10th Mar 2009, 00:12

MY TURN... my baby, 97 Chevrolet Blazer emerald green 4 door LS 4x4.

Bought it in June 2008 with about 127,500 miles. I had read all these posts before I bought it, but I got it anyway. So far.

- Ball joints, about $30 each (upper/lowers both sides), took about an afternoon to put them in (if you can't tell your ball joints are bad before your wheel falls off... you shouldn't be driving a car).

- Transfer case motor $280, took little over 2 hours (it was 15 degrees out).

- Shocks $20 each.

- Brakes... eh what you usually pay for brakes, too much.

- Did replace the serpertine belt (but it still squeaks, after my buddy pulls me out of a mud hole).

Honestly I love the darn thing. Climbs dunes pretty well, snow doesn't slow it down and I'm getting 14-21 mpg depending on how much time I spend offroad/highway. The one thing I hate are the anti locks, although I hate them on any car. These I think are more sensitive than they need to be.

Overall it's comfortable on highway, back roads, and snow. I honestly feel I made a good choice with this truck. It's pretty simple vehicle, easy to work on, and I'm only 19. So whip out that tool box and change your own oil, and get to know your car yourself.

13th Apr 2009, 16:32

Well I just want to say, with any car truck or van, it doesn't matter what it is, if you don't take care of them, you will have problems.

I've had my 97 for six years now, and it has 220,000 +. Yes I've had to fix somethings like a water pump and brakes. But damn this thing runs good. I can't get it stuck in the snow, and last week I had to pull a three quarter ton Ford truck 4*4 out of the mud. Ha Ha!

I guess if you have had bad luck with a Blazer, it was put together on a Friday or Monday. You know when guys are thinking about drinking or are hungover.

But I would tell anyone that they are good trucks, and I will probably get a newer one after my son takes over driving this one.

27th Jul 2009, 17:02

1997 Blazer. Same problems all fixed by myself luckily. Most problems occurred between 98,000 and 120,000 miles. I now have 194,000 with no major issues since besides front brakes, oil changes, etc... routine stuff.

1-Car would suddenly stall for no reason. Replaced ignition switch, problem solved.

2-windows would not operate. Disassembled and cleaned switches, problem solved.

3-Check engine light on. Scanned codes, O2 sensors bad. Replaced them problem solved.

4-Check engine light again. Scanned codes, random cylinder misfire. New distributor solved problem.

5a-Hard to start in the morning. (this one was the worst/most expensive) New fuel pump and new fuel injectors.$800.00 parts only.

5b-Fuel gauge not working. This was solved in previous step by replacing the fuel pump. (2 for 1 special :D)

6-Rear wiper not working. Disassembled, cleaned and reinstalled switch. Works fine now.

7-Rusty transmission dipstick tube. Don't worry about it, that's what the filter is for.

8-Transmission sort of hard shift from 1st to 2nd. Drive easy until it shifts :) Most shops will want to rebuild the whole thing. Not necessary in most cases. Simple valve gets wallowed out which costs about $200.00 parts and labor to replace. I just drive it easy until it hits 2nd gear.

9-Rear brakes. Only thing I can't figure out. I turned drums, new shoes, new springs, new pistons, adjusted, flushed, bled. Brakes still grab very hard/squeal the first few miles I drive when it's cold or raining???

27th Jul 2009, 17:17

Forgot to mention the heater core. I ha yo remove the dash, which wasn't as hard as it sounds. Three screws on top, two on the side, two bolts holding the steering column up, and the dash simply lays down in the floor then just unplug all the harneses. Fairly simple in my opinion compared to other dashes I have removed.

9th Sep 2009, 14:34

Wow. I guess I have been a lucky one. I bought mine used in 2000. Have it still. Only vehicle I own.

Had some problems, upper/lower ball joints, but I attribute that to my off roading adventures.

Radiator replaced. Blazer's are not the only one to have them replaced. I was lucky with recalls and what not. Had all mine fixed/replaced for free. (important rule to owning a vehicle, Register its Vin).

I think in the 9 years I've owned her, I have put maybe 5000 into her. In reality, for a only vehicle used for everyday driving, camping, hauling etc. and at 183K miles. I find that nothing to spend for repairs. It's important to maintain your vehicle. oil changes, etc. saves you more money then you can imagine. But yes I have had other issues with her described in detail throughout this. But I can't complain.

5th Dec 2009, 20:12

Does anyone know if the 97 Chev Blazer LS was just 4x4, AWD or rear drive?

7th Jan 2010, 20:54

I'm buying a 97 Blazer 4 by 4 from my sister, who drove without any major problems since she bought it. My brother in law changed the tranny fluid and filter and almost immediately it wouldn't shift into 3rd gear. I've been reading everything I can get my hands on about the problem, including every post on here, and the only thing I can find or figure is that he possibly put in type F tranny fluid instead of Dex3 or DexMerc. While I cannot find anything yet to confirm this, I can't find anything with the exact symptoms. I did read about the two sensors in the tranny pan, and will be replacing them when it gets over to my house. Beautiful vehicle in and out, (My sister has always taken good care of her cars.) But to be honest, you people got me a bit scared to get it now.

6th Feb 2010, 18:14

I have a 97 Chevy Blazer. This is my baby, I love this truck. It is my first truck.

I bought it a year ago, and when I first got it, I had to replace the starter and the normal plugs and wires. I had to also replace the front U joints and the front drivers side lower ball joint.

As time has went on, when it got warm out, I noticed all sorts of problems that started. My truck loses speedometer. When this happens, I have to manually shift it because I lose drive.

OK, now I changed the trans fluid and it didn't have any speed at all, it didn't want to go. So took it to the shop, and he told me that my trans wasn't going bad, just that it was stuck in 3 gear. So now when I picked my truck back up, he said that there was a kink in one of the lines, so he got that out and he changed the speed sensor. Well lo and behold, I'm still having the same problems now once I hit 30 miles per hour; it feels as if it wants to stall out, and I literally have to floor it so it doesn't die.

Today my boyfriend told me that it has to go back to the shop, because it's still losing speedometer.

My back windshield wiper has never worked since I bought it used; not sure if it ever did.

I did find out a little history of it. I know that the motor was rebuilt, and the trans I believe was rebuilt. So I don't even know the exact miles on it.

To top it all off, I have to put the fuse back in, so when it rains, I have wipers. So I have to replace the whole switch for blinkers and wipers. I have to manually click the blinkers so I have blinkers, and once in awhile they work until I hit the brakes.

As much as I love my truck, I'm really beginning to just want to get rid of it. Now when I had it in the shop, he told me that I have to replace the plugs and wires again, and the cap and rotor, and my back U joints and driver side door pins and my crank shaft sensor, plus I have been told that my map sensor or mass air flow sensor is bad too.

I can't even pop my hood because it is broken, so I have to manually open my hood. So that too needs to be replaced. Lately it's been more headaches than it's worth, even though I love this truck.