2nd May 2003, 19:47

I love my Cavalier. The only thing I don't like is where the enviromental controls are. Who had the bright idea to put them right behind the cup holders? If you have even one drink in them you can't get to the controls easily. If you have both holders occupied, forget it.

15th Sep 2003, 20:55

I have had my Cavalier LS Sport for 16 months now. I am very happy with my car. It is very dependable, gets good gas mileage. The EcoTec engine has more power than most of the class competitors. The Cavalier is one of the best bargains in the compact class. The Cavalier is a very good car for Thousands less than it's over priced Japanese counterparts.

8th Mar 2005, 17:26

Changing oil may be easy, but don't change the oil filter unless the car is cool. The exhaust pipe is right under the oil filter, and it gets very hot!

20th Jan 2010, 14:49

I've had my Cavalier for 4 years and finally had to replace the water pump. It's been a great, dependable car for me. It's not the roomiest, but with the 4-door I have we make it work!

28th Nov 2016, 23:44

The date is now 2016 and I have worked and watched 2001 Hondas, Toyotas, Mazdas and the Cavalier age. The winner is the Cavalier.

Cavaliers will run up to 800,000 plus with the original trans and engine.

Mazdas will drop a valve (the big end breaks off into the cylinder) at around 600,000.

Hondas will need 2 transmissions and a few head gaskets by 600,000, as will Toyotas.

The floors in the Cavaliers will still be solid longer, but the imports' floors (made in North America or overseas) are rusted by 10 years of age. I work on them and see the top and bottoms and hear the complaints.

Now in 2016 Hyundai has been the best way to go.