1997 Chevrolet Blazer from North America


Piece of crap


Faulty alternator.

Most locks are hard to open.

Leaks oil.

Ignition cylinder lock and switch are faulty.

General Comments:

This 1997 Blazer is the biggest piece of crap ever. I have spent over $2,000 and many hours of my time on this hunk of crap. I am a mechanic and have never experienced so much trouble with a vehicle.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2007

1997 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4.3 from North America


Can't fix some problems, but it's not a vette


Bad brake booster.

Heat doesn't work.

Rusty transmission dip stick.

Tainted transmission oil due to stick fault.

Broken seat recliner handle.

Faulty solenoid in automatic key release inside steering column.

Can't move automatic shifter out of park if engine is not started.

General Comments:

Not worse than the other variety of vehicles, but this one has more torque and more options, so more expense was expected.

I do like the interior; I feel like a captain.

I was disappointed on the seat handle falling off in my hands since my ownership.

Brakes are not so responsive, and need to be replaced often if driven.

SUVs flip, so once you get used to the heavy suspension putting force on the front brakes, they last longer.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2007

17th Aug 2007, 08:50

Everything in this world is not the best built machine, not even a Porce. I have a 1997 Chevy Blazer LS, and find it to be a very nice vehicle. I tow a camper all over for out goings. Remember, things need to be need properly maintained to work properly. If not, remember, every things on todays vehicles, are controled by a computer. Don't just drive around and then get mad about things that need to be repaired, get it fixed. I would like to also say,"WE" need repairs as we get older

1997 Chevrolet Blazer LT from North America


Million Dollar SUV


Fuel pump 3x now, countless brake jobs, tires every year, front & rear windshield wipers replaced 2x, whole new front end and rear axle replaced.

General Comments:

I could've paid off my house, but instead I have a 1997 Chev Blazer 4X4 LT. Wow what a deal!!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 25th July, 2007

1997 Chevrolet Blazer LT 4x4 4.3 Liter Vortec from North America


Sack of JUNK


- Transmission needs a rebuild; slips and sticks.

- Transfer case makes tons of squeaking noises.

- Front drive shaft universal shot.

- Whole front end has gone out; tie rods, ball joints, pitman and idler arms.

- Second fuel pump just went out.

- Rear end might be going out soon.

- Hood latch breaks, and it's the third one.

- Rim bent; don't even know how.

- All 4 O2 sensors.

- Throttle position sensor.

- Eats brakes.

- Runs really rich.

- Goes through oil a lot, but no signs of leaks or burns; probably burns.

- Rust in the trans dipstick.

- Wipers act up.

- Rear wiper doesn't work.

- Terrible gas mileage; 9 city, 13 highway. When I'm lucky I can get 15.

- Stalls out a lot.

- Rides like crap, shakes, and is hard to drive.

General Comments:

It did have a cozy interior; easy to reach the controls, and not too cheap looking.

The seats were really worn, but really comfy. It has lots of room.

Produces tons of power out of that V6. I've done some serious pulling with it. It's good on the trails too. Too bad it's built so badly.

I'LL NEVER BUY ANOTHER CHEVY after owning this, and my last truck, and watching my friends Malibus, Monte Carlos, and Blazers. I realize Chevy is junk; my girlfriend has a Ford Crown Victoria with 160K miles, and never even has close to a problem. My Honda had 260K, and never broke down, and never left me stranded.

Do yourself a favor and don't give Chevy your business.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2007

1997 Chevrolet Blazer LT 4.3 Vortec from Germany


I still love it!


At 146000km, I had the mods made to run it on liquid petrol gas.

The alternator burned out twice (+ each time a new battery), the first at 190000km, the second at 215000km.

The door spring always made a hard popping noise when opening it (since I bought the car).

The idle went rough at 254000km, I replaced the air intake gasket. It also seems that the car has less power than it should... I think I`ll have to clean the ERG.

At 255000km the ABS light went on, it would run only in 2nd gear; I cleaned all electrical contacts and now it seems to work. I`ll also have to check the front ABS sensors and the speed sensor.

All other parts replacements were made in the usual service intervals.

General Comments:

I like the car, and I think all that has happened is rather normal at more than 250000kms in a cars life.

In Germany it is not easy to drive American cars; the parts are very expensive, and so is the gas. It is also hard to find qualified mechanics: that is why I had it modified to run on LPG, and why I have to do most of the repair by myself.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 18th June, 2007