2nd Feb 2005, 07:59

I own a 94 Chevy Cavalier 2 door, and a week after I bought it the motor blew up on me, but its all good now since I put a newer motor in it, but still having problems with other things like the alternator mount that broke on me and my heater core leaking, but other than that it's a good car for the price and gets me around.

2nd Mar 2005, 16:23

1994 Cavalier Sedan (128,000 miles) Automatic.

My head gasket was on the verge of blowing and I added Bar's Leaks Head Gasket Sealant Repair to it and it seemed to have solved the problem up until 3-4 weeks later.

My car has been running at high temperatures lately, but when I check the anti-freeze level, it appears to be just fine.

For a few weeks, my anti-freeze would fly up all over the engine and my serpentine belt would slip off while driving. I don't know where abouts the leak is from that.

The other day when I pulled into work, my radiator and overflow tank completely drained itself in the parking lot. Ever since, every time I put it in park, it leaks, but it doesn't drain.

I have been putting a gallon of anti-freeze in it every other day and it is really starting to get pricey, but I can't afford to fix it and I can't afford a new car.

If anyone has any information for me as to what I should do about this, please email me at kjgehr@frontiernet.net.

I would greatly appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks!

6th Mar 2005, 19:39

You can repair it yourselves. I gave my son my 1994 Cavalier 2.2L and he's had every problem imaginable. It started with the timing chain (which I replaced)... Then cooling system (which I replaced)... and recently I have had to replace the cylinder head.

I originally thought that the disappearing coolant was a result of a bad gasket, but I found the crack when it was removed. The parts for the cylinder head were ordered from company in Clearwater, Florida. It was shipped to me at a cost of $255.00. I had to go to a parts store to get replacement bolts and gasket kit. My total cost was approximately $350.00. Whatever you do, don't go to a local head shop. They'll merely order the head from Clearwater and mark the charge up on YOU.

Don't forget that you'll have to send your old cylinder in to get your core charge reimbursed. The core charge was $75.00.

Good luck!

8th Mar 2005, 17:23

Leaking Coolant:

It sounds like your vehicle is overheating, seriously. So much so that pressure, in the cooling system, is building up and causing the hose clips to expand. When the clips expand under pressure, coolant is released. You may also need to replace your hoses and clamps.

Anyway, you need to start by replacing your thermostat... very easy and inexpensive. Then you should check to make sure that the cooling fan cuts on just as the temperature gauge reaches the midpoint. If it doesn't, replace the temp sending unit... very easy and inexpensive. If that doesn't work, replace the fan relay... which is also inexpensive and easy to repair. If the fan still doesn't work, you may have a bad ECM (computer under the dashboard) and it needs to be replaced... It's also easy to do, but the part is a little expensive.

If you continue to have a overheating problem, it may be your water pump. You can easily check this by watching the weep-hole at the pump base. If there appears to be fluid leaking from the hole, it means the bearings and seal are worn and you need the pump replaced... You may also hear an unusual sound as it turns. You can do this (repair the pump) yourself, if you're willing to spend some time and save some money.

If none of the above works, you may have a problem with the head gasket or the cylinder head itself. Please refer to my original letter regarding this problem.

Good luck!

24th Mar 2005, 19:02

1993 Chevy Cavalier RS 3.1

I just acquired my fathers 93 Cavalier (52K miles, mainly garage kept, looks like it just came off the showroom floor). Big problem though, it has a water leak and I can't find it. Seems to happen when it rains and the carpet is soaked. Does anyone know of a problem or recall? The dealer says no. Its such a beautiful car its frustrating not to be able to drive it. Please e-mail me if you know of a problem. There's a technical service bulletin that shows window leaks, but when I did a hose test it happens when I run the hose over the grille around the windshield wipers.

Thanks kimdm1234@aol.com.

30th Dec 2006, 08:15

All of these cooling systems have a bleeder valve at the top of the engine to bleed off air in the cooling system. This is why they are blowing head gaskets and overheating! This the main reason the fan does not come on when it is suppose to. This must be a GM secret because it is in small print in the service manual.

5th May 2007, 01:39

I just bought a 1994 Cavalier which belonged to someone that died, so it's been sitting for awhile (not sure how long), but when it was used, he only went to the store and back. I drove it around town and it ran fine. So I bought it, then I took it on the freeway a few miles at 70. when I got off the freeway and I was coming to a stop it shook bad and died. I could restart it, no problem, but as soon as I put it in gear, it would die. I had to rev it up in neutral, then slide it into drive and peel out. As long as I could keep the car going a certain speed it was OK. The electric fan wasn't coming on, I stopped at my friends and let it cool down for awhile, then left and it was OK, until I almost got back home (taking the back roads-no freeway) then it died again. Could it just have gotten warm and have some kind of shut off? Will it not do that if I toggle up the fan so it doesn't get hot? or is it a 'MAP sensor'? i don't even know where to find that! Please help!


16th Jun 2007, 00:18

I have a 96' Cavalier. I just bought it from a friend, and so far it has an ignition problem; it just won't start. I replaced the starter and still nothing. I have no clue what it could be.

Please help...


4th Oct 2010, 08:41

I have a 94 Chevy Cavalier.

It is overheating. I replaced t-state, temperature sensor. I can't find the right relay. I am looking into the bleeder valve. The fan OK ran direct to battery. The fan comes on sometimes, but not always.