1989 Chevrolet Camaro RS 5.0 TBI from North America


Amazing car! I LOVE IT!



General Comments:

I love this car! It handles amazing, it's not the fastest car, but I can smoke ricers and a lot of other vehicles.

This sports car has GREAT looks and it's a real head turner!

Mine has the POSI rear and lights up the tires fast and leaves long marks!

She's still running strong!

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Review Date: 18th March, 2008

19th Mar 2008, 16:16

Your Camaro won't be "running strong" if you keep beating on it.

In fact, it might not be running at all.

1989 Chevrolet Camaro RS 5.0L TBI V8 from North America


The best car I have ever owned!


The previous owner had to fully rebuild the engine at 122,000 miles.

The driver seat is a little worn.

General Comments:

I have had no problems out of the car so far which is a very good thing. This car is built very strong and has plenty of power.

The interior is great and has very comfortable seats.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2006

1989 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z28 5.7 from North America


This car ROC (s) -Z


I had to replace the brake rotors, but that's routine maintenance, so no biggie. Also, the exhaust pipe fell off, which is semi-weird because it wasn't rusted at all. This car was in a bad wreck... i mean BAD... i seriously smashed it up within an inch of its vehicular life. $6400 later, it drives so fabulously that you'd never know it was in a crash. The only thing that went wrong - and I'm sure that this is an effect of the accident - is that my mass airflow something or another failed. That was only $200 to fix, however, which is tolerable.

General Comments:

This car is freaking incredible. It turns like it is on rails and shifts lanes effortlessly when cruising the freeways at 90 miles an hour. I don't race it, but it is F-A-S-T. The gas mileage is marginal, and it needs premium fuel, so be prepared to have your pocketbook violated slightly. It's got more torque than anyone should have use for. Gotta love rear wheel drive vehicles. However, they don't go for beans in the snow, and if and when you have to replace the tires, be prepared to shell out over a grand.

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Review Date: 6th November, 2005

1989 Chevrolet Camaro RS 5.0L V8 (305) from North America


Classic American Muscle with a modern twist


Cruise control motor didn't work when I bought it. (will cost $600 to fix)

Trunk electric 'auto close' motor didn't work when I bought it, nor the electric trunk release. And leaks as a result of not closing 'tightly'.

T-tops leak in heavy rain or pressure car wash.

Roof lining falling apart due to the t-tops being left off in the rain.

Rear defroster didn't work when bought, since fixed. ($35)

Car smoked due to worn valve seals, replaced them at cost of $320, smoking has stopped. (common Chev small-block problem apparently)

Driver's seat is wearing on the door side due to needing to slide in and out of this car due to the low roof.

General Comments:

I love this car. One of the few good looking cars to come out of the 80's in my opinion and I like it's body shape best of all the newer Camaros.

I like the stance of the car and the driving position. It sits lower than most sports cars, a little hard to get in and out of with the t-tops in place, but the laid back driving position more than makes up for that.

It has a nice comfortable large car ride, but goes surprising well around corners, probably because it sits so low.

Power oversteer is easly obtained at lower speeds.

This car has had several aftermarket modifications and I would say it puts out power in the range of a stock 350, 220-230hp, up from the orginal 170hp. It will beat a GT mustang off the lights.

This RS is fully optioned, but for leather seats. The V8, 5 spd man is a rare find as is the Limited Slip Differential (Positraction) The car was repainted in the orginal Blue about 6 years ago and still looks good, a real head turner. Plus you don't see a lot of blue Camaros for some reason.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2005