10th Oct 2007, 19:12

I have an 85 caprice 4 door that I paid 4 of the 800 the guy wanted drove it homme than it sat in back of my house for 1 yr. It fired right up after a jump and fresh gas. I have had several offers and a lot of comments about it. Ill never get rid of it! so to all those who have these big bodies, they eat a lot of gas, but I don't have a 600 dollar car and insurance payment ethier. So ill keep bending corners in my 85.

7th Sep 2008, 17:38

Hey, I just got a 85 Chevy caprice classic. I have a problem with it and I can't figure what they are. One of them is when I start driving the car it stalls with the engine still running and I have to rev it very high to get it to go again.

27th Sep 2008, 13:18

It sounds like "stall" is not quite the right word. Stall refers to when the engine dies. Do you mean that you are driving and the engine starts to sputter? Or do you mean that the engine is running fine, but the car won't move, so you have to rev it up to keep it moving?

If the first: you may have a clogged fuel filter or need a tune-up.

If the second, your transmission probably is slipping. You can first try to change the fluid and filter and see if that helps it. Be sure to use only the correct automatic transmission fluid, or the transmission really will be ruined.

27th Sep 2008, 23:16

OK, I just got back from looking at the car with someone, and they say that the carburetor isn't getting gas through... also just to clear things up, I didn't mean to put rev high... I meant that I have to hit the gas pedal repeatedly to get it to go. The engine doesn't rev at all. It just doesn't do anything. So I am probably going to have to get the carburetor tuned or replaced and see what happens...

As for the transmission, it passed every test they could do with it, and they said it could last for a long while if it isn't pushed too hard. But thanks anyway...

Also I have another question... is there anyway of getting the steering control to turn tighter turns without the squelch it does when it hits the max turning point it can go?

28th Sep 2008, 10:01

Before going through the expense and complication of rebuilding the carburetor, I would suggest changing the fuel filter first, and then try changing the fuel pump after that.

The carburetor is generally not prone to problems unless you have sucked rust from the gas tank through the fuel system, and a flake is stuck in the main jet.

Also, take the fuel line off the carburetor and stick the end in a pop bottle, and crank the engine. There should be a cyclical steady, strong stream of gas every time the fuel pump depresses. If the stream is weak and sputters, the carburetor is not the problem.

9th Nov 2008, 15:02

I was wondering if anyone knew where you could get a radio bracket/frame for a 85 Chevy Caprice or do I have to make my own?

23rd Apr 2009, 07:36

Okay... I was wondering if anyone knew why, when I turn on my car from a 10+ mile drive, it stalls out of nowhere. When it stalls and dies everything electrical dims really badly. I got the battery checked and they said it was in good condition, except for some buildup needed to be removed.

I also checked my alternator and they said it's pushing 12-15 volts, which is a healthy alternator. I just can't think of anything else that could be the problem.

I also changed the oil-oil filter, transmission, and air filter. Does anyone know why my car may be doing this? Also it's a 85 Chevy Caprice Classic.

12th Sep 2009, 23:14

I would argue that age has a lot to do with a car when it gets to a certain age mark. Things just start drying out and stop working just due to age.

25th May 2010, 03:09

I'm looking at possibly buying a 1985 Caprice Classic.

Mechanically it's sound, but the clear coat is peeling on the paint, and the interior is kind of beat up. No rust.

The guy wants $1250; is that too much to pay?

6th Jun 2011, 20:56

That's not a bad price if the doors and fenders are still in good condition!

1st Oct 2014, 06:12

OK, I'm sorry I don't have an answer for that, but I was wondering how you were able to take the transmission pan off? I have an 85 Caprice Classic 305, and there is the bolt and bar keeping me from getting to the last bolt on the pan. How do I get this off?

14th Jun 2016, 15:03

Man it is really nice to finally hear someone talking about 85 Caprice Classic. I've had mine over 12 years and just now replaced the motor. Licked up and found a rebuilt 305. Funny that you were having those issues with the sputter. I too am now experiencing the same exact problem. And the odd thing is it makes you wonder if it's the transmissions because the sputter starts right when it's about to shift gears. You can mash the accelerator, but it doesn't seem to want to git up and go. Bogs down.

So did you ever figure out what the problem was? If so, what was it? I changed the gas filter yesterday. Still doing the same thing this morning.

11th Aug 2023, 03:46

Not sure if anyone still uses this, but please tell me that you solved your problem?