24th Mar 2006, 18:37

I just had a Uhaul hitch put on and the fuel gauge has suddenly quit working...don't know what the problem is yet.

HOWEVER...I am about to tow a 4x8 trailer from New Jersey to Pennsylvania with my 14 month old and am freaked out... anyone been towing with with a 2000 2dr 4wd Blazer and had these problems or have the majority of these comments been non-towing?

Just wondering in New Jersey.

28th Apr 2006, 14:02

I just dropped off my 2000 4wd Blazer with 100,300 miles at the shop. Well I shouldn't say mine its my wife's, she has never had any kind of maintenance done with the exception of oil changes and brakes she just drives it thinking nothing is going to go wrong with it. Turns out my lower ball joints, pitman arm, idler arm, wheel bearings, wheel hubs, trans pan is leaking, oil pan plug is stripped and serpentine belt needs replacing. And also having cooling system flushed as well as the trans. First time having to replace and fix after 6 years. Total cost $1500.00.

1st May 2006, 17:16

My 2000 blazer is at the dealer right now because the transmission is funny. only for the reason that its been only 13 days since I bought it. I do all my own repair work and always have and ill fix faithfully whatever this truck throws at me. why? because I love GM's S-series. if you think you're doing a lot of repairs on your blazers... go buy a ford explorer. you'll wish you had your blazer.


15th May 2006, 10:28

My wife and I own a 2000 Chevrolet 4dr 4x4 blazer LT. In the last 3 months we have had to replace a fuel pump (complete assembly), a right front hub & 2 tires (less than 1 yr old), a transmission, front and rear rotors and I have to change the pads every 10-12,000 miles front brakes- (I'm on my 3rd set of rear brake pads). I'm also on my 4th set of tires. All this and less than 90k miles. Come on Generous Motors you can do better.

2nd Jul 2006, 23:30

I purchased my 1999 Blazer LS ZR2 with 29000 miles on it. I now have 110000 on it now. I have had all of the issues that every has discuseed on this forum. I have replaced the alternator, the transmission (rebuild twice), fuel pump, engine (due to water pump failure while on a trip), catalytic converters, fuel line (steel gas lines rubbed through from vibration and sprayed on manifolds), rear rotors replaced due to pitting, and bad fuel cap (which will stop you from starting your car)

I believe there was some one in this forum that is having problem with pick up when you give it gas it bogs out? The reason is your catalytic converter is plugged. If you have a California emissions,which you most likely you do, it will run you about $800 + to have it replaced. I would not recommend you repairing your self unless you are willing to pull your engine. Mine plugged up at 72000.

A little info on your exhaust.

It has a "Y" connector with a single catalytic up front (one piece) can only purchase from GM. The second cat is located on the left side below the passenger door. not difficult to get to, but the cross member does cause a problem to get it in and out.

I am now looking at replacing the LF wheel bearing assembly and was looking on price when I found this site. I don't mind working on cars, but this a little redicules for any vehicle. I do wish the best of luck to all of you.

From my experience on a variety of cars that I have owned and worked on, I would place this vehicle to date as the worse.

I now realize what GM stands for.. Garbage Makers.

7th Jul 2006, 20:45

I have a 1999 Chevy Blazer 4x4. I am trying to find out if anyone else has a problem with it running just fine for several miles, then out of the blue it will stall at any speed you may be traveling?

I took it to a dealer and they put it on the computer and drove it for a couple of days. They tell me they can't find the problem. I have 100000 miles.

10th Jul 2006, 19:13

I am in complete & utter agreement with all of the comments listed on this page. My husband and I purchased a 2000 Chevy Blazer LS in August of 2005 (we wanted something big for the dogs to ride in) What a horrible decision, we have not even had this vehicle for a year and already we have a list of problem after problem with this vehicle!!

-Gas gauge doesn't work - Sept 2005

-CD player (factory) doesn't work, spits out CD's with ERR reading - Oct 2005

-TRANNY BLEW!!! $2000 Feb 2006

-Front right wheel bearing assembly needed replaced $500

March 2006

-Now I hear the left front wheel bearing going out!!

April 2006

-Front brakes replaced $250 April 2006

-Now brakes are screeching again!

However the best thing in the world happened to me, I never thought I would say it, but I was glad to be in a car wreck!! My BLAZER it TOTALLED! I could not be happier and I will NEVER EVER by a GM model ever again.

I have lost about $3000 - $4000 on this deal.

14th Jul 2006, 22:33

What is up guys. I just bought a 2000 Blazer with 124,000 miles and until today I have not had any of these problems. I had owned a 1994 Ford Mustang that was a lemon and salt. I will never own another Ford again because I spent more than 1,000 dollars in 1 month of owning it. Almost every pay check would go into the car. Right now the Blazer is running fine. I took it out of town this past weekend and it did not give me any problems. I have a 1992 Camaro convertible and I've never had a problem with it. It is still running good. Always a Chevy Guy, I'll never go back to a Fix Or Repair Daliy car again.

18th Jul 2006, 20:43

WOW!... Where do I begin?... I'm a 29 yo single sailor who enjoys... Wait a minute, wrong website.

Since I was four years old and watched, in awe, as my dad changed the brakes on our '77 Suburban (front and rear), I have never had as tough a time as I do with my 2000 2dr 4wd front end.

I have read everyone's remarks and have come up with two conclusions.

One: until Chevy helps out with all (o.k. some) of these problems, I WILL NEVER buy another Chevy!! Completely lost my respect and is unacceptable! I have owned several, in fact, I'm as staunch a fan as the next.

Two: I type really slow.

Shortly after I purchased my girl in 2002 with 37400 miles I experienced the dreaded fuel gauge dance.

Then the ol' passenger side seat recline handle snapped off (I still blame my friend Tom).

Had some shing shing shing problem and replaced my pads and rotors. Early... It seemed to help, but soon re-appeared. I'm thinking it's a byproduct and stems from the poor design (given the comments) of the front suspension and/or fabrication of product.

DISCLAIMER: I have not, however, had transmission problems yet (expect to though after that jinx), nor have I had problems with fuel economy.

Some of the problems I have read seem to be from unsuspecting mechanic believers. I just can't believe that almost a complete front suspension was needed. The wheel hub and bearings I can understand. I'm wondering a couple things here... I recall "right" side hub/bearing problems (uhh safety problem?) and I think I found out what that shing shing shing thing is. The leak (Driver side), the hinges (driver side), I like venting (driverside) ;)

I have not heard anyone describe what the sounds are or the feel is when they experience these migraines. I believe it would help in the effort and wallet categories.

I have a (get ready for this) "DUNK" type sound when I pull into a parking space or sharp left or right turn. If someone can help me with this, I will name my first born after your favorite star.

Also, has anyone written a columnist or news station? Maybe we can pull in other Blazer owners///Don't forget, power in numbers( seemed to work for the Romans) I wonder if they had fuel gauges?

Thanks for this session. It is almost as if this is a self help program like AA. I think someone on the assembly line had a few too many...