1984 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Staion Wagon 305 from North America


An outstanding automobile in all respects, and worth every penny of the investment


Water pumps typically last about 75k miles. They're easy to change and warranted for as long as I own the car.

Transmission: The original transmission went to 165,000 and was rebuilt. It was replaced with a factory re-manufactured unit at 265,000. This one has over 100,000 miles on it.

Carburetor: Original was rebuilt at 85,000 miles, and replaced at 350,000 miles.

Differential: Rebuilt at 175,000 miles.

A/C: Replaced compressor (and associated equipment) at 175,000 miles.

Service parts: Brakes/shocks/hoses & belts, etc, all replaced as needed and always lasted longer than usual.

General Comments:

This car is amazing! When we bought this car, our kids were in diapers. They are now about to graduate from college!

This car received regular maintenance its whole life.

None of the "problems" noted above were out of the ordinary for a car this original and with this many miles.

Regular oil/fluid changes are the key.

At a time when American cars were getting a bad name (and some deserved it), this one never left us stranded and provided us safe transport on a moment's notice.

I want to be buried in this car, but it will probably outlive me.

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Review Date: 17th September, 2004

1984 Chevrolet Caprice Classic 305 from North America


The Most Reliable car I have Ever Owned!


New Belts, all, when acquired.

Alternator, replaced with correct size.

Shocks, All.

Radiator and all hoses.


Brakes Front and Rear.

New Exhaust, old one fell off. (Cat-Back).

Steering wheel is loosening at the Tilt Joint.


Dash Pad cracking.

Power seat broken.

Carpet showing wear.

Stereo replaced with CD Player.

General Comments:

This car was given to me by my grandmother, therefore it is a genuine "Granny-Mobile." other than that somewhat derogatory statement, the car has served me well.

She gave me the car after I was T-Boned in my Cougar, by a truck. I was in my first year of college and really needed a car, she had just bought a new car and was storing the caprice because she didn't want to sell it. For this reason I tend to believe that it was an act of God that this car came to me.

The things I listed as going wrong were never severe enough to stop the car, and I was able to fix all of them by myself or with minor help.

The car runs. sometimes not well, and sometimes great. it seems to have A mind of it's own. this could probably be explained by the fact that it was reconstructed by my grandfather from two wrecked Caprice's. hence the reason I have had a hard time finding a new gas tank. I think that the Tank on the car is from a 70 something Impala.

This was the last of many cars that my Grandfather built before he died.

This car has never left me stranded. I have replaced blown tires by the side of the highway with cars flying past me. I have fixed squeaking belts in my ex-girlfriend's back yard. I have replaced a Radiator in January in the snow. But no matter the odds, the car always seems to start, and if I allow it the time to warm up, it runs pretty well.

About two months after I got the car, on a summer break at home, my dad backed his truck into the front of my car. he smashed the header panel on the drivers side, bent that fender, and managed to lock the bumpers together. All this at Five thirty in the morning.

That summer I drove it with its dings and dents, until my dad got a new header panel and thankfully, working headlights.

The next summer, working at an Airplane paint shop, I had some extra time, and patched the fender and fixed some rust. and then primed over the repair.

Hopefully I will someday have the time to re-paint the car, it will need a new vinyl roof... Or maybe I'll just take it off...

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Review Date: 7th July, 2004