10th Mar 2009, 12:36

I own a 2000 Chevy Blazer and it's had its share of problems, but I wouldn't trade it for anything other than a Chevy or GMC.

Like one guy in here said, they aren't made to run forever! If you take care of the car and have regular maintenance done on the vehicle, it will last a long long time.

Mine has 154,000 on it right now. I bought it in 2004 with 52,000 miles on it, and she's had a few problems, she even recovered from a possible new engine situation WITHOUT the new engine... Stupid mechanic!

She runs beautiful, just had new brakes put on her, and yes the security light has just started to come on randomly, but once again... it will be fixed (Thanks Bryan).

My Blazer has had nothing by Mobil One Synthetic oil in it since the day I brought it home. Nothing but the best for my baby!

So I feel the pain from all these people complaining, but just remember it's still an American car and we aren't all perfect. Those who think they are perfect drive foreign cars. Sad!

Keep Chevy Alive!

25th Mar 2009, 19:04

2000 Blazer 4x4 purchased used in 2001 with ~ 17K miles. I loved it when it was new to me. The years have not been kind.

-Alternator failed at about 40K miles.

-Transmission failed at ~ 50K miles.

-Fuel pump failed (spraying my $4/gallon fuel all over the parking lot) at ~ 85K miles.

-Due to Dexcool, intake manifold gasket failed at ~90K miles. Just got it back. Mechanic said manifold is very pitted and may fail next.

-Fuel gauge hasn't worked since about 70K miles.

-Rear defroster broke. The actual cable came loose from the window. I was able to solder it back on.

-Rear windshield wiper broke but magically fixed itself after a few months.

I'll never again make the mistake of buying a GM product.

28th Mar 2009, 15:08

I have a 2000 Chevy Blazer and it is the biggest hunk of junk I have ever had. Like the rest, I have experienced all of the same problems.

* Fuel gage issues

* Leaking fuel

* Leaking antifreeze - replaces intake valve

* Broken seat adjuster on passenger side

* Door off hinges of drivers side

* Squealing noise for 3 months because of a warped pulley. 3 months! I went through belts like they were going out of style!

* Oil leaks

* ABS lite stays on

* Sunroof leaks, it's like Niagara Falls when it rains.

* Rear windshield wiper works when it feels like

* Luggage rack has peeled paint

It is such a shame that this county makes such crap vehicles. I hear the same thing from every mechanic, these trucks are known for that. Every single problem! It's crazy. I have never owned anything other that a Pontiac. I should have never changed to Chevy. What crap it is. Like most of you, I want to dump it in the nearest river!

4th Apr 2009, 03:09

My 2000 blazer ZR2, bought it new.

Much like everyone else's complaints on here.

Heater core at 40,000, a $750 repair.

Gas gage at 45000, still using trip at 80,000.

Front hubs 2x's, did them myself, $320 each time.

Seat handles, fixed myself.

Paint peeling off luggage rack... never used it, going to repaint it.

Oil lines leaked within 2 yrs after I bought it.. Changed myself for 70 bucks and 4 hours of time.

Was impressed that my BF Goodrich long trails lasted almost 80,000.

Sun visor lighted mirrors hinges broke.. $340 a piece to replace... I'll do without.

And just when I thought I was done repairing everything... you guessed it... intake manifold gaskets leaking like a sieve.

So it's parked once again because I'm broke after making all the other repairs! Thank god my 93 S-10 p-up runs like a charm... also replaced everything in that like 3 times over!

4th Apr 2009, 12:01

I think I'm fairly lucky with my 2000 Blazer, it's only started being a real pain lately.

Well, kinda...

Bought the car in 2003 with 17,000 miles on it, within one year I had to have the ball joints replaced. Drivers side window has always leaked.

Air Conditioner died in 2004, but heat worked perfectly. Had the AC fixed in 2008, now the heat doesn't work.

2005 the four wheel drive lights started working on their own. Had fuses checked and replaced, still not working right.

Started doing some crazy overheating in 2008. Had the water pump, fan clutch, and thermostat replaced to the tune of $1700.

Within the last month the visor hinges snapped, buttons for the passenger seat controls migrated inside the seat, gas gauge does what it wants, new 'clicking' noise, doors squeak, hood has to be punched to open, and this morning...

Oil leaking with no oil pressure! Yay!

This car has under 80k miles on it, regular maintenance, and besides a drive to South Carolina once a year from north Florida it's used to drive kids four blocks to school and home.

27th Apr 2009, 02:19

I have owned a 2000 S-10 Blazer LS for a little over a year now. It had 115,000 miles on it when I bought it, and it now has 122,000.

So far it has been really reliable, but after reading some of the comments from other Blazer owners, I am starting to get little nervous.

I had to replace all 4 rotors, ball joints and brakes for inspection.

My rear wiper motor does not work, neither does the washer fluid in the rear window.

My gas gage does not work, and I run out of gas just after 260 miles. I cannot afford to have it fixed.

I now have a really loud noise coming from underneath when I am driving down the road. I can't tell exactly where it is coming from. My boyfriend claims it is a universal joint. I only hear the noise when I hit the gas, and it stops when I let off the gas.

Does anyone ever have problems with their gas pedal sticking when you are going down the road?

My key ignition keeps locking, and I have a horrible time getting it unlocked when I go to start up the engine.

I have only owned 2 GM vehicles, and I think that is it. My first car was an 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass, and I had nothing but problems with it. I do agree that GM is going down.

10th May 2009, 15:48

2000 LT: Nothing wrong major with 114000 miles. My issues are these.

I have only 2 out of 6 speakers that are working.

There are squeaks and squeals. Maybe I just need to oil the hinges and such.

Ride is "rough", but I have only drove "boats" before this (like my 80 Bonneville Brougham).

I like this SUV. It is not perfect, I have driven a lot and NONE are. But my 2000 Chevy Blazer LT is a decent auto, I like it and hope to have another vehicle I like as much.

20th Sep 2009, 05:18

- To the person who wrote the above comment, I want to thank you for posting. I wish I read this comment one week ago. I just flipped my Blazer and hit my head on the roof and almost broke my neck. I feel for you. I'm lucky.