20th Feb 2011, 05:01

I have a 1997 Chevy Blazer LS 4wd 6 cylinder Vortec engine. I bought it about a month ago, and when I'm pulling off in 1st gear, the engine revs first to about 2500 rpm before taking off, then I have no problems after that "just 1st gear".

Also the service engine light comes on, then goes out from time to time. I had the tranny flushed, new filter, new fluid, and the truck was running excellent for a few days, then the 1st gear problem started again as well as the engine light. If I shift manually from 1st to second to 3rd, then to drive, I have no problems, and then the problem fixes itself and runs fine. I'm not sure what the problem is because the transmission doesn't slip; it seems like a 1st gear problem, but I'm not sure exactly what is causing 1st gear to do this, and the problem is that is does not do this all the time, so I don't think the trans is beat, because when it fixes itself, the Blazer runs like new.

7th Nov 2014, 22:24

Déjà vu. I have the SAME EXACT problems and then some. They quit making them just a little too late; wish I could've found something else.

20th Nov 2020, 17:05

This is a continuation to my story of ownership... 1GCCS19X4V8200921 1997 Chevy S10 LS with ZQ package:

It is November 2020 and I have 224K+ miles on her. In 2005 she became the second vehicle used for hauling my Lowes purchases and yard work cleanups at home and church.

First the good stuff.... She runs as strong as ever and starts every time. She will smoke tires all day and burns no oil. No problems from transmission or drive train. She has been in the elements since purchase and has no body rust. She has the original suspension and rides good.

Now the not so good.... When I was a kid of preteens, in 1964 ish, my mother told me that when buying a Chevy expect it to leak. My first car was a 1972 Nova SS 350 and sure enough it leaked around the doors, and my S10 was and is no different. The worst part is that the main seal will leak and give you road noise, and is riveted to the support bar. After replacing the third door unlock hand 4X's by 2003 I just stopped using it until last year. I replaced it one more time but am very hesitant about using it. 2017 started the gurgling sounds. Surprisingly the dealership could not figure it out due to the fact that there was no overheating and the heater worked fine and no visible leaks... then. Turns out to be low fluid level even with coolant in the reservoir. Replaced radiator and had water pump flow checked. Gurgle still shows on occasion. At this time (2020) paint on hood and roof are gone, I have a small oil leak when it sits for extended times and the driver's door has difficulty catching the latch.

Summary: I love my truck because it is just the right size for loading and ease of entry and exit. I am currently seeking help to restore it better (on a budget) to make it my every day vehicle. I would like to improve engine performance and longevity as well as improve the braking system by converting to disc brakes on the rear and coil over suspension all around. Change gearing to accommodate better gas economy. Update electrical (lighting) and interior. Lastly, a new paint job.

I am a retiree in the Charlotte, NC area if you have any suggestions or referrals.

Email William at lobo046@aol.com



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