19th Jul 2006, 09:07

Its funny reading everyones posts on here about the Chevy Blazer, because mine is starting to act up.

I have a 99 Blazer LS 2-4 wheel drive with 85k miles. I bought it in October 2004. Since then the gas gauge is going bonkers. It never stays in one spot. It seems to work from full to half a tank, then anything below that, it goes up to full etc… and floats around. I have to use my trip counter now.

Also my gas mileage is horrible. I fill my tank to the top and only get about 280 miles out of it till it’s on empty again.

My back wiper stopped working for some reason. And now I have the annoying sound of a blinker going on and off while driving. It’s a constant sound of a blinker noise coming out of the glove compartment. When I hold down the 4 way hazard switch, it seems to stop. But as soon as I release it, it does it again. Once in a while it will stop for a few minutes. It has to be a bad switch.

Recently I’ve replaced my brakes and now the ABS light won’t turn off. (Maybe the ABS sensor?)

It seems to be leaking a little oil from somewhere under the engine.

The radiator cap is always corroded.

Once in a while I get an overheating smell, but it doesn’t actually overheat.

Two weeks after I bought it, the left ball joint snapped. Considering all of these things, I probably would not purchase another one again. The biggest reason is the horrible gas mileage. I understand that parts get old, but the gas guzzler is the main reason.

20th Jul 2006, 09:28

I have a 2000 Blazer with 127,000 miles, and after reading all these comments, I feel like I have found my people. I've had many of the same problems, but never realized we all have the same problems. My fuel gauge went haywire, and was repaired under warranty, my roof rack has some peeling paint, Just the other day, my doors were creaking, fixed it with some grease. Had problems with my hood latch, fixed 3 times under warranty. Bad mileage as well. Belts have been squeaking when its wet outside, dealer fixed 3 times under warranty, but still happens from time to time. Yesterday, the car started to sputter and lose power, brought it in, and its the fuel pump. Unfortunately, I'm no longer under warranty, and its going to cost about $900 or so.

2nd Aug 2006, 11:14

My 2000 Chevy Blazer keeps losing power, this just started about a month ago after it went in for an oil change. The first time it lost power was at a gas station, went to start it and it wouldn't turn over. We let it sit a couple minutes and tried again, it started fine, but engine light on.

Later that day the engine light turned off. Had it checked, nothing wrong. Runs fine until two weeks later it did it again, same condition, wouldn't start, let it sit then started it. The battery light is not on and the gauge says it is charging.

Today, the blazer died in the middle of driving, lost power completely. So I put it in park and turned it off. Then restarted it, runs fine with no engine light or battery light on.

Please someone help! The battery is fine and the engine is fine so why does it keep loosing power?!

4th Aug 2006, 15:56

I love my 2000 Blazer (160,000+). OK, the driver side power window no longer works. But - the door opens. It DOES squeak, but that's an easy fix with WD-40. The rear driver side door makes a weird rattling noise inside anyway, so I don't notice the door squeak (or the serpentine belt squeak) all that much. And of course, the oil pan gasket leaks. A little peeling paint on the rack - I'm OK with that.

BUT - the air and heat work GREAT! Same with the CD and cassette players. I average 20 mpg which is fair. Transmission started acting funky a couple weeks ago. Just got a flush. We'll see if I helped it or hurt it.

Anyone know what the transmission filter looks like? I had the flush done at a quickie joint, and the mgr told me they don't like to drop the pan and change the filter. Said the flush breaks up the big chunks and unclogs the filter, and that the tiny particles that result are meant to go through the filter. Hmmm. Is that right?

15th Aug 2006, 21:12

2000 Blazer.

I have personally been quite happy with the vehicle. I have had to replace one of the front hub/wheel bearing assemblys. Cost was about $200. I also had to have the alternator rebuilt. Cost $55. One of the seat adjuster handles broke off, but you can get that at the parts store for $10-20 dollars.

Other than that its been a real trooper. It's a breeze to work on. It has more power than you need (4.3 Lt V6), I wouldn't advise it for a kids first car, too easy to give loose control with the power it has. The autobox it has is a time tested unit that has performed like a trooper as well.

A lot of what you guys seem to think is a problem is simply normal. Cars wear, parts break. Its that simple, really. Some things are not normal, and as such should be brought to the attention of the proper people.

Cheers and good luck.

17th Aug 2006, 20:40

2000 Blazer ZR2.

I guess possibly my Blazer must be unique because I have not had any of the problems others have written about. My Blazer ZR2 is very low mileage (under 50,000 miles) and other than normal maintenance I have the only major repairs have been the recent replacement of the battery and alternator. I am even still running on the original BFGoodrich tires. My only minor complaint is that even though the V6 has plenty of power it does not get the greatest gas mileage.

I have had many other types of automobiles that have had many more mechanical problems, but I always chalk it up as regular “wear and tear” that comes with having and driving an older vehicle. Regarding the Blazer….just remember it a classic that is no longer being built so be proud you have one.

3rd Sep 2006, 18:25

I have a 2000 Chevy S10 Blazer 4WD. I too have had the passenger side seat recline handle brake off. I have had to replace the air conditioning compressor 3 times. I have had 4 sets of tires on it. I have had to replace the radiator. I have had to replace the fuel pump and sender (in the tank). I have had 6 sets of front brakes and two rear sets replaced. This means rotors 3 times. At 30,000 miles I had a transmission replaced. Two alternators replaced. Plastic braking all over that includes two vanity mirrors hanging down and the rear compartment hatch for the jack. No lock came with the spare tire lowering access hole. The tire was stolen within six months by a kid with an electric screw driver. I bought a new Ford F150 it had a lock. Rear windshield sprayer check valve went at 20,000 miles. Factory battery went at 1 year. Water pump went also. I figure in the 6 years of ownership around $8,000 worth or repairs. I paid $28,000 for the car. Now the 4WD service light just came on today. I am scared to death of what this will cost if something went bad. Every time I went to the dealer they wanted $1200 + for something or other.