1997 Chevrolet Blazer LS from North America


More trouble than it's worth


Gas gauge quit working shortly after purchase.

Key would sometimes get stuck in ignition. Now it's stuck permanently.

Rear passenger window fails to roll up frequently.

Windshield wipers dysfunctional. Paid to have the problem repaired, later reimbursed by dealership when a "recall" notice was sent.

Rear window cleaner does not work at all.

Upper ball joints replaced when "recall" notice was sent. I had to beg and cry to get the dealership to replace the ball joints since they said I failed to perform proper maintenance on the vehicle.

When the headlights are on, they "flash" to the daytime running lamps.

Passenger side window broken, about ready to fall off.

Found out today that lower ball joints, idle arm, and pitman arm need replacing.

Heater quit working 3 winters ago, but has worked fine since then. It just started working one day, I didn't have any work done on it.

Air conditioner has a problem, but not sure what. During the summer I have to continuously add coolant. Afraid to find out the cost to repair this one.

General Comments:

I like the blazer itself, but it has so many problems and is quite a headache. It bothers me to see that my problems aren't isolated. I would not recommend this vehicle to anyone (I'd feel bad to even give mine away!) and I certainly have reservations about purchasing another Chevrolet.

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Review Date: 30th March, 2004

31st Mar 2005, 19:13

I need my pitman and idler arms replaced, can anyone tell me more about these, and approximate prices? Email me please at cheec327@yahoo.com Thanks.

1997 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4.3L V6 Vortec from North America


Don't buy American


Spark Plug wires went out (one at a time) - dealership would only replace one at a time.

Fuel gague went out (registered 1/2 full and left me stranded on freeway with no gas)

Starter had a faulty electrical grounding - Blazer was in the shop for 2 weeks while mechanics tried to find the problem.

Battery died out after 3 years (Delco)

Windshield wiper motors faulty: wipers would go off uncontrollably.

"Key in ignition" bell would not turn off, sometimes for 10 minutes at a time.

After warranty expired, when I drove around town, the transmission (or something) would slightly jerk the truck when I would accelerate and left off the gas.

General Comments:

While the Blazer is a comfortable vehicle, I had so many problems with it that I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy.

I complained to Chevrolet that I had purchased a lemon, but they never responded. The truck spend at least 2 months total time in the shop during the first year I owned it.

As Chevy's motto says: "Like a Rock". Right - last time I checked, rocks don't move much.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2004

1997 Chevrolet Blazer 2d 4wd LS 4.3 Vortec from North America




Replaced the battery, alternator, windshield wiper motor, driverside window motor, transmission hoses, upper and lower gaskets on transmission, rebuilt the transmission itself, universal joint in the rear and the one for 4wd, previous owner replaced ball joints, even with the new transmission it shifts hard, I noticed my breaks are squeaking and there is a noise coming from the glove comp. when I turn heat on high. my gas gage went out at 60k, I have to set the trip. those of you who are brave enough to see if the "fuel low" light comes on, I advise not too. I ran out of gas at 390 miles on trip, no light came on.

General Comments:

Sad thing is, I like the looks of it. if Chevy would get their act together this could be a very nice vehicle. its solid when everything is working. it has a lot of power and handles like a champ off-road. I've driven it all over the eastern US. thank god it hasn't failed me on vacation.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2004

17th Sep 2004, 13:38

Hello All. I just bought my 1997 LT 4-Dr 4 wheel drive Blazer in August, 2004 from an individual who would not give me a receipt. He sold it to me pretty cheap -- $4,600. I assumed, because it had over 100,000 miles, but the picture gets muddled here. The front windshield was cracked and I replaced it, then I discovered the rt. rear view mirror was about to fall off and replaced that -- so I figured that wasn't so bad. However, at this time, I sometimes tell people (September, 2004) that I thought I was buying a '97 Blazer, but I instead, I got Lemonade.

I have replaced the shocks, the Rt. Front Idler Arm and ball joints and two rear U-Joints. I bought new tires, because the tread inside was cut. Sometimes the wipers worked and most of the time they didn't. GM paid to replace the bizarrely malfunctioning windshield wiper module using an old maintenance contract on this vehicle. I have replaced the alternator and then seven days later, replaced it again. I had the bad heater core bypassed after anti-freeze spilled into the cab. I cringe now because a mechanic has said that a squealing noise up front reminds him of a clutch going out. The transmission is leaking now. My gas gage is wacky and when I ran out of gas one time, I had no warning from any light. Some of these problems sound like normal maintenance and others sound kind of chronic for this model.

Oh well, I love this truck. The 1997 LT Blazer is beautiful with its simple design. It handles wonderful in or out of town. My twin brother went out and bought a 2001 LS Blazer, but my '97 Blazer is more roomy and the ride is so much better. His Blazer acts more like a little SUV more than like a true Blazer. I still need to replace the heater core and fix the transmission leak, but if I plan to keep this model, which I do, then I will have a good vehicle -- hope, hope.

Rock On,

LaVerne Fullbright

Oklahoma City, OK.

26th Jan 2005, 19:56

That is amazing. I stumbled upon this website while searching for a new and/or rebuilt transmission for my 1997 4WD LS Blazer. I have owned this vehicle since the showroom floor and it has 202,200 miles and counting! Original engine and transmission are still in place, but I have had the windshield module worked on, as well as a few other things that GM notified me in writing about, like the driver's side seat belt. If you are not the original owner of your Blazer, I would suggest you do some web-surfing to ensure you have any warranty issues addressed. I did just have my upper and lower ball joints replaced and my transmission is slipping gears. And I noticed that my driver's side mirror didn't want to move using the controls the other day.

Overall, I really love my truck, just like both of the comments above. I hope it runs another 200,000 miles with the new transmission!

2nd Jun 2007, 20:14

Worst truck I have ever had. Crappy tranny, fire in wiring harness twice (two different places), and tons of other problems including $1200 worth of fuel pump on vacation. This vehicle sealed the deal, no more chevy's. I'll stick with Dodge for now on.