2nd May 2003, 22:09

We agree with you!! We also had a problem with the intake and had to have the radiator flushed due to a buildup of "mud-like" substance. Also replaced the transmission and water pump. All of this in a 3-yr period. Bought the vehicle used with 47k miles and sold it with 91k. At time we sold it, the compressor had gone out on the A/C. Overall, we spent more than $3500 repairing this vehicle.

To the first person's comment re mechanic ripoff: We took our vehicle to the Chevy dealer each time. They finally commented that it looked like we had a lemon, but since we weren't original owners, guess we were the unlucky ones...

No more Chevy vehicles for us!!

21st Jul 2003, 12:48

I've read all of your complaints about the 1997 Blazers and I have also had similar problems with fuel pump, sensors and so on. If you register your vehicle vin # with your local chevy dealership they will notify you of any recalls or problems. I did and I have already been reimbursed twice from GM for over $600.00 worth of repairs. My parents also own a Chevy Blazer same year only thing mine came off the production line in 1996. There major complaint is alternator replaced twice, then shorts out fuses for lights, and gages replaced battery still no improvement. Truck still doesn't hold a full charge according to battery gage. It seems to be an electrical problem. Not sure exactly whats causing problem. If anyone has experienced this problem please respond.

22nd Aug 2003, 18:50

I bought a '97 Blazer with 23,000 miles. I constantly had transmission problems and was in the dealers for repairs as much as I was on the road. Finally they put a new one in just before the extended warranty. I have had the oil cooler lines replaced because of leaks, alternators (3) fuel pump, now I am having the signal light switch replaced (3rd time) causing the brake lights to fail to work, the ignition switch replaced, circuit board in wiper motor replaced. Too much more to continue on. It seems the 97 models have tremendous electrical problems. I now only have 120,000 miles on it. I had an Olds Shiloutte van with 228,000 before a guy hit and total lost it and didn't have 1/5 of the problems with the Blazer. Last Blazer in this household.

27th Aug 2003, 07:18

Too bad GM will not fess up regarding electricial problems... My '97 has been nothing but a disaster!

I will never buy another GM product.

2nd Sep 2003, 12:22

I have a 97 Blazer and the brake lights quit working. The Hazard Light Switch shorted out the brake lights. I reported this to the NTHSA due to there already being a recall for the same problem on the 2000-2002 models. If anyone else has a similiar problem, please report it so GM will do something about it.

4th Sep 2003, 10:03

I agree with everyone who has complained about this 97 model

Blazer it is a real lemon and I have had every problem you can think of. This is a short list: dip stick for transmission rusted that rust made the transmission go out had to replace 1575.00. Mud in radiator replace that and heater coil 450.00 what is it with that dexacool! By the way GM replaced the transmission level dip stick for free said it was a defect in it buttransmission problems as a result of it my problem. I will never buy another GM SUV or auto that's it!By the way on the short list gas tank level indicator also was replaced twice always giving the wrong level. What a money pit! the list goes on !

5th Sep 2003, 08:03

It seems like you pretty much roll the dice when you buy a Blazer, especially a 97 model. Some are fine most are not, all I know is that I will never buy a GM product for a long long time. My 97 Blazer has been a money pit from the day I purchased it which had 49,000 miles on it at that time. If I had known that you had to put 4-5,000 into the heap to get it running decently I would have never purchased it. When I unload this vehicle I will get a Ford Explorer or F150 if I decide to get an SUV or Truck, they know how to make decent Trucks and a SUV Problems range from bad wiper motor which just needed a stronger ground, fuel pump replacement, transmission slipping, front ball joints both high and low being replaced, and the engine stalling and long crank time which still needs to be fixed. I suspect a valve or sensor is not working properly, when it is warm outdoors this problem acts up more often because the engine is working harder. While driving on the road the engine just peters out while on the highway after driving for awhile. Just a heap.

23rd Sep 2003, 16:44

Eeek.. I haven't had too many probs with my 97 blazer.. most recent is the WIPER CIRCUIT BOARD module went out on it.. causing some irratic windshield wiper activity.. sorry you guy's are having so many problems!

13th Oct 2003, 23:45

To solve the hard start problem in my '97 Chevy I had to change the plug and coil wires with an expensive new set. The coil wire is easy, the plug wires, what an all day job! That took care of the hard starting, but still can't get a full charge on my alternator guage after dropping in 2 batteries and an alternator. Told that it's a common problem and there is no way an oversize one will fit, but still looking.

17th Oct 2003, 14:04

To all with problems with the Wiper Circuit Board... there is a "Special Policy 02054", where you could be reimbursed. Its not a recall, it's a "special policy". After several phone calls, I've determined that the difference between "recall" and "special policy" is under "recall" they will notify you. "Special Policy" you have to do your homework, make a few extra phone calls, be persistant... and then they'll reimburse you. There's an article on the web re: a recall on this item... Do a search for "97 Chevy Blazer Wiper recall" and you should find it. I was able to get my money back. Good luck.

20th Oct 2003, 16:19

I bought my '97 Blazer LS with 16,000 miles on it. It's been a fantastic vehicle. I now have 150,000 miles on it and it is still going strong. In the winter I pull 2 snowmobiles around trying to find snow and I'm in sales so I'm on the road constantly. I've replaced brakes approx. every 30,000 miles. I've replaced the A/C compressor due to a bad clutch (bought a used one from a parts yard). Rear wiper stopped working so long ago I forgot about it. Fuel pump went bad at 140,000 miles - my fault since I never replaced the fuel filter. I replaced a u-joint at about 90,000 miles. It's really been a great vehicle. Was I a lucky one?

21st Oct 2003, 09:43

I have a 1997 Chevy Blazer for three years now and I am about ready to let them have it back. I have found the plastic parts on the inside to be nothing, but junk. My wiper on the back quit working so long ago that I hardly got any use out of it, but even with it off, I still find the motor to it running every once in a while. My front wipers only come on when they want to. Now it is only starting when it feels like it. I have had to remove the fuse for my interior lights, horn, etc. because with it in my interior lights will not go out. I believe I am either having problems with the electrical system or my fuel pump. My doors had major problems to where I was having to use bungee cords to hold them shut. The pins and bushings rotted right off of the inside of the doors. As far as I am concerned, the 1997 Chevy Blazer is a horrible risk.