11th Sep 2008, 12:47

My wife's 2000 Blazer also has been a money pit.

It started with the radio knob falling off and eventually disappeared. I expected more from a $28,000.- car.

Then it started:

22,000 miles - Brakes rotors completely rusted 480.

29,000 miles - 4wd computer shot 600.

35,000 miles - failed inspection front end completely shot 900.00.

37,000 miles - Ticking started, (Dealer: yeah, we know) estimate only 380.

42,000 miles - driver window will not go down. (Dealer: yeah, we know)

45,000 miles - door seems to come off, new hinges 280,- (Dealer: yeah, we know)

51,000 miles - (the) seat handle breaks off. (Dealer: yeah, we know)

58,000 miles - the first fuel pump

68,000 miles - radiator cracked 690.

70,000 miles - passenger site window inoperable.

73,000 miles - heater will not shut off at all 1200.

78,000 miles - AC inoperable leak (fixed it myself)

83,000 miles - spider assembly (Dealer: Yeah, we know)

90,000 miles - emergency flasher switch inoperable (Dealer: yeah, we know)

None of this includes regular stuff like alternators 25,000 miles, tires didn't last 20,000 miles.

Just below 100,000 miles and the chrome is pealing.

I complained to GM and asked them if this car was at all road-worthy. They said that I should take it to the dealer, where it is most of the time anyway, and that it sounded like normal wear and tear. Perhaps I complained to the YUGO company instead.

13th Sep 2008, 02:08

I see I'm in deep trouble. Just got it at 206k. I hope most of the major stuff has been replaced.

16th Sep 2008, 13:05

I have had my 2000 Chevy Blazer LS for 2 1/2 years and it will be paid off this coming spring (if it makes it). I have had the 4wd computer replaced, drive axle, pumpkin cover, front half shafts, ball joints, and now my heater core went, the tranny is starting to get leaks along with the engine. I also need my front half shafts replaced again and my 4wd is having problems (Not to mention brakes, tune ups, and just basic maintenance). One of my buddies warned me not to buy a blazer because it will nickle and dime me to death, and I wish I listened since he owned 3.

19th Sep 2008, 11:08

To everyone who has been replacing the wheel bearings regularly, have you had any better/worse luck when using replacement parts vs GM parts?

17th Oct 2008, 11:07

I bought my 2000 Blazer from my mom two years ago. She bought it with 10,000 miles on it in 2001. We both had no problems with it up until now. Now it has 68,000 miles on it. Just replaced both front hub bearings at just over $600. Also the gas gauge bounces but I'm not fixing it, I'll just keep resetting the trip meter.

I was looking forward to having the truck for the long haul. Now after reading through nearly 200 comments, the future looks bleak. I guess I have transmission problems to look forward to in the future, I better start saving my money for when that happens.

20th Oct 2008, 12:04

I too have a 2000 LT Blazer, and after replacing the wheel bearings TWICE, I talked to someone at Auto Zone and they told me NOT to let anyone use a air wrench on them - he said we get notices on these all the time - they have to be HAND torqued - and I guarantee you won't replace them again...


As far as the heater core - don't replace it.. a mechanic told me to remove the outlet hose from the radiator, and the hose from the far outlet hose from the heater core, and dump in some radiator cleaner, let it set for a while, and then flush with water - TONS of rust will come out, but you'll have heat. It's been 2 years and I'm going to have to have it done again, but it beats replacing them.

11th Nov 2008, 08:37

I have a 2000 Blazer with 75,000 miles and have replaced the tires and battery. With all the problems everyone is having, I have to ask why some have bought as many as three, having the same problems with all. It seem so me if they have been burned once, why keep jumping into the fire? One guy had a friend who had owned three and advised against buying one. If they were so bad, why get three of them?

23rd Dec 2008, 09:44

I have owned my 2001 Chevy Blazer for may years now- it was/is my first vehicle, and have NOT had as many problems as you all seem to have although, the one familiar issue for me seems to be the wheel bearings. In owning the vehicle for approximately 4 1/2 years, I have had to pay to repair the front bearings three times and have had them repaired twice for free due to the close proximity of the other repair attempts- Issues were diagnosed by a separate garage and repaired by two different garages after. I just picked up the blazer from repair last Wednesday and already, I've been informed, the bearings need replacing again. After inquiring around to several businesses I've learned that it probably isn't the bearings at all but an underlaying problem that has yet to be diagnosed. The vehicle currently has 112,000 or so miles on it. No engine problems, no door problems, no transmission problems, no hub problems, no fuel line problems, or window issues etc.

Would definitely buy another Chevy.

All makes and models have likes and gripes, you just need to learn to deal with it, nothing will ever be perfect. I'm sure none of you complain about your PC's.

23rd Feb 2009, 14:23

I too have a 2000 Chevy Blazer 4.3 4x4 now with 152,000 miles. No problems with the ball joints, motor mounts, door hinges or heater core but each and every other thing mentioned above has been replaced. Radiator (will def change out the Dex Cool after prev comments), fuel pump 2x, the 1st was not AC Delco and was defective, tensioner, belt, and power steering pump which made an awful noise. EVAP issues and too lean may be caused by loose connections around the MAF, air filter, gas cap, or even the oil dip stick which must be seated correctly. Easy stuff to check and fix before bringing to a mechanic. Just tuned up and bit off a little more than I could handle with #3 driver side plug. Otherwise running great, best to use high test once in a while and GM injector cleaner will prevent some issues with the injectors.

3rd Mar 2009, 13:58

A vehicle is not made to run forever. If they were, why would there be a need for car dealers, we would only need one vehicle our whole life. I don't care what kind you have, you're going to have problems. Part of life, don't like, don't drive. Got a 2000 Blazer with over 100,000 miles on it and no problems at all. Take care of them, and they will take care of you.

6th Mar 2009, 10:19

I'm free, free, free at last of this horrible vehicle experience. A 2000 Chevy Blazer LT with 102k on it and 4000 in repair bills.

About 30% I have done myself; bearings, MAF, fuel pump 2x, back window, 2x idler arms, upper and lower ball joints, front suspension, my 13 year old girl broke the arm off the passenger seat slide, alternator, battery, 4x4 solenoid, 1 wiper motor (in January, last straw).

Decided to pay off my Subaru (no problems) 04 Forester and got a 2008 Honda Ridgeline RTL which is awesome by the way.

I bought this vehicle when it had 40k on it in 03, and it was taken care off, never off roaded, synthetic oil every 3k, the whole bit, but just glad to unload it. Look at Consumer Reports; this vehicle all the way down the list is nothing but black.

Hope you all get out from yours soon.