13th Nov 2003, 08:58

I bought my 97 blazer brand new and it has 68K miles on it. Worse vehicle I have ever owned as far as maintenance:

1. Ball Joints

2. Brakes

3. Water Pump

3. Rusty Transmission filler tube and dipstick

4. Brakes

5. Rusty radiator

6. Did I say brakes? Yes Brakes again!

7. Outside Mirrors - Still Vibrates

8. Master Cylinder

9. Idler and Pitman Arms

10. Brake Vacuum Booster

11. Brakes!!!

Very Meticulously Maintained. Near Mint Inside and Out. Hard to believe from its looks that it is such piece of junk when you consider the expense of maintaining this beast... and with only 68K miles.

That's it for me! Honda here I come...

15th Nov 2003, 06:32

Wow, I thought I was the only one with back luck!! I bought my 97 blazer brand new in May of 97. It is still a beauty to look at, but a maintenance nightmare since passing the 18K mileage mark. Same story as the rest of you: brakes, brakes, brakes, many front end parts, radiator, transmission, master cylinder, vacuum booster, electrical issues in dashboards. You name it, this one has it.

The GM dealers in town really like to see me come in because I am a sucker to keep opening my wallet for the privilege owning this beauty!

16th Nov 2003, 09:22

I bought my Blazer brand new the summer of 1997. Must just be a lucky owner or maybe things improved from the earlier '97 models. I love this vehicle. Have kept the fluids changed (Oil / Filter / Lubed very 3,500 miles / Transmission Fluid Flush every 25,000 miles / Belts and Hoses every 48 months regardless of miles). This baby still looks fabulous and about the only comment I would agree with is brakes... about every 20,000 miles for front brakes and rear brakes every 48,000 miles. I have 120,000 miles plus on this SUV now and will be selling soon for a new one.

Keep it clean and well maintained...you'll love Chevy Blazer.

19th Dec 2003, 13:07

I own a 99 S10 Blazer which I purchased new in May 1999. Unfortunately, I have experienced the same problems with my blazer and many more. It is obvious that GM still do not know what they are doing. I will not make the mistake of buying a GM product ever again.

28th Dec 2003, 20:36

I actually love the ride of my 97 Blazer, but... I have 150K on her right now. Some similar items one should consider. Brakes are always on the mend. My vehicle is in the shop now for a new ignition switch, 300.00 shop price to replace. Car is a bit hard to start due to electrical problems not necessarily sensor problems. Re-soldered all connections myself on the windshield wiper circuit board that took care of it not working. My front wheel spindle bearing is getting ready to go, 500.00 if I replace it new. Replaced the ball joints and idler arm, 100.00 parts only. Radiator flush is mandatory! 4wd electronic engagement doesn't always disengage out of 4wd. Gas gage doesn't work during first half of fuel use in tank, I live with it. Rear speakers for stereo quit working, any ideas? Had to install a transmission valve kit due to very hard shifting when transmission warmed up, 275.00. Replaced O2 sensor, 130.00, be careful there are 4 of them. No parts are cheap for a blazer. The fuel pump is nearly 300.00. The items above seem a little much, but hey, 150K and it still runs great, when it runs! It looks good on the the back of the flat bed tow-truck too!

28th Dec 2003, 20:51

I have had the same problems with my brakes as mentioned above as well as my engine cooling system. GM should take responsibility for all the problems with Dex cool. I just bought a Honda for my wife, wish I could afford to buy one for myself. I've put a huge amount of money into my Blazer and now have little to show for it. About to replace the last part in my cooling system... the heater core. I don't understand why GM is running off all of it's customers.

29th Dec 2003, 09:12

I have had all of the same problems. Brake booster, brakes every 20,000 miles, universal joints, fan belts, fuel pump replaced 3 times, fuel gauge doesn't work, battery replaced 4 times in 3 years, and last, but not least a new transmission which costed $1500.

15th Jan 2004, 11:15

Like so many of those who are before me I have had numerous problems with my 97 Blazer. First the rear wiper quit working, but I can live without that. Then I had some problems with the transmission that wouldn't let me get my keys out of the ignition, and have had it in the shop 4 times because the heater doesn't work properly. I bought it used with 36,000 miles on it and for the first 3 years I didn't have any problems. This past year has been one thing after another. I hope that any perspective buyers read forums like this before making their final decision.

16th Jan 2004, 13:22

I got my 1997 blazer at an "auto auction" lot for about 4 grand with 140K miles. So far have I have put more that 5 grand in repair costs. Currently I have about 170K Miles.

Dealer said there was no maintenance record (s) what so ever after 68K miles, so I am assuming the last owner never did ANY maintenance what so ever. (Before it got repossessed that is)

1. Brakes

2. Rusty Transmission filler tube and dipstick

3. Water Pump

4. Ball Joints

5. Transmission ($2700 at dealer OUCH!!!)

6. Fuel Pump and Fuel Filter.

Currently I am leaking oil at about 1 quart per fill-up

Brakes feel "Mushy" in the morning.

Interior light does not turn off (Removed the bulb and use the 4 interior reading light (s) on the overhead console)

I'm assuming that I will need to replace (very soon) the:

1. Master cylinder and/or booster to fix the "Mushy" breaks,

2. The Oil cooler lines for the leak.

Any suggestions where to get this done other than the dealership?

21st Jan 2004, 08:32

I purchased my 97 Blazer a few years ago from a local dealer, it had 88,000 miles on it and looked like brand new. I guess I can't complain much, had to change the normal items, wiper motor, brakes, alternator, fuel pump which was expensive and situated in the darn gas tank... Oh well... I drive 180 miles each day and I currently have 223,816 miles on it!!

The transmission pan is leaking, I think the tech who changed the fluid, filter and such did not screw it down good? Also it has just started to develop a small oil leak, drops are showing an dthey say it is the rear main seal...??

The truck still looks like new, both in and out!! Oil changed every 4,000 miles...

I am waiting for the new Equinox and then going to sell this on Ebay...

Good Truck, pricey parts...

24th Jan 2004, 20:43

Gurgling sound inside of car.Poor heat...whats the fix..1997 blazer.

24th Jan 2004, 23:24

Gurgling sound, no heat. If the car isn't overheating its likely the heater core. Could be a clogged line. If the engine temp isn't behaving normally then it could be the thermostat the water pump or even the rad.