28th Dec 2009, 23:10

2000 LS

Never buy another Chevy/GM product after 30+ years of being a Chevy guy. Never ever after the sellout.

Ford may get my attention with the Raptor or the newest version of Hybrid Escape and the fact that they didn't take part in the bailout.

The fuel pump/sending unit is a bad carry over from 20 years ago on smaller cars. Who knows what executive and/or UAW unit forced that design.

Seat recliner handles. How hard is it to design something durable?

Front end issues. Worst product in a long line good products.

CPI. As stupid as the C3 and C4 computer controlled carburetor primary needle plunger. Aftermarket product far superior to OEM. Also responsible for the horrible fuel economy.

Door hinges. Same as seat handles.

Rear hatch latch actuator plastic connector. Designed to fail. Must buy assembly. Bad business.

The list goes on. Poor design and construction in many areas. Really sad the company who built the lunar rover and all the cool muscle cars has allowed politics and graft take them to a level alongside Renault and Yugo.

15th Jan 2010, 02:11

I too decided to buy a 2000 Blazer LT about 7 years ago. Right away I had to replace the ball bearings, which was an unexpected cost, but frankly, I still love my truck.

I've also experienced the fuel pump problem, which I think with this truck is unavoidable. I carry a can of gas with me just in case of problems (a little gas in the so called carburetor goes along way, I also live in Minnesota and it only happens when the temp goes into the negatives). All you really have to do with a faulty Blazer fuel pump is turn the key into the engage position for 5 seconds, turn it back to neutral then start your car. It's a hassle, but it's not worth spending a lot of money to fix.

Even with these problems, I've had a great experience with my truck overall. Like I said, I've had it for about 7 years and I bought it at 55,000 miles, now it's at about 120,000. Plus make sure you get your transmission flushed around every 40,000 miles, since that's the most common problem with Blazer series, it goes along way with the tranny problems associated with the Blazer. I just got mine done and it feels like it's new again. I hope I can at least help a few people who have one, and deter a few people who don't want these issues.

So if you don't mind a few hassles along the way, and if you know somewhat about vehicles, it's a great purchase, but if you are looking for a hassle free car... keep looking, but I believe for the price it's the best I've owned so far. But in the future I'm also looking at the Toyota & Honda products. A little more spendy, but they in my opinion, are the 2 best companies today.

1st Feb 2010, 21:58

From the comments that I have read I have one concern. Everything that seems to go wrong with the 2000 Blazers tends to happen before there is 100,000 miles on it. Would anyone agree that if you can make it past 120,000 miles and the truck runs great, that maybe it's a good investment?

I am currently looking into purchasing a 2000 4dr Chevy Blazer, and have been doing research on it. All the problems I have heard about are more likely to happen before the 120,000 mark (which is what the one that I am looking at is showing).

Can anyone give me any insight on whether or not I should buy this vehicle for $2900?

I test drove it and it ran like a dream. I understand that this site is mainly people telling me not to buy one, but I also want to know the issues with the vehicle after 120,000 miles. Please help.

9th Feb 2010, 17:17

I have had my 2000 Blazer LS for about 4 years, it's been in the family for about 6. I have had some of the common problems just like everyone else. I can nail down a couple for people who are wondering.

#1 Leaky oil sender lines. They go to the remote oil filter, and they are crimp on hose ends. They want about 300 bucks for a new set, but the guy I was going to have do it told me to buy a bag of cat litter instead, because they all leak. Mine only seems to leak in the winter, I assume everything gets cold and shrinks up.

#2 Hot air on the feet. Does your A/C work? Mine didn't, and I got all 200 degrees of air right on the gas pedal. Had the A/C serviced, replaced the condenser tank and it was gone.

#3 Water leaking, door hanging. Get new door pins, and buy yourself a good long pry bar at the same time, you'll need it to put the spring back in. Also, need a couple extra sets of hands.

#4 Fuel gauge not working right. It is built into the sending unit on the gas tank, with the fuel pump, that's why it is so expensive to have that problem fixed, haven't had that problem, but my fuel pump did just go out.

#5 Towing, not a problem, just be sure you know how to pull a trailer. My trailer is 8x16 and kinda heavy, it pulls it just fine though.

#6 Bad gas mileage. Mine wasn't spectacular to start with, but I got a Hypertech power programmer and went through the steps to optimize the computer for regular unleaded gas, and now consistently get 20+ MPG. The engine runs a lot better too, more power and a lot more responsive. Probably the best $300 I have put into the truck.

11th Feb 2010, 05:35

To the guy wanting to buy the Blazer at 120k for 2900, please don't. This truck is a hazard to drive, and a gas guzzler, and if you enjoy brakes every 30 to 40,000 miles, then go for it.

I owned one, so I know. Everything for the most part happened to me; mass air sensor, idler arms, brakes, sending unit sensor, seat recline handle, defrost clip, windows won't roll up/down front, wheel bearings, and much more.

I spent 12500 on the truck, and through the course of 5 years it sucked another $4000.00 in repairs out of me, and a bunch of time.

If you did buy it, good luck.

12th Feb 2010, 21:15

I just bought a 99 Blazer LS at an auction for 2K. 126K miles. Went in aware of issues and just wanted to stress the importance of changing/flushing Dexcool. Pulled the radiator cap and it looked like oatmeal. Still, engine ran well and wasn't overheating. Got flushed ASAP. Idler arm needed to be replaced to pass PA inspection.

4th May 2010, 16:06

I've had my 2000 Blazer for two years, bought it for two grand from my cousin. Within the two years, I've spent more than four thousand dollars on repairs, and NOW my transmission is starting to slip. I have never been more angry at a car than I have at this one.

All of the comments provide all of the same, accurate problems my Blazer has had as well. I just need a new truck. LOL.