3rd Oct 2018, 21:54

Typical poor GM quality so no surprise.

4th Oct 2018, 11:57

I am surprised as I own 3 late GM models. Superb.

5th Oct 2018, 21:11

I've owned cars from Germany, Japan, Australia and USA. They all had typical "poor quality". As it turns out, the laws of thermodynamics applied to each one of them. Every single one of them had something that needed fixing.

Sorry to hear of the NVH issue with the car and the technical ignorance of the service. Did you check in to the "lemon laws" for your state?

6th Oct 2018, 01:14

3 times a charm, what models?

6th Oct 2018, 18:25

What’s the 3 times? I have personally owned well over 50 over the years. New and used. I would not repeat buy if they were otherwise.

7th Oct 2018, 22:21

I thought commenters are not required to list what they own or have owned. This topic was addressed before.

8th Oct 2018, 13:49

Never saw that in the comment "useful advice" section on this forum.

If you want to be secretive, that's fine.

I just find it quite amazing that you owned over 50 problem free GM cars, or any brand for that matter.

9th Oct 2018, 02:41

Other than routine expected maintenance, that is accurate. The divulging of what people own is completely voluntary. That came from the moderator on other reviews on this site. Also if an exact car is mentioned, then someone else may have had poor experiences. Or beat up on it as they don’t like a brand. A lot of what is commented on is subjective. One owner is meticulous, another let’s maintenance slide. Our cars have oil changes every 3,000 miles as an example. Oil is so cheap compared to a new engine. Same with other fluids, trans services etc. Some used cars have been abused with unknown service history. Accidents are not always reported to CarFax. Even terrain and dusty conditions can accelerate wear vs other regions where it is less of a factor. This applies to other brands besides just GM. I just bought my first Ford Pickup last weekend, a black Harley Davidson Edition. Used as they quit making it. It may return however. Have stacks of receipts, even ones showing frequent detailing. I just thought it was cool. I am well aware of the plug breakage issues with this vehicle. Bought it anyway. So what, it’s fun and cool. We always have 4 or 5 cars or trucks at a given time. Import and domestics. None are perfect, but have minimal issues as long as you don’t skimp on the recommended maintenance. It’s fun jumping on different ones, but not fun if they are treated as rags. I have seen vehicles for sale that look like people live in them full of trash. You can only speculate if they were maintained and end up as a poor review vehicle on the forum.

20th Mar 2021, 23:53

I agree, 50 cars is a lot and the replied comment below yours is stretched out as it is gives no detail or explanation at all.

More than likely they owned a few cars at a time and or only owned them for a short amount of time and mileage to claim that all 50 were perfect.