. & love it to death. Only issue is the transmission. I'm removing it now as I type this & rebuilding it. Love the look & drive of the car. Plan on buying another.

Also, plan on swapping the 3100 V6 engine with a 3400 V6 engine.

I recommend the car. It drives very well, if you take care of it.