2002 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 2.4 from North America


Sporty, Fun, Cheap on gas, get manual windows


The gas gauge went at about 55,000km. fixed under warranty. It went again at 80,000km (1 year and 2 weeks - warranty on part was 1 year) still broken.

The window motor slowly started to die at 75,000km. At 100,000km, it still goes down, but I had to pull it to get it back up.

Clutch was very hard to get used to. I had driven standard before, but this car had a very finicky feel to it. Had the clutch replaced as agreement when it was purchased, problem seemed to be the way it was designed. got used to it, and no problems since.

Low grinding noise when RPMs are a little speed is too low for the gear and clutch is released too fast. Dealer said it was the way the transmission works and to not be concerned.

General Comments:

I loved the car, until it was written off due to an accident. It was sporty and fun for me to drive, fast enough that I could pass easily, but not so fast that I could pass it off for an expensive sports car. Had enough torque to get up hills with ease.

The interior was comfortable. I found when I was looking at lots of cavaliers, that when purchasing a Z24 with a standard transmission, the seats are different from an automatic. there seems to be more room, and so wider, more comfortable seats in the standard. I never had a problem sitting in it for long periods of time (4 hours or more) and I am a taller person (6'4").

The exterior was nice. I always got comments on the white pin stripe on the black paint. The new larger spoiler for 02 was also a nicer look than the older smaller one.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2005

5th Aug 2007, 20:38

Do you know if you can change gear knobs cause I bought a automatic z24 and then purchased a manual gear knob do you know about anything.

2002 Chevrolet Cavalier VL 2.2 from North America


Serves its purpose as an economy car


Nothing (knock on wood). However, I noticed a few little things. The low coolant light comes on sometimes, even though the temperature gauge indicates it's only at the mid-range point, it goes off after awhile. The other little thing is when I'm parking, I always hear a popping noise coming from the rear brakes.

General Comments:

I average 10litres for every 100 kms. travelled Is this normal?

This car serves its purpose for what it is intended for, it's an economy car and should be used as one. It is not a sports car and it is not fast (0-60 in 10secs, as rated by Consumer Reports),it does its job as a daily commuter. For those who own 2door Cavaliers and 2door

Sunfires, please do not drive your car as if it's a sports car, I can attest that it's not.

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Review Date: 31st October, 2005

8th Jan 2009, 18:42

Just because the engine isn't overheating doesn't mean that it's not low on coolant. Idling in the summer heat will cause the engine to idle hotter, and the fan to trigger sooner, which isn't good. It's only 4-10 bucks for some coolant. Top it up.

2002 Chevrolet Cavalier LS 1.6 liter from North America


Gets you where you need to go, but seriously consider buying a new car after 20,000 miles


Brakes/Rotors have been replaced three times since I bought the car.

Paint chips easily.

General Comments:

I am finding that the brakes put on Cavaliers before 2003 are horrible! I have had mine replaced five times since I have owned the car. The rotors have been replaced three times, and the brake pads have been replaced twice as much. Whenever I took it back to the dealer, they would just resurface the rotors, replace the brake pads and I would be on my way. Two months later, back in the service shop. After 18,000 miles, they no longer replaced anything telling me I would have to pay for them. I understand warranties and everything, but if you would fix them right the first couple times, this kind of situation wouldn't happen.

I am currently in the process of saving for a new car.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2005

3rd Sep 2005, 20:41

I don't understand your brake problems. My 2002 Cavalier still has the same brakes at 32 000 miles and I check them and I'd say they are still good for at least 15 000 more miles! How about your tires? If you can't keep them for 40-45 000 miles then you don't have a brake problem... you have a "driving" problem!