10th Oct 2002, 23:27

GM stands for "Gross Mistake", excellent, that's the first time I heard that one, and will do my best to pass it on. I've read elsewhere that Blazer transmissions are set to shift too softly thereby wearing out their auto clutch and there is a modification to fix the problem. That's why I have been reading through all these comments. Of course Chevy won't admit to their being liable to it. I'll try and post back here if I find the information. Thanks!

15th Nov 2002, 10:31

I've been a GM (Chevy) owner my whole life, and I'm not gonna change being one for the bad mistake they did by putting out the '97 S-10 Blazer. Since my girlfriend bought hers 3 years ago, we've (and I say we since I usually end up paying for it) almost entirely rebuilt the vehicle. Front end was replaced, entire fuel system replaced, new carpet, radiator, water pump, & heater core, new fuel injectors, etc., etc., and NOW the transmission is shot and either needs rebuilt or replaced. I think it's time to take the repair money and get something else. Thanks for these posts, they made my decision easier.

23rd Dec 2002, 15:09

I am also a sore owner of 1997 blazer, I have had transmission,turn signals malfunction, NO HEAT and so on problems and cannot get a reply from GM, and wondering why there was no recall on any of these items.

Lisa in Ohio.

6th Jan 2003, 21:35

Well I too am the unfortunate owner of a 1997 Chevy Blazer.

To the gentleman who posted on Oct. 10th, I too had to have a shift kit put into my transmission to fix slipping. For anyone else who needs to know, it's called a code 1870 shift kit. It fixes slipping caused by a slow shift of the gears. Chevy designed the transmission this way to give you a smoother shift, but what they didn't count on is that this causes the valve body to wear out very quickly.

Important to anyone with this problem. DON'T buy the valve body until you add this shift kit. The problem will come back in about 20-40,000 miles if the shift kit is not added.

I got the valve body priced at $700.00. I bought the shift kit instead and paid $129.00 for the kit and labor. I have since put 64,000 miles on the vehicle with no transmission problems, knock on wood.

Next there is a recall on upper ball joints. Fixed.

No recall on lower ball joints that went out first. Fixed.

Rear wiper doesn't work. Not fixed.

Front wipers will at times stop. No answer.

Hinge pin on driver side needs to be replaced.

Replaced O2 sensors; Bank 1 I think.

Replaced two alternators; one my fault, the other was faulty.

The problem I have now is weird. I have a high pitched squeal from the drive belt area. Which makes you think loose belt or water pump, right? Well if I spray belt dressing on the belt, it clears right up, but a few seconds later it comes right back. My tensioner seems to not be applying enough pressure to tension the belt. I think the spring in the tensioner is bad or something, who the hell knows.

I do know this; I'll never by another DAMN GM vehicle as long as I live. Gross Mistake is true, but I think mine is better. Grifting Mother_ _ _ k _ rs. If you don't know what a grifter is, it's a person that scams people. That's what I think has happened to me, I've been scammed. If you want to chat about these POS vehicles please email me at mhouse27@netzero.com


30th Jan 2003, 11:29

All the same issues. 1997 Blazer LS - Front end rebuilt, water pump replaced, transmission rebuilt, radiator and heater core problems. It is unbelievable that so many others all have the same problems. I will never buy GM again!!!

18th Feb 2003, 16:37

I also have a 1998 Blazer and all of the same problems! Transmission has been rebuilt, no heat, front parts, all replaced. Why has this not been recalled? I will not by another GM product!

23rd Feb 2003, 14:03

I own an S10 1997 Blazer, and consider it one of my BEST. Had no problems at all, and have over 75,000 miles on it, and tow a boat and/or a camper through-out the summer without a problem.

I change my oil & filter every 3500 miles, & also have a grease job, clean cooling system & transmission, air cleaner yearly. This past fall I did a tune up.

I will buy another one.

6th Mar 2003, 19:37

I to am another unhappy owner of a 1997 S10 Blazer! Interior is very poor as I had to replace two front door panels do to cracking and falling off. I am also having problems with windshield wipers. Lets see I can go on, the fuel gage does not work anymore and and I have replaced the electric motor for the front passenger side window.

Have replaced the alternator and and also had problems with the battery draining.

Now I hear that the transmission dipstick tube needs to be replaced do to leakage.

I will never buy another Chevy again.

This is my second time owning a Chevy and both times they have turned out to be crap.

Oh by the way I only have 50,000 miles on this lemon.

Any comments please email me at vflflyr@cox.net

24th Mar 2003, 11:13

Same problems as everyone else has identified. Coolant system was defective which caused transmission and manifold to fail. They refused to pay for manifold replacement although they know it was caused by the cooling system failure. The new problem is a recall for electronic system. GM had record profits, but refuse to cover defects. Short term savings will only lose them customers.

17th Apr 2003, 12:26

Really amazing to read these comments. I'm the owner of a '95 Blazer. I thought I had all of these problems because of '95 being the first year this model was run. Many many of the same recalls you all mentioned. One of which eventually overturned a major accident I had to no fault. The statute of limitations had run out so my insurance company could not go after GM, nor could I. I was recouped my insurance losses, but the vehicle value dropped significantly. This was the infamous ABS problem.

I'm now replacing my transmission for the 2nd time, today as a matter of fact. As such, I'm currently looking for a new car. Anyone have a good Nissan contact?:)

20th May 2003, 09:35

I'm the owner of a 1997 Chevy Blazer and never realized how many problems people had with them until now. I think I made a mistake.

I purchased mine in July of 2002. Since then, I've replaced the power steering, brakes, and currently it's in the shop for a new transmission. Three major repairs in under a year.

I do have a question for any other owners reading this. Has anybody had problems with one of the doors leaking? The driver's side door on mine isn't adjusted right and the wind whips through and if I go through rain or a car wash, some water does get into the vehicle. Not a lot, but even just a drop is too much.

I've always wanted a Blazer because of the size of it, but now I'm not too sure when it comes time for a new one.