1993 Chevrolet Caprice Classic 5.0 from United Arab Emirates


Very good


Believe me, I haven't had a major problem with my car; it's just normal maintenance.

So everybody will say so why you are writing? I am writing to say to Chevrolet thanks for manufacturing such car, which still I am driving it to date.

General Comments:

This car is seriously good.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2011

1993 Chevrolet Caprice Station Wagon V8 from North America


Great car for a large family


Blower motor went out the day after I bought it.

General Comments:

The car drives very well for being 15 years old. The engine is quiet and it has no leaks.

The wagon is very roomy.

I was kind of nervous about buying a car so old. I traded in a 2000 Intrepid for it. I bought the Intrepid and had to turn it right back to the dealer because the mechanic said it need $5000 in repairs. I returned to the mechanic and he said the Caprice was a much better car. I've been told that this car would last forever.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2008

25th Feb 2011, 10:22

I bought new a 1993 Chevrolet Caprice Station Wagon with the big V8 5.7 liter engine. I still drive it today with about 260,000+ miles.

It has been a GREAT car. Of course over the years I have had to do maintenance, but nothing out of the ordinary. It is old and needs more care than I am giving it, but it still drives wonderfully.

The most amazing feature is that it can turn a smaller circle that any car I have ever driven. No small car can't turn a tight a u-turn as this car.

I wish they still made them.

Tom McKnight


8th Sep 2015, 21:04

I bought a 1993 Caprice Classic LT1 Wagon 4 years ago. It now has 174,000 miles, and other than regular maintenance, this car runs like a champ. Now mind you the original owner took good care of this car. Still has the original paint and interior.

This car has the same equipment as a police model with a heavy duty tow pak. I understand the LT1 came this way and did not need to be ordered as special equipment.

Chevy hit the bulls eye with this car. Yes it's heavy (but rides real nice). Yeah it's big (but it turns better than much smaller cars). Has lots of room for people or moving day. And still gets pretty good gas mileage; 26 is my average on the highway. That's pretty good for a BIG car that's 22 years old.

If you are looking for a large sedan or wagon and you run across one of these, take a serious look.

1993 Chevrolet Caprice classic 350 V8 from North America


The Caprice Classic can take a lot of abuse


When I first bought the car, I had a problems with it over heating.

The carpet was riped up.

Rust on the bottom of the back fenders.

When I bought the car there was no a/c.

There was a strong oil leak.

The car was very poor on gas mileage.

Gas gauge stopped working as I was coming home from work.

Rattling noises in the front right wheel.

General Comments:

The car was originally a police cruiser. then sold at the auction to the taxi company that my uncle works for. after about a year of the car being in service at the taxi company. they had to get rid of the car. so my uncle decided to buy the car for a very low price of only $200.

With no real use for the car. he sold it to me for $400. which I thought wasn't bad. he also told me he would help me fix it up, since he works on caprices for a living.

For the first couples days having the car I loved it, like a nerd would love a brand new computer. I cleaned it out, waxed it down, and even gave it a tune up. Having a ex-cop car was a dream for me. just driving to a friend's house, I felt like a B.A., but that was all soon going to end.

A week into driving the car, it started over heating. so I tryed to fix the problem. I flushed the radiator, got a new thermostat, and even a new fan. But the problem was only somewhat fixed. the car would over-heat after driving over a hour.

After that, there was only the problem of the oil leak, brakes and the rattling. the rattling was just a lose caliper, and the brake lines needed bleeding, also because of the ripped up carpet, one the of wires that went to the gas tank got cut. the wire was very easy to fix.

Other than that the car was a very smooth riding car, full of room, and so much trunk space I didn't know what to do with it. usually normal cars couldn't hold my 20" bike in the trunk, but with the caprice that was no problem. and with the hitch I was also able to put on a bike rack, if I was going the skate park with some friends.

With all the abuse this car was put through. I'm kind of shocked it still runs. even with 220,000 on the gauge it still gets me to work. and if it never dies on me, I'm going to keep driving it.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2006

29th Jan 2019, 00:00

What did the over-heating issue turn out to be? And how did you fix it? Thank you.

22nd Nov 2019, 03:00

Hi - What was the solution to the overheating issue on the car? Did you ever find out?