1989 Chevrolet Camaro RS 2.8 Litre from North America


Fast and Reliable


The rear end was messed up when we got it, but that only cost us around $400 to fix.

The horn face place fell off.

The shifter button broke off.

The fuel pump went out around 190k miles.

The back light bulbs keep burning out and it costs $7 a piece for them (there are 6)

The weather guard has failed on both windows so if it rains or I get a car wash, a little bit of water gets in the car.

The seatbelt housing unit on the passenger side came out of the headliner and now sags, and the drivers side seatbelt doesn't lock up if the pulled on suddenly (not sure if its supposed to be like this)

General Comments:

We bought the car used and even though it's had its share of problems, it has lasted with minor work. The engine is still going strong and other than the above mentioned problems, it's been a blast to own.

I wish Chevy stuck to the 86 - 92 body style for the Camaro, it could have taken them farther than the new Camaros that look like they are smiling at you.

It has backseats, but don't even think about puting anyone, but a midget back there. With the back seats down, it can hold a LOT of cargo. I fit a 5 foot DJ coffin in my camaro, along with a crate of records and misc. other stereo equipment.

It's a 6 cylinder Automatic and I still beat out most cars on the road.. 200 horses is nice for a first car.

If the car has a clean title and is in good condition, I reccomend getting one - just make sure the horn is not taped on (like mine was when I bought it) and check the weatherguard on your windows. Be prepared to put at least another 600 - 700 dollars into it after you get it.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2002

14th Apr 2003, 11:00

Sorry to tell you man, but it only has 150hp and is actually pretty anemic power wise... Try racing a base model 95 lumina and see how well you do... you will be disappointed. I am disappointed in the power from these cars and I have the 305 TBI LO3 motor...

26th Jul 2005, 11:34

Sorry to correct you again. The base V-6 2.8 liter multi-port injected engine is only rated at 135 hp. Check out www.fbody.com for more details on engines and torque.

21st Jul 2011, 12:39

The thing about buying a used Camaro RS, is that a lot of them have been modified. So the original poster may be getting 200 ponies. But the last comment is actually correct. The 2.8L V6 was advertised at 135hp when it debuted.

1989 Chevrolet Camaro RS 2.8 V6 from North America


We never want to get rid of it. but I wish it had a 5.0




Hood & Hatch pistons.

Air Flow sensor.

Clear coat on paint.

General Comments:

This car will never die.

The 2.8 with the 5.0 v-8 exhaust sounds fast, but isn't.

The car handles great.

Still gets looks.

Will be greatly missed some day.

Fully loaded & everything still works.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2002

12th May 2006, 09:40

Yeah the V6 wasn't quite as fast and powerful as the 5.0 Camaros so I can't blame you for wanting a 5.0 Camaro. I have owned my 5.0 Camaro RS for a little over a year now and I love it. Mine gets 25 MPG on the highway.

1989 Chevrolet Camaro RS Convertible 5.0L TBI from North America


Unbelievable experience


*coil springs started to sag $100 replaced.

*rear went bad from heavy abuse $300 for a 3.73 posi

*top needed to be custom built and replaced $900

*driver side fender and door needed to be replaced $100

*I broke the shifter $15

*It had leather seats, put Pontiac cloth in (free)

*New rims $400

*New tires (245/50/16) $680

*160 degree thermostat $10

*New air dam $5

*Broken Spoiler replaced $200

*New Delco platnium plugs $50

Almost all this work I performed myself, all relatively easy to do. This car is easy to work on.

General Comments:

Convertibles are the best.

This car is an experience and I wouldn't trade this car for anything.

TBI is too slow, I'm going to put a 3.8L turbo in the pig.

It handles reasonably well, but the rear hops around on rough roads creating an uneasy feel.

Transmission sometimes goes on mad gear hunts. This is because of the larger gear change I did.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2002