3rd Aug 2016, 01:42

It sucks that you had a bad experience with your Camaro, but I don't think it's fair to call Camaros junk from one bad seed. I don't know the backstory to yours, but the things you speak ill of sound like things that could be avoided simply by taking better care of your car.

Also, the clutch wearing out could be a result of poor technique or rough and abusive use. I’m not looking to offend, insult or upset you in any way, I was just hoping to change your opinion on Camaros and help you see they are great cars, and like everything else on the roads, there are a few that have issues, but one bad one out of a few doesn't mean they are all junk.

Thanks for your time, and I hope I helped turn you into a Camaro lover like myself.

14th May 2017, 17:57

I too had a 1984 Z28 305 V8 producing about 160 HP. All the things you listed on your issues list is/was normal for the 1984 series. I bought mine new after college, and had mine in the shop 24 times in the first year (12 mo/12K mile warranty). I kept bumping into the same people while my car was getting fixed at the dealership. So yes, your review is not a one bad seed -- as one person mentioned about your post. I think those of us that purchased the car new in 1984 had all the issues -- it took several years after we sold the cars back to a dealership for a new car to get all the items fixed. Remember, back in 1984, most dealerships really did not care about fixing the cars right the first time; the dealership's service center was compensated by GM each time a person brought their car in for warranty service. The dealer wanted to be sure to keep the car "in service" to keep the flow of revenue coming. Also, no lemon law back then as well.

15th May 2017, 12:07

You can look into putting a heavier duty clutch like a ZOOM. I had them put them in a few of my manual cars. Don't know if your car is included, but I had first gen. I had a competition clutch in a street car. Downside was the clutch would really build your calf muscle up at lights. You can really really get on it though. Very durable.

15th May 2017, 23:36

The Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act (more commonly known as the Lemon Law) was actually enacted in the mid 70s.

16th May 2017, 09:33

I am not really into this era, having owned both first gen and second gen manuals. But if I were looking, I would find a later 80s IROC-Z. Find a junkyard LS, even if out of a wrecked SUV and order the swap kit that is readily available. Then you would have a 350 plus HP car in an IROC. IROC did offer the Corvette 350, but still light on the HP and I am not fond of automatics in this one. Even my other Camaros had 325 plus HP with the Muncey 4 speed trans.

I just never cared for the styling with the front headlights. The rear look was fine. Everybody likes what they like. I think a clean IROC-Z though will appreciate as an opinion.

30th May 2017, 03:16

Although the lemon law may have existed in some context back from 1970, it really only kicked in for those issue that happened outside of warranty. I am not saying GM did not fix my car free and clear of any charges to me (under warranty), the issue was that the dealer was never able to deliver a car that was not clear of all issues (especially safety issues). I believe the lemon law kicks in if the consumer is paying for these charges. It was always a battle with the GM regional office to get things fixed, however, after many long drawn out phone calls (back then toll/long distance calls cost me money!), GM agreed to pay. However, they would not pay for any of my $350 per month car payment and $80 per month insurance (perhaps 5 months of 12 months car was at dealership). However, this forum is not about Lemon law.

I really liked the Z28 style, look, and the handling -- it was great around the corners. It was the first car I ever had -- like the first girl you ever dated, you never forget how that felt. It is sad GM was not very good to me, for, I have not been able to purchase a GM since. I wish I could get over that feeling of betrayal I felt, for I believe GM has a lot to offer. That was over 30 years ago, and perhaps when I finally mature, perhaps I will look at GM again.

31st May 2017, 00:30

Back in the 60s and early 70s we took delivery and started modifying. It was a time when you didn't want to stay stock. Knowing this, we enlisted help from family and friends. We got rid of exhaust manifolds, changed carbs, valve covers and dressed up our engines, added acceleration etc. If they didn't warranty our cars we fixed them ourselves. The stock wheels and rims went too, but didn't affect the warranty with that change. They weren't going to cover wear items anyway. My Camaros were smog free and pretty basic. Instead of going to the dealer, we hit the local speed shop.