21st Mar 2009, 16:24

I own a 1998 GMC Jimmy (purchased new) with over 187,000.000 miles, and I really like the Jimmy. YES, I would purchase another one.

I've replaced the GM antifreeze with the Yellow/Green stuff, had the transmission rebuilt around 120,000 miles, and have not a problem since.

The A/C needs to be refilled every summer for the last 2 years - no big deal. The one problem that's annoying is the clicking of the turn signal, but the turn signals are off. It's the grease in the turn signal that's causing it to keep on clicking. Sometimes it does go away.

I cannot get the top cover of the steering column off, so I just leave it.

I am possibly looking at replacing the hub bearing again. The left one was replaced at 77090 miles at the dealer. I will see what my mechanic tells me about this.

1st Apr 2009, 08:38

I bought my 1999 Chevy Blazer in 2001 with 36k miles on it from a private owner. I still own it today with 215,000+ miles on it. I've done a lot of work to it through the years to keep it running -- had three accidents in it -- but it keeps on going.

Parts that I've had to fix are:

- Both front wheel bearings at least 4x on each side (and it's going in on Friday for another front wheel bearing fix)

- Alternator 3x

- Battery 2x

- Front brakes 3x (once with rotors/calipers, once with just calipers because the calipers like to stick)

- Rear brakes 1x

- Water pump

- Transmission (at 136k miles)

- Suspension (shocks/struts)

- Front wheel bushings (I think this was the part)

- Windshield (the seal came out around the top of the window and it suffered a stress fracture)

- Oil sending unit

- Starter

- Thermostat

- Coolant flush to unclog heater core 2x

- Seat handles on front driver passenger (after two fixes, just left them broke -- too expensive to fix any longer)

- There may be more and I've just forgotten about them.

Needs to be fixed soon:

- Air conditioning gasket and charge (VA is too hot to not have A/C in the summer)

- Intake manifold gasket (to pass state inspection)

- Alignment

- Non-stop turn signal noise

- Almost all of the back lights in my stereo are dead, as well as the back lights under the window and lock controls on the driver side door

- The heated mirrors no longer seem to work

- Auto dimmer on the rear-view and driver side door mirrors doesn't really work any longer, either

- That freaky FLASH when it looks like everything blacks out for a minute.

The sad part is, I really REALLY love my baby -- it's been with me forever -- and has gotten me out of some tough jams. I know that it's getting too expensive to keep fixing piecemeal, but I don't think I can just get rid of her. She's part of the family. And fixes are still cheaper than a new car payment.

6th Feb 2010, 17:11

Well, I am sure glad I found this posting. Lot's of very good information.

I purchased a 1991 2 wheel drive Blazer used two years ago, and have loved it every minute. Never a problem, and have been looking at a used 1999 LT model on a local car lot. After reading about the bearings and suspension component problems, I am a bit concerned. On the other hand, there have been posts from those who, like myself (knock on wood) have had very good fortune with their GM product. I would welcome any input on this possible purchase. Not sure what the mileage is yet, just looked at it locked up on the closed dealer lot. thomtra@aol.com

21st Mar 2010, 20:55

OK, half the stuff that goes on with all these problems are normal in every vehicle. Now the fuel problem is normal in all Chev and GMC; everyone I know that has had one or still does, as well as my truck, the fuel gauge is messed on it, no big deal, but all the other stuff is pretty well normal for all.

29th Apr 2010, 08:03

G'day. I think I can do one better than all of you. Haha.

I bought a 1999 LT Blazer imported to Australia.

After a few months of owning this car, I was driving down a road with speed bumps; as I drove over the last one (at the recommended speed limit), both driver and passenger airbags deployed. Scared the hell out of me and my passenger.

Now the fun begins $$$$$

26th Mar 2011, 12:04

Have ANOTHER mechanic check under the hood and whisper in his ear... Vapor Lock.

18th Jul 2011, 22:44

I know this is very late, but your brakes are pulsating probably because the speed sensor is gone in the wheel bearing. I am on my fourth left front in 5 years with mine, and it's getting old quick.

5th Aug 2011, 02:57

I have two 99 Blazers. One has 120k on it, and the other 150k. Just had a front bearing on the 4WD replaced. Am now working on the 2WD, replacing front brakes and rotors. I hope that that was the problem, as I just read about the brake sensors. I have really liked these trucks, but am getting a little worried after reading above. I have had what I thought was normal repairs such as water pumps, belts etc.