19th May 2016, 02:53

This should be a 350 360HP as a Z/28 not a 305. You could buy a 307 V8 base in those days; not a great engine.

22nd May 2016, 11:45

I find it a stretch that you tripled your money in 3 years in 1973. You could have bought a new Lincoln for 6k. And a year later after that price, the Camaro would really fallen due to the oil embargo. In 1974 I could have bought a 63 Split Window Corvette for 2600.

22nd May 2016, 19:01

Understand, this is the same reviewer who said his '70 1/2 Camaro Z-28 had a 305 engine...

1st Jun 2016, 10:44

Of course now a original mint 70 Z/28 could be 10 times its new price. So there is a happy ending. I had a 69 and I regret selling it, and I did triple my investment at the time. I had a chance to buy a 69 Pace Convertible for 15k and thought it a bit steep. If you buy a well documented desirable model, it's great having it for 10-20 years, having fun and getting a large return as well. Condition is everything. Even factoring in insurance and done maintenance, it can be a "free" car in the end. But if you buy one that needs a lot of work, you can lose. I have a relative with a 70 Cuda that likes seeing its value continue to rise. 1970 was the banner muscle car year. The next year the HP dropped due to insurance pressure.

5th Jun 2016, 13:24

When the 1974 Camaro came out I was really disappointed in its front end design. Even to this day. The newest have a horrible seating position and side view out.

The 67-73 were the best looking of all Camaros. I had a 69SS and 71 Z/28 manuals. The 69 was the best of the first gen with the staggered shock set up that cured wheel hop. The second gen were also beautiful cars. A 70 most desirable. 73 least. In 72 you would have to wait a while for one due to the strike. These cars were prone for rust and were unibody.

I currently own a 70 Chevelle SS mid size car full frame big block manual. As far as beauty, the second gen Camaro is a real eye catcher to this day. It was a great era to see these cars when first introduced. A very exciting period by the other muscle car manufacturers as well.