17th Sep 2009, 16:12

These eighties rear wheel drive cars are already becoming classics as we speak. The prices are very high for nice low mileage ones, if you can find them.

15th Apr 2013, 09:32

I just bought an 86 with 29,000 miles on it!!!

16th Apr 2013, 14:01

That's wonderful! How much did you have to pay for it?

17th Dec 2013, 22:50

I have a mint green with green interior 1986 Caprice Classic with only 28000 miles on it. I brought it with 24000 miles on it for 2500 dollars. The interior is great, and the exterior is in great condition. I wonder how much it's worth if I decide to sell it?

18th Dec 2013, 10:50

Probably double what you paid for it to the right buyer, maybe more.

18th Dec 2013, 16:23

Depending where you are located, you could certainly get double what you paid, especially in the rust belt areas and northeast, where most of these have rusted away and there is a great amount of nostalgia and fondness for these cars.

I bought a 90 Brougham Caprice from an estate sale and sold it for double what I paid. To say these cars are great is an understatement. They ride like a dream, have tons of interior space and trunk space, passenger comfort is top notch. Reliability is bulletproof, parts and service dirt cheap.

Another option would be to just keep the car, as they will never make a finer automobile, and the value will increase more and more over the years.

19th Dec 2013, 17:51

Damn straight. I got a '90 Caprice sedan for $250, replaced the damaged deck lid with a junkyard piece, and sold it two months later for $525!

19th Aug 2014, 13:57

I have had Impala V8s like the Caprice as early as a 1963 model and up. Even that far back, they were great cars. Reliable and a great ride. My favorites had the 350 as the years progressed. I heard some police models were very desirable and totally done over by some police forces not long ago. And put back in police duty for a while. You may pay a bit more for gas, but these cars are fantastic for long distance cruising with ice cold air.