1997 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4.3L from North America


So far, this is a good ride


Checked overflow reservoir. Full of rust and tubes to radiator plugged with this rust.

Not sure if 4WD push-button works or not. Very tricky setup.

General Comments:

I haven't had any problems with heater as most complaints refer to. But, I haven't driven it all that much.

Still better than my previous vehicle, but cautious that I might have bought a lemon after reading common problems.

I am curious to know if this vehicle is equipped with the same type of radiator as the 1992 model with the transmission fluid cooler built in. I heard they are full of faults.

All in all, the comfort has been really well.

I don't want to end up paying $10,000 for a trouble vehicle.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2003

1997 Chevrolet Blazer from North America


A headache


In the 5 years I have owned this car I have had to replace 2 fuel injectors.

1 alternator.

Today had new tie-rods, sleeves, etc., replaced on the driver's side.

No heat for two years now.

I just received a recall notice for windshield wiper repair. That's nice, but when I was caught in the middle of a downpour last fall and my wipers didn't work, that recall didn't do much good then. I was lucky I wasn't killed and lucky I didn't kill anyone.

This model is a lemon. I live alone and depend on my car much more than others who have a partner who can help them get back and forth to work and who can also help with repairs. I will probably never recommend a Chevy truck to anyone.

Driver's side carpeting wearing at the gas pedal.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2003

23rd Mar 2003, 20:00

After reading all the downfalls of this truck, I am beginning to worry that I might have bought a big problem. The most common flaws seem to be with the heater and the brakes. I just bought mine three weeks ago, and I noticed that the overflow reservoir tank and all incoming lines were full of rust. I know the antifreeze is supposed to be "no-maintenance", but I have had too many previous vehicles overheat because I neglected the coolant for too long. I also heard that GM might have recalled the use of this antifreeze because it clogged up rubber water lines. Could this be the cause of so many heater problems?? Please e-mail me @ microphallus@msn.com if you have experienced any more problems I should look for. Thank You.

16th Jun 2003, 06:26

I guess I am not surprised to read the same things are all problems I have had with my 97 Blazer. Lemon is a very kind term to describe this vehicle. I also have a Highlander that has 50K on it now. What a joy to own it.

I am selling the Blazer now and will be taking a considerable loss. I have a moral issue with selling this car to someone, even though I will be completely honest and up front with the buyer.

Don't know what else to say, but am very sour on Chevy.

24th Dec 2003, 22:51

For the comment about the rust in the overflow tank: the antifreeze is red in color, sometimes makes the tank look rusty when dry. I've had my blazer a year now, it's a 97'. haven't had many problems with it until I took it to the dealer for recall fixes. after that my ignition slowly went out- 400.00, don't trust them. lots of rattles from the spare-tire carrier. other than that I've been very happy with the blazer on & off road.

1997 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4.3 from North America


Listen to Adam Sandlers song Piece of S**** Car


When people see me they do not ask how I am doing, but they ask how my car is doing. I read all the things that the above consumers have experienced. Just to let you know I have had all of that and then some. I have just replaced my transmission and it cost me 1378.60 at Mcelwains Chevrolet service center and the problem is still there. My wipers work every once in a while, and three of my friends have the same problem. If anyone out there reads this message and wants to ask me any questions my e-mail address is alaurenza98@hotmail.com. I would be happy to share all the problems I have had and may be able to answer any questions that you may have for me due to experience with my 1997 Blazer.

General Comments:

Do Not Buy A Chevy!! I know why people buy TOYOTA, Nissan, Hyundai, and VW's

American cars are Junk with a capital J

I have owned One of each.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2003