20th May 2003, 12:16

I also have a 1998 Blazer. I have replaced the alternator and the front wheel bearing on the passenger side. The 4WD did not engage, the dealer fixed it, it was during warranty and then it got stock in 4HI then the third time again did not engage in 4WD. So, three times I had to go back to the dealer with the same problem within one year. But now it's OK. Now I have to replace the windshield wipers motor/system, I read this is a recall, but only up to 1997, I have to find out about 1998, the wipers are not working at all. I also have an oil leak, they say it's the oil lines, but since it's not leaking a lot, I make it without loosing too much oil between the oil changes. Now I am selling it, I'm tired of Blazer. With cars in general not only GM, you either get a good car or you get a lemon, there is no in between. I guess it's how lucky we are not the maker of that car. Good luck to you all!

3rd Jun 2003, 21:13

I own a 1997 S-10 Extended cab (1GCCS19X4V8200921) with the "Z" suspension, wide tires and Bow Tie Wheels. At a mere 80,178 miles My check engine light alerted us to a problem later determined to be transmission failure via the ignition switch. It seems that GM engineering has the Electronic shifting of gears controlled by this CAM'ed electrical switch. The switch failed and I had 2nd gear only (as explained by the technician). $313.00 ($210.00 labor)later I was on the road again. I know I was not buying the best, but I never dreamed that this vehicle would, like some of the others you are reading, fall apart with light use. Little things like... 3rd door squeaks while driving, passenger vanity mirror lid falls off, right door leaks because rubber stripping cracked and stripped away inspite of protectorant use. A unused panel on the dash falls off with hard bumps. Metal to metal wear on the drivers door due to a missing stip of plastic to protect it (missing from assembly) (not missing on passenger door). While my story is not as horrific as some of the others I sincerely hope that the Quality guys at GM read these and make some effort to respond to them.

5th Jun 2003, 16:01

I bought my 97 Blazer July of 2002. I too have had many problems. I did not know that others had the problems as well. I have had the alternator replaced by the dealership I purchased it from. I also had them check the codes on it and they said they couldn't find anything, yet the engine light would not turn off. Then I had it checked at a parts store and pulled up code 1870. Surprise Surprise. So I have had to get all of that squared away. I too have replaced the wiper motor. My drivers door leaks as well. Now I am currently getting the exterior mirror switch fixed because of the recall. What a pain. Never again. I have learned my lesson.

9th Jun 2003, 00:14

I too have encountered some of the same problems. I would also like to add to the list of problems: hood release latch is broken, driver's seat recline handle broke completely off, and air bag light stays on.

Right now, I cannot drive my 1997 Blazer. If I idle too long at an intersection, it dies. I found out that I need a new computer, which is supposed to be in tomorrow. This is after I had a new fuel pump installed. I hope that this fixes the problem. I cannot afford to maintain this vehicle.

14th Jun 2003, 19:04

Chevy 1999 S10 Blazer, deluxe package, bought new, "maintained" by a local chevy dealer.

Recurring transmission slip, until 15K past warranty, then... transmission code (comes on and stays on with the "clunk" that accompanies shift 1st->2nd gear. Looking like a major rebuild.

Vehicle usage: 99% on-road, city driving.

Other goodies:

Front end replaced.

Rear wiper non functional.

Interior door panels and mouldings ill fitting.

Engine oil coolant hoses leaking.

My Last vehicle was a '94 Tahoe, strong as a tank, no problems.

Time for a new vehicle, thinking maybe a Toyota.


18th Jun 2003, 08:50

Hi, I have been reading all the comments about the 97 Blazer and guess what? I have one too. I have had just about all these things break on my Blazer too. Right now, I am trying to decipher a new noise that sounds like a grinding when I get above 40-45 mph, so I am putt putting around town just to get where I am going. Someone said that my transfer case might need lubrication. Does anybody out there know? I have replaced wheel bearings all the way around, ball joints, and even the bushings, but to no avail. At least you know you are not alone.

18th Jun 2003, 18:03

I purchased a 1997 Blazer about a year ago and it has been nothing but trouble. I've had the water pump replaced and major oil seals, valve cover and manifold leaks along with loose oil cooling water lines. The transmission shifts rough and I have a service engine light that stays on. This is because of a bad fuel injector pack that every 96,97,98 Blazer chronically has to replace. The going price is $587 for the pack and $360 for labor. I also have a passenger side mirror that just fell off. All these thing have been a problem since I bought the vehicle. I've talked to everybody up the ladder, but these people will not stand behind the product. All I can say is Never Again!

20th Jun 2003, 06:10

On my 1998 Blazer (purchased new), I've had to replace the passenger side front wheel bearing, I'm on my 3rd water pump and the windshield wipers (front & rear) quit working on occasion. There has been a grinding noise from the rear end or transmission since I bought it new and after taking it to 3 different dealers, they wouldn't do anything because they couldn't figure out what is wrong. I bought this vehicle for the 4x4 and size because I commute. My next vehicle will be used and hopefully these 'bugs' will have already been taken care of. Needless to say, I'm disappointed with GM & their dealers.

25th Jun 2003, 21:33

Reading all of the complaints and issues concerning the Chevy blazer- mine is a 1997- I am very disappointed to learn that- I too, am a "victim" - As I read each comment, I felt very much depressed to learn such bad concerns- My car just "shuts off/dies out when it is moving or idling @ a light/stop sign- For all I know- it might be the start of more problems- God, please help me. I would like to add, to all the following people that have submitted their comments- "thank you" for confirming -I have made a wrong decision and I can only pray to God that this car does not put me in a "major financial set-back" just to get it fixed- just to have another problem arise. I am speechless. I believed in "Buying American" and Believed in Chevy's Slogan "Built Chevy Tough!" I gave up on my "Korean Made Car -Dew Woo 2002" - Maybe, I should of kept my "Korean Car". How Depressing : (