10th Oct 2006, 18:10

Wow, I was looking for advise on changing the axle bearing out on my 2000 blazer and came across here. Just to add to the disappointment. I have broke both front recliner handles off, had the transmission rebuilt, new wheel bearings, new ball joints, repaired the rear window washer, and yes my driver side door squeaks. BTW I had to re solder the connector on to the rear window for the defroster. My gas gauge has not worked for over a year. It shows full when filled, but never goes below 1/2 tank. Now I am having an issue with the axle bearing on the front passenger side and will have to get new pins and bushings for the door. Since the trouble with the blazer I have bought a Ford and Dodge (no trouble with either yet). After reading all the posts I am thinking I may just want to forget about fixing the Blazer and just get something to replace it.

11th Oct 2006, 20:38

I felt the need to put in my "two cents worth". Have a recently purchased 99 ZR2 with 84K miles on it now. I've decided that to own a Blazer is a love/hate relationship. Love the way truck looks and handles. Hate that it's fairly maintenance intensive. (Which equates to frustration and big $$$$)

First issue I had was the will it start lottery. Would refuse to start until you did the 10 min wait. No rhyme or reason to it. Finally had enough, took to dealer. They had it three days, and it never failed to start. While checking something else, the tech found an aftermarket alarm, and remote starter. I had no idea they were there. Ripped all that out, has been a champ since. NOT ALL THAT AFTERMARKET STUFF IS COMPATIBLE WITH THE FACTORY SECURITY SYSTEM. That was a $700.00 bill, which included a pump relay I didn't need.

Looking at new lower ball joints now. Not going to go any further for fear of jinxing myself. Thought the info on aftermarket systems might be useful for those who bought used vehicles.

GM and Chevy should be ashamed of themselves for not backing these vehicles better and hanging their owners out to dry. There are too many common problems, which have to be poor engineering, or cheap parts. It's hard to be a Chevy lover these days.

Good luck to all.

13th Oct 2006, 11:19

2000 Blazer - My problems started with: Brake pulsation, back to dealer several times to cut rotors. Problem gone with Four rotors replaced by me.

Next was Front Wheel Bearing noise and looseness in front wheel. Reported to dealer, no problem found. I had it replaced at my cost, noise gone, I was reimbursed by Chevrolet.

Then it was Fuel Gauge moving from full to empty while driving at a steady speed or at a stop at times, Fuel Tank Sender (along with the pump, one componet) had to be replaced at my cost.

Next it was my Transmission, no reverse or any higher gears. I had First Gear and was able to drive it to a Trans. Shop for a complete overhaul.

I also have had - noisy door hinges, inoperative window motor, inoperative rear washer, door squeaks and a rattle at the tape player. These are minor to me though.

It appears to me that these are very common problems with most of the Blazers produced by General Motors.

16th Oct 2006, 13:13

Well, Where should I start? I wish I would have read this years ago about this boat anchor, First of all my wife didn't even make it home when we bought it! The oil line broke to the remote filter and ruined the engine at 28,000 miles! So it went back and they short blocked it, Then the wheel bearings, seat adj levers, gas gauge hasn't worked in 2 years so we go by the trip odometer 280 miles you better refill. Trans problems twice! 1300$. Water pump, but I can see that, That's kind of normal with any vehicle, I replaced that and the bearings myself, not that hard to do. ABS does not work, 4WD now does not work. Sad part is that its paid for and I'm going to make this piece of you know what work until it dies!! And also its the most underpowered vehicle that Chevy made. I HATE IT! of course chevy never powered anything, but the Vette and you were lucky to find one of those.

I'm a Chevy fan, but this thing makes me want to go Ford. I'll NEVER buy another Blazer, Trailblazer, ect.


23rd Oct 2006, 12:22

2000 LS 218,000 miles and still going strong! Yes both recliner levers are broke, but so what. The radiator split about 5 k ago, but that's OK with over 200k in it. Changed the fuel pump when it got loud (150k), I do to much driving to have it quit on the side of the road. I do have loud rear bearings and I'm looking to for info on replacing them myself.

I have made a few mods that helped, put in a Flex-Lite electric fan when it had 60k (enormous HP boost!) and a K&N Cold Air Induction system. I still get over 22 mpg on the highway. A couple of years ago I had the will not start issues as well and I tracked it down to the fuel pump relay, just smacked it a few times and I haven't had any problems since.

24th Oct 2006, 17:57

I have to agree with who ever posted 12th Aug 2004, 12:24. Proper maintenance of the vehicle is key. If you don't do the preventative maintenance yourself, watch the person to make sure they are doing what you are paying them for. I have caught these quick lube guys not greasing ball joints in my blazer and called them out. Yes they got upset, but that's what I went to them for. Most all maintenance on my blazer has been done myself and these are the problems I have faced.

2000 Chevy ZR-2 Blazer

Bought new in 2000 only 0.2 miles on odometer.

To this day 1 Problem started this month. Fuel gauge fluctuates rapidly.

I replaced the battery once. (normal use)

After 89320 miles including my off road adventures, I am just as happy with my blazer as the day I brought it home.

I also have an 89 Chevy IROC-Z camaro with 179,576 miles that proper maintenance was done on and NOT ONE PROBLEM to this day.

I own a 1967 Chevy C-10 pick up kept in the family from day 1 and never had a problem. So like they say "LIKE A ROCK"!

DON'T BUY A USED CAR IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHO OWNED IT BEFORE YOU. Not everyone knows how to take care of their investment.

25th Oct 2006, 21:18

Couple of new one's that I haven't read yet, or just missed amongst the reams of other problems:

Electric powered wing mirrors gone.

Gas gauge gone, but low fuel light still works (?!) Did they put them on 2 different sensors?

Get the blinker noise as if I have my turn signal on... even when the turn signal isn't on!

Funny light grinding noise when accelerating at low speeds esp. uphill.

Horn only works by pulling up on emergency flasher column switch (?)

+ Tranny, wheel bearings (twice), ball joints (three times), cat, O2 sensors x 6, all gone before 100k.

'But it looks good...' I don't care if it looks like a Porsche, it's a travesty of a car and an embarrassment to GM.