1998 Chevrolet Cavalier LS Sedan 1.8L 4 cylinder from North America


An excellent value for your money


The right front controller arm went up and cost 325 dollars to fix.

The shocks aren't the greatest.

General Comments:

This car is an excellent and very reliable vehicle. I have noticed some minor performance issues when the A/C is turned on, but other than that, the car has performed beautifully since I bought it.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2003

1998 Chevrolet Cavalier Base 2.2 Inline 4 from Albania


Fun, attractive, and cheap


The only problems I had with this car was from wear and tear from the previous owner. I had no real mechanical problems with the car.

General Comments:

The Buick built 2.2L in-line 4 and 4 speed automatic really handled well. I felt like I was driving a sports car.

The seats where comfortable, but not the best.

The body is designed from the ground up for safety. I was sandwiched at a stop sign and the body's crush zones worked exactly as designed. Its just a shame that my insurance company totaled the car.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2003

23rd May 2004, 23:21

I bought my 1998 cavalier with 12000 miles. I loved it and it was very very dependable. I was very happy with my cavalier. We hit a buck (deer) going about 55-60 miles an hour and both airbags deployed. No one got hurt. I was happy to walk away only a little shaken. The only thing that left me stranded was the alternator that went out at about 70000 miles, but that was after I had it repaired from hitting the deer. So overall, if you are buying one of these... deffinently go for it, if it has low miles. I finally had to get rid of mine @ 150,000 miles b/c the air conditioner quit and it kept overheating. I didn't want to have to put 1000 dollars into a car when the blue book value is just that much. :)

1998 Chevrolet Cavalier 2.2L from North America


Disappointment in a beautiful package


The seat adjustment wire broke at 21,000 miles.

Air flow vents are broken--two of them--also at 21,000 miles.

The buttons on the seat belt that hold the buckle high enough for the passengers to strap them on efficiently broke off, thereby allowing the buckle to drop to the floor after each use--about 30,000 miles.

Steering/ignition problems as follows has occurred:

1. Prior to my purchase--at 13,000 miles--ignition switch and cylinder lock needed replaced.

2. Pivot pins in steering column for tilt steering wheel broke prior to 40,000 miles necessitating replacement of both pins and another ignition switch.

3. Ignition cylinder lock broke--leaving me sitting at a local restaurant for 2 hours--requiring replacement at 42,000 miles.

4. Pivot pin insert mechanisms became "worn" permitting pivot pins to break again--at 44,500 miles.

5. Some type of unresolved electrical cut-out of engine is occurring now at 45,600 miles.

General Comments:

Although this vehicle usually runs smoothly and easily and handles well, it has been a disappointment to me and my family that these major problems have occurred with this vehicle. As you can see, most of these major repairs were performed before 45,000 miles had accumulated on the vehicle. Until we discovered the quality of the materials the vehicle was made of and the quality of service received by the dealership, we were pleased with the handling and overall running of the Cavalier. Since we have discovered these issues, however, we are reluctant to even consider another GM vehicle.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2003

11th Nov 2006, 01:23

I have 1998 cavalier LS sedan with over 232.000 K. and it still runs like its new my biggest repair was the water pump at 200.000 K fore the amount of mileage and abuse I give that car its pretty good this is one of the best car.

15th Jul 2010, 02:44

I do not know why your Cavalier personally broke down on you so many times and gave you great disappointment, but you have to admit it is a great car, and as long as you don't beat the living crap out of it, it will be fine. I just got one for free, a 1998 cab also, and the only thing wrong with it is a bad alternator. I lowered the body, painted it yellow and green (my packers car), and put a complete audio system in it, and I am getting mad eyes and turning heads. I love this car. My first one was already shot when I got it with 200,000+ miles and it died in a month, but I am sure newer ones are better!