4th May 2010, 22:56

COME ON! This whole story is hard to believe. $2500 for a paint job this small!? Sorry I don't buy this story. Find yourself another dealer and write to GM about your dealer who refused, if it's true, to do the job. Mustang and Challenger also have their issues and bad service from some dealers. Friend of mine waited nearly four months to have a replacement transmission on his 2009 Mustang GT, saying it was his fault with less than 500 miles, and he had to call almost everyday to push them or he would have waited much longer. And we all know stories like that. Unfortunately some are real, and some are rumors or bashing.

5th May 2010, 07:56

Yep, bought a Corvette, no issues, great paint.

5th May 2010, 10:33

I believe this story is true as the commenter really seems to like the car otherwise. I also believe the $2,000+ quote for the paint job as the Camaro is already heavily marked up and the most wanted sports car, so they feel they can charge pretty much anything they want for things like paint jobs on these cars. You probably could get the whole car painted pretty decently for that though. I would keep fighting for a warranty covered paint job though, and take this as public as you can if they refuse. GM doesn't need any bad publicity, so hopefully they'll do right by you.

6th May 2010, 05:21

2000 is not a lot in 2010 for any kind of quality paint job, and I have seen as high as 10000 for show quality repaints without body work, but all trim removed . I had a door just repainted for 600 alone. And felt that was inexpensive. I show my cars and there is a big difference in quality and prepping cars, before just putting color down

6th May 2010, 07:59

Yeah, but $2,300 for a paint job for two small areas on a 2000 mile car? Give me a break! GM should cover this obviously inadequate work and repaint this car under warranty. I know you can spend $10K or even more on a show quality paint job, but this car should have a really good paint job, from the factory, that lasts at least 100K miles or more without any major issues.

6th May 2010, 08:28

My Chevy dealer called me twice since I bought my Camaro SS in June 2009, asking if everything was to my expected satisfaction; didn't have an issue yet and my Camaro is still flawless, and the paint still shines. Dealers are a bit like some governments; some are good enough and some are garbage waiting to show the way out, hope this person will find another dealer to fix his paint problems. I too think that the asking price for the mentioned paint job is too high, his Camaro after all is not for show, but personal use.

6th May 2010, 18:04

Who cares what a paint estimate should be? The fact of the matter is, this is a BRAND NEW car and shouldn't need to be repainted.

7th May 2010, 08:59

$1 is too high in this case as GM should cover this under warranty. The car has 2000 miles on it!! There is no way I would be putting $2,300 into any car to correct a manufacturing defect, especially on a car that is basically still brand new. I would never buy another GM product if I were this person.

7th May 2010, 14:48

Trade it in and pick one off the lot, not special ordered. I had one car 8 months and bought another.

8th May 2010, 11:36

"I would never buy another GM product if I were this person."

I never bought another GM vehicle after my '95 Lumina's engine completely failed at 40,000 miles. Even the factory recommended maintenance schedule isn't enough to keep a GM going apparently.

9th May 2010, 05:56

Maybe your one car gave you issues, but many of us have had great luck with our late model GMs. I tow a lot with mine and it's great.

9th May 2010, 09:27

I would rather have a car with a few paint chips, than have faulty brakes, premature transmission failures or sticky gas pedals, and the phrase I will never buy another ______ again is getting old. If a person uses that line after every bad car experience, there would be no cars left for them to drive after awhile. Look at every car manufacturer on here; there are few few cars that get perfect rave reviews. Buy a car you really like. All cars will have problems, especially older used and abused ones, it's not always the car's fault, it's the person behind the wheel...

9th May 2010, 18:30

So it's the person behind the wheel that caused the paint to fall off of a 2,000 mile car?

9th May 2010, 18:37

So you would go right out and buy another GM car when they whacked you for a $2,300 paint job on a 2,000 mile brand new car? Yeah, okay. If I was treated like that by ANY company, they'd never see one more dime out of me for their sub par quality products. There are many brands I would buy repeatedly that have lasted very well for me without any unacceptable failures at low mileage intervals. I have plenty left to choose from and will never buy another GM product. If you want to keep supporting companies that rip you off, more power to ya!

10th May 2010, 17:42

I do my research, I'm a loyal GM man and I haven't had a single major problem with any of their car's and trucks I've owned. Now my parents have driven a car from every make, and each had its fair share of problems (Toyota and Honda included, and their repair bills were the most expensive - transmissions).

What I'm saying is a car is a car; if it's built right and maintained, it will last.

I should mention my local GM dealer treats its customers right, I can't say for all others, but yes not every single car rolled off the assembly is perfect, there a lemons every now and then, and yes if these paint chips are from a defect, then the dealer should offer a free repaint or at least at reduced cost, but most chips are from rocks, if you drive a car you should know it happens often; more so if you live on or around dirt roads. I have them in my car, my solution is a $15 dollar bottle of touch up paint!

11th May 2010, 08:01

I have a beautiful Sebring Silver Corvette convertible that wins at car shows. Great paint on mine and showroom condition. Would I buy another? Without hesitation. Fantastic engineering and bulletproof drivetrain.

11th May 2010, 10:01

"I have them in my car, my solution is a $15 dollar bottle of touch up paint!"

So, you are okay with GM trying to charge $2,300 for a paint job on a car with only 2,000 miles on it? Oh, your solution is to have little brushed on paint marks all over the side of your brand new $40,000 Camaro. Yeah, that's acceptable as a solution. Paint does not chip off of the side of the car at 2000 miles unless it is applied incorrectly. It doesn't sound like this owner is drifting on gravel roads with their new car so I am betting it is a defect in materials and workmanship.

Loyalty to GM is fine, but if you'd still support them after they charged you $2,300 for something they should be covering under warranty then that just doesn't make sense. Yeah, there are many brands and they all have issues. I don't usually go back for seconds if there is a monumental failure that the dealer or the manufacturer won't cover. I am done with Nissan for that reason. I have had many cars and don't feel I'll ever run out of brands that are more than acceptable. It doesn't mean I'll just let it slide if I am getting ripped off... because I want to be loyal to a brand. Obviously they aren't too loyal to the customer and the last few decades prove that and it continues with stories like this one.

And yes there are more than Honda and Toyota out there. Why people continue to immediately assume everyone who doesn't like GM is driving a Honda or Toyota is beyond me. My best car was a Saab 92X which is essentially a Subaru WRX. It was absolutely trouble free the whole time I owned it, as was the Subaru I had before it. I also have had great luck with Ford over the years and I am actually driving one now. I don't need to go back to GM to drive what I like and have a good quality car. In my experience with GM vehicles they are very expensive to get to 100K miles with. I have paid over $6,000 in ridiculous repairs before 100K miles on an Olds. I also traded a Trailblazer with 36K miles because the whole front end fell apart and became deadly to drive. I decided to trade it because immediately after that was fixed the rear end started failing. No more GM for me.