1995 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 Convertible 5.7 from North America


Afraid to test drive a new one, if it's any better than this one, I will want it


Threads on the top rotted out at 100,100 miles.

Posi went out twice, replaced with a Currie 12 bolt, Eaton posi unit.

Two opti sparks replaced.

Driver's door window motor replaced once.

General Comments:

This is my second Z-28, and it has been the best. With a lot of power to get from point A to point B with a smile on my face. Had the 4L60E trans rebuilt to Corvette specs. Now my wife hates to ride in it, breaks my heart she won't drive. HA HA.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2009

1995 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 5.7 lt1 350 from North America




The optispark dist. went out three different times, and the price and location of the part on the car were a real drag!

General Comments:

This car is amazing. Great handling; you could make quick work out of Chicago traffic if it was moving.

Great performance. You could easily put the hammer down and the car behind you was a memory in few seconds.

This car never had a alternator, starter, or fail. Original motor, trans and rear-end. I molested this car at every chance I got and it only wanted more and more! Thanks Chevy; it is an amazing piece of work.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2008

1995 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 5.7 LT1 from North America


Great Ride, Fun To Drive


Had to replace the water pump at around 80,000 miles, cost $500.

Mice chewed trough wires two years in a row, close to $100 each time.

Runs the battery dead during winter. Easily fixed by removing for the winter.

General Comments:

Other than the water pump, the car has run strong. The 6 speed manual is a must. This is great when you want to jump off the line or run @2000 rpm doing 80 on the freeway. I was able to get 23 Mpg on a regular basis.

The only modification I put on it is SLP exhaust, it looks and sounds mean. The skip shift in first gear is a pain, but you learn to work around it or you can pay for a chip to bypass.

All in all this is a great ride. It is a lot of fun crusin' with the T-tops off on a nice day.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2007

1995 Chevrolet Camaro z28 convertible 5.7 V8 from North America


Fastest Car for the Money


Transmission. Its not good when a transmission only lasts 60 thousand miles.

I also replaced the drivers side power window motor.That's a two to three hour job.

Crack in the door (600 dollars to fix if I want it done)

Windshield wipers (80 dollars at the dealer, no other ones fit)

Headlights (no biggie, but I wish you only had to replace the bulb instead of the whole headlight)

Fuel pump (they have to drop the fuel tank, that cost me 6 bills and the mechanic screwed up the fuel gauge and wanted more money to fix the problem that he caused) He's no longer my mechanic.

General Comments:

I love this car, its the best car I ever had.

I always wanted a convertible and I'm only going to live once. Too bad that I live in Vancouver where it rains 6 months of the year.

The guy I bought it from said it had every option. It doesn't have the one option I really wanted (traction control).I wanted to save money on tires for a change.

I recommend this car for anybody that likes speed.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2006

22nd Mar 2006, 21:19

Good to know you got a Camaro. In 95 Traction Control came as an option (I rather not have TC Tho) I am in Canada as well, but in Calgary... Atleast you don't have to park it every oct. I have to replace my window motor as well and they're pain in the ass to do. My advice to you is do regular oil changes and fluid changes and you should be OK.

Good luck with you car. Oh yea, I bought my 95 Z28 from B. C as well (Mapleridge B.C)

27th Mar 2006, 21:48

Thanks for the comment. I always do regular fluid changes. I do all necesary maintenance.I'm religious about it. Engines rarely die, transmissions always die (for me anyways)